August 04: Meanwhile, in Honeycomb Valley… (Part 1)

While some of Honeycomb Valley’s residents went on holiday in August, many also stayed home. And a lot happened! But we’ll start at the beginning…


Susie was slowly getting settled in in her old hometown. Even though she was still hurt from the break up, she decided to try and look on the bright side. At least now she was back home and she could go riding again! She remembered Luke had told her she was always welcome to take one of his horses out, so she decided to take him up on that offer and went to the ranch.


Luke was happy to lend Susie Snow, the horse her niece rides on during lessons as well. Since it was a very hot day the ranch had no visitors. “Hey“, said Luke, “why don’t I go with you!” Susie had actually been looking forward to riding alone, clearing her head, but Luke had been so nice as to lend her a horse for free, so she felt it would be rude to tell him this.
And thus; Susie and Luke (and Boy) went for a ride together.Going for a ride

When they reached a clearing they stopped for a drink of of water.


Look what I can do!” Luke boasted. Susie thought this act was quite dangerous actually and not at all something to boast about…

Side note: Luke standing on his horse like this seemed to be a glitch, but it made me laugh nonetheless and it was very fitting considering the situation.


After their break, Luke and Susie rode on to the top of the hill.Going for a ride 2

They stopped at the monument for a look out over town.


Then they galloped back to the ranch.


Susie stayed for a last cup of coffee.


And then thanked Luke for the day. “Oh, of course!” he said. “Come back any time. Really. ANY time!”


Carson and Natascha

On a warm friday night, Carson and Natascha headed for Honeycomb Valley’s only nightclub and their favourite place; the Watermill Nightclub. Natascha’s best friend and roommate Jasmine would join them there after work.


It was busy at club. While Natascha danced by herself, Carson and Jasmine did a little dance together.Dance

Umm… Wait a minute… This is not dancing…
Carson and Jasmine had gone downstairs to the club bathrooms and apparently with a plan…

Meanwhile, Natascha was dancing with Wesley, unaware of what was going on one floor beneath her…


Unaware, until she went to the bathroom herself, that is…


Jasmine tried to smooth things over: “I’m so sorry Tash! We didn’t mean for you to find out this way!

Wait… Hold on… “Find out”? What was there to “find out” exactly?
And yes, Jasmine and Carson had no choice but to confirm Natascha’s suspicions… They had been seeing each other behind her back for MONTHS! Natascha was furious!Caught

Because the club closed at that point (at 3:00 am… *rolls eyes*), they took the rest of their fight outside.
Natascha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her boyfriend of 4 years! And her best friend since they were 5 years old!Take it outside

Well, it’s safe to say that friendship is over!Slap

And so is that “relationship”!


Natascha then got in her car and drove off. Carson and Jasmine stayed behind. And after soothing their cheeks they realised that maybe this was for the best. Now they could finally be together. But not here. No, no way, not in Honeycomb Valley! Jasmine would not have a home to return to and moving in with Carson was no option, since his home was in the same building as Natascha’s. Furthermore, Carson worked with Natascha’s sister Naomi and was really not looking forward to facing her either!


So, they made a decision. They would leave Honeycomb Valley. This very instant. Carson had a friend in Bridgeport who was subletting his apartment and all it took was a phonecall. And so it happened. They got in a taxi and left. After a 4 hour drive they arrived at the apartment in Bridgeport. There, Carson got out his phone and called his boss…Runaway


It was an exciting summer for Elliot Murray. This September, Alice would officially retire as headmistress of The Beehive, making Elliot the new headmaster. On top of that, a whole new school, consisting of three buildings, was being build over summer. A brand new school for a brand new headmaster. So naturally, Elliot was a very excited man indeed.

And then, one August morning, he got a phonecall.


