August 04: Meanwhile, In Honeycomb Valley… (Part 2)

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Hey, look, it’s teenage Emily! Emily officially turned 12 in April, but suddenly started to look very much like a teenager over summer. 😉
Emily was on the beach because she was invited to her classmate Joel‘s 12th birthday party. Along with all their other classmates and Joel’s family.


Rosalie had brought a camping crib for Jayden and made sure he had lots of shade.


Despite being 12, Emily still enjoys playing in the sand with her best friend Zoe. 🙂


More and more guests started to arrive. Even Xandra showed up for her son’s birthday. All was well and good until she changed into her totally-inappropriate-for-your-son’s-twelfth-birthday bathing suit… (see pictures further ahead…)


The birthday boy himself was playing with the water toys with best friend Ryan.


And then it was time to blow out the candles! Make a wish Joel!Joels cake

All the guests were really giving it their all! (Meanwhile I was hoping Joel would grow up to look like his dad… I mean, just LOOK at him in that last picture…)

Happy guests

Here we go…!


Ah… Success! Granddad Theo seems pleased too.


After cake Joel went straight back into the water to play with Ryan. Joel got the new “Loves to Swim” trait as I can totally see him as a surfdude. 😉


Father and son bonding moment…


Brothers bonding moment…


It was already getting dark when everyone went home and told Joel and Kai they had an amazing time! Happy birthday Joel!


During the last week of August there was another birthday celebration in town. This time at the Anderson residence. No big beach party here, but Benjamin did have coffee for his family!


Esme, Dylan and Sadie had come to celebrate Isa’s birthday. Julliet had to work. She was sorry to miss her nieces birthday but would drop by after the store closed with a toy from her own collection.


Sadie played with her cousin Ethan. She’s always picking the kids up when she visits her family!


Party time!!


Grace doesn’t seem too happy about her girl growing up…

Isas birthday

And there she is! 5 year old Isa!


After cake, Isa immediately rushed inside. Her mum had told her she could only wear her new birthday shirt after she had cake.


Dressed in her pretty new clothes, Isa watched as her dad played Happy Birthday on his guitar for her.Isa dancing

Welcome Home!

On the very last friday of August, Lucy, Jacob, Kyra, Nancy and Michael went to the busstation. It was a very special day indeed. Lucy in particular could. not. wait.


No, they weren’t leaving. Of course not! They were picking up! And there was the bus from Sandy Valley! Sophie got off first, but the Cook/Watsons weren’t there to welcome her…


They were waiting for Nick and Nathan! Finally, the long summer was over and Lucy could finally hold her sons in her arms again. Nathan may drive her up the wall with his overenthusiastic behaviour sometimes, but oh how she missed him! And Nick with all his wisdom about nature and his funny jokes. Yes, Lucy was a happy mum! Of course, Jacob, Kyra, grandma and granddad were also happy to have the boys back again.They're back

Nathan immediately started to tell his mum EVERYTHING! About KamKam, about the Jules Verne park, about the trick he learned with the seesaw, about sleeping in trees, about the amazing beach, about Margaud and Leke and Chris, and, and, and! (Read all about the twins’ adventures over on Sandy’s site in her summer stories)
Yes, Lucy, he’s definitely back!


Meanwhile, Sophie had gone home, and when I went to check on her, I found her like this:


Seems not everyone was happy to be home…
Awww, Sophie… I understand why you’re sad… I’m sure it will work out though! Summer may be over, but there’s many more months to come and you’ll see him again soon. I promise.

10 thoughts on “August 04: Meanwhile, In Honeycomb Valley… (Part 2)

  1. The next story! *yahoo again* You must have been busy, huh? 😉

    Aww! I love that horse ride! Luke seems to be happy Susie asked him to give her a lesson… And he surely decided to show her what he can do! “Really. ANY time”, hmm… I feel the romance is blossoming slowly between these two… 😉

    Oh no no… First Remi, now Carson… But well, well, real Romeo and Juliet these Carson and Jasmine are… Forbidden love, getaway from the town… (Bye bye then! :,()

    Oh, Elliot – this was your first challenge as a school headmaster. And you really did it well! 🙂

    Birthday parties! *chugga* Happy birthday Joel! Oh boy, you grow up to be a handsome little, ehm, big, of course, man! 😀
    Aww… Isa is such a cute girl!