Elliot’s happy smile soon turned sour… Carson was calling to quit his job! Only two weeks before the new year was to start! Elliot told Carson this was not done, and asked him if he had any idea what kind of pickle he was leaving him with. But Carson couldn’t care less. “Sue me then“, he said. “I’m still not coming back, I can’tDisturbing call

Elliot discussed the problem with his wife and daughters (Seth was still in Sandy Valley) over breakfast.  They didn’t know what to tell him either.


And as if Elliot didn’t have enough on his plate already, then the dishwasher broke! Luckily Elliot is very handy and has very helpful children. (Although I’m not sure splashing water around while your father is working with electrics is such a good idea, Ruby…)Dishwasher

After fixing the dishwasher, Elliot called his primary department team for an emergency meeting at his home (since the school was not finished yet). Eva couldn’t come, she was on holiday in Monte Vista, but luckily Lillian had just come home from her trip to Isla Paradiso. After calling the ladies, Elliot made a note of how the primary department was originally meant to be manned after summer… Hmmm… now that changes had to be made anyway, maybe this was a good opportunity to change some other things too.

Plan Beehive

Lucy and Lillian were first to arrive. Elliot gave them a cup of coffee while they waited for Naomi.


When she arrived, Elliot told the ladies what happened. Lucy for one was not surprised. She never got along with her messy colleague. Naomi, having already heard the reason Carson left from her sister, was just really angry at him.
Aside from having to fill the blank left by Carson, Elliot had something else he wanted to discuss with the ladies. With the two buildings, he needed someone to manage the primary department. Someone who could be assistant headmaster actually. “And”, so he said, “I was thinking of you, Lillian…”

problem solved

Lillian was honoured and said she was happy to do it! But that meant she would not have time for her teaching duties anymore. After a bit of puzzling, the problem was solved! Only small issue was that there wouldn’t be a substitute anymore. But Elliot felt that having the classes covered was the main thing at this point.

Plan Beehive new

Elliot thanked the ladies for helping him solve the problem. Well done Elliot! You’re off to a good start!


Oh, you think that was it for August? No no, there’s more!

Click to continue to…
part 2

10 thoughts on “August 04: Meanwhile, in Honeycomb Valley… (Part 1)

  1. Ooohh yeah, more August happenings!!
    Susie is so sweet – and so is Luke! How nice of him to go for a ride with her *sigh*
    Hahaha, Luke’s glitch reminds me of what we used to do when I was 10 and had a pony 😀 If you could stand up on the horse’s back while it was moving, you were pretty cool *lol*
    Aaaw, I love how they keep riding next to each other ❤ And aaaaaaaw, one last cup of coffee. I think Luke has a crush!! And I don't blame him!

    OMG DRAMAAAAA!!!!! But with all these party-animals, something like that can happen 😦 Poor Natascha! Hehehe, I love the look on Jasmine's face while Natascha is angry, she looks like she can't wait for her to leave so she can continue her rendezvous with Carson *lol*
    WHOAA, they have been together for FOUR years!! Okay, Carson, you're a douche! Ohhh, wow, they're leaving!! I hope Natascha will recover *hugs*

    Even more drama now! Poor Elliot, what a job he is facing! Emergency teacher's meeting! I love your ideas, Kim 😀 *claps* Yeah, congratulations on the promotion, Lillian!!


    • *Giggle* I had a friend in high school who did vaulting. Which is basically gymnastics on horseback. She was totally horsecrazy and whenever I visited her, we would visit the riding school. I wasn’t much of a “horse girl” myself, so I never really understood her passion. Luke standing on his horse like that immediately reminded me of her though!
      I also loved that they rode next to each other. When I direct Sims to walk somewhere they never walk next to each other, but horses can! Yay!
      I think Luke has a crush too…

      I think Natascha will be fine, she’s a tough cookie! But yeah, it was 4 years…

      I think Elliot handled the situation well considering the circumstances.

      Thanks for your comment, lovely!


  2. Another story!!! *dancing of joy* And at home!!! *teary eyes* Awww, happy night!!!
    Aww, Susie and Luke! I know, he’s too young, but… awwww, I chuckled when he tried to impress her by standing on his horse like that! GO LUKE! I’m with you, guy! *high five* The ride was SO lovely! (aha, Sa-Sa-Ki, I’ve just send two Sims for a romantic date at Simhedge! ;D)
    The ranch is such a great place! I keep swooning on it every time I see it! *happy sigh*
    Ohlala!!! *rubeyes* Carson and Natasha!!!!! Or Carson and Jasmine!!! Aww, sure the girls can’t be friends anymore! Doh, that’s so hard! Yeah for a good fight. Sometimes, that’s the only way to deal. *lol* I love that girl for having slapped them both! 😀
    Oh, they’re leaving? That’s smart! Last time a Sim of mine was supposed to leave the town, I failed (it was Franck! :D). Big hugs for Natasha!
    Aaha, poor Elliot, it’s certainly not the easiest way to start his job as school headmaster with a problem of missing teacher to start the year! I love the idea of emergency meeting! Elliot dealed with it perfectly! He’s the man of the situation! *thumb up*


    • I love how you love my home stories, Sandy! The next one is completely at home as well! 😉

      The standing on the horse was a total glitch. What happened was, Boy came to bring Luke the newspaper (even though Luke was a long way away from the ranch by now, Boy is such a cute dog) and Luke had the action to accept the newspaper from Boy in his queue but he was still on his horse. So that caused a glitch. It was a funny one though. *giggle*

      Yeah, leave it to Natascha to punish both Jasmine and Carson! She’s lost her friend and her boyfriend, but she’s not one to sit around crying about it.

      Yeah, they had to leave. My town is getting overpopulated, so some Sims I haven’t given proper attention since their creation shall have to leave… I’m okay with it actually. I started off with LOTS of Sims to fill all the jobs and there are a couple I don’t feel very connected to because I never played them properly anyway. And they can always come back if I want them to!

      Elliot will be an awesome headmaster!

      Loved your comment, my sweet!


    • Thank you Ani! I probably won’t be playing Jasmine and Carson in Bridgeport, no. There’s too much to do in Honeycomb Valley. But they can show up from time to time if I want them to.


  3. Oh, August was a busy month! *Popcorn*
    ROFL, Luke standing on a horse! Totally glitched, but at least it sounds like him to try and boast! How cute is it that he and Susie are friends…

    Man, poor, poor, Natascha! She doesn’t deserve to have her heart broken like that. Aww, I hope she can forget them and have a new beggining, now that they’re gone. (Curious as well to know what are you going to do with them now! Are they gone for good?)

    Ooooh, a brand new school! Exciting indeed! ❤ Elliot will make a great headmaster, he has already everything under control.


    • Yeah, I figured it would be totally something Luke would do! He really wants to impress this redhead 😉

      Natascha will be fine, she’s a strong woman. 🙂 Like I mentioned in the replies above; Carson and Natascha are “gone” but can always show up again at some point if I need them.

      I’m very excited for the new school! And Elliot is too!

      Loved reading your comment!


  4. Oh my, more August happenings! *popcorn*
    Looks like Susie has a great friend in Luke! They both look like they had a lovely day out, and I’m sure it did Susie some good!
    Poor Natascha!! She’s in desperate need of a hug!!! How could Carson and Jasmine be so cruel?!?! And then to run away from the chaos the brought about themselves!!! How cowardly!! *More hugs for Natascha*
    And then to leave Elliot in the lurch!!! Goodness, such drama!
    I think Elliot dealt with this crisis very well!


    • Yeah, I agree they had a nice day out, although Luke seems to think more of it than Susie did. 😉

      I felt the running away when things get rough is typical of Jasmine and Carson. They both left jobs that need them though! Elliot had a problem, but Jasmine was a nurse at the hospital, so she left some people in trouble too, I guess.

      Thank you for you comment, lovely!


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