    Welcome home! *wave*
    Nick and Nathan have of course a lot to say! They have been on probably the best camp for Sim-children!
    Oh, Sophie, don’t cry pleeaase! You see? In a short time you will meet him again! 😀


    • Oh Kate, I think Luke hopes you’re right about that romance blossoming. Susie doesn’t seem too keen actually. She would have rather gone for a ride by herself, since she’s already a great rider. She did have a good time though, in the end.

      Though cowardly, I think Jasmine and Carson were sort of smart to leave. There would be a lot of very angry people in HV after this…
      Joel was a pleasant surprise. Although, not totally a surprise, since his dad is very pretty (*giggle*) and he was already a cute kid. But still. 🙂

      Oh yes, to be sure, Nick and Nathan have a lot to say! They had a great time in Sandy Valley, as we know!
      Awww, Sophie is so sad. She’ll take comfort in your words, I’m sure.

      Thanks for your great comment!


  2. *waves* Hey teen Emily! She looks so cute!! Aaaw, and she’s still BFF with lil’ Zoe ❤

    Uufff, Xandra doesn't look to happy about this party on the beach!

    Happy birthday, Joel!!! Hoooooo, he grew up fiiiine!! The girls will love him *giggle* And ohh yes, he's a total surfer dude! Gosh, look at him with his hunky daddy *sigh*

    Oooh, and happy birthday, Isa! Awww, Sadie!! *hug* D'aaaaaw, Isa is such a cute little girl!

    EEEEP, the Cook family welcome home the twins!! How cute!! (Aaaw, Sophie looks a little sad there, she's maybe already missing her Prince Charming). Aaaaaw, everyone's so happy to have the boys back!

    Noooo, Sophie, don't cry, my love! 😦


    • Oh yes, Zoe and Emily are truly BFFs! Zoe is only a year younger than Emily after all. They will have to be apart in school for a year though, but next year they’ll be in class together again!

      Xandra is not one to be happy about a kid’s party, even if it’s her own kid. Beach party? Good! But all these kids running around, blocking her sun? No. She did put on her happy face when it was time for Joel to blow out his candles though, but I’m still embarrassed about her bikini.
      The moment Joel grew up in his swimtrunks, I thought: surfer dude! He was already very athletic and I felt this was very fitting indeed.

      I’m so happy Isa is now a kid! I always loved her, even as a toddler, but there’s just so little we can do with toddlers.

      Having Nick and Nathan back was a happy occasion! I missed them too!

      Thanks for your comments my darling! I always love reading what you think. 🙂


  3. TEENAGE EMILY!!!! Awww, my, she’s SO cute!!! I love that look she gives to the camera!!! Aww, she’s too cute at playing with Zoey!
    What a lovely birthday party on the beach! And Xandra showed up!! (*lol* @ her attitude!)
    *faint* Joel… Oh my… yes. I SO perfectly see what you meant by “he grew up well”. He did!!! *heat* Wow. He will break hearts! (and arms & legs with that musculature! :D)
    SADIE! *high five* How are you, my lovely star?! Aww, Isa’s birthday was so lovely, and she’s such an adorable little girl! I love how she looks like herself, if I can say… 😀
    Aww, that picture where she’s dancing on her dad’s song is too precious!
    SOPHIE! NICK! NATHAN!!! AWWW, my little friends!!!! I miss you all! I see that you’ve been all dearly missed by your whole family! It’s too cute that the grand-parents came to the station too! Awww, how Nathan looks excited to tell about his holidays to his mom!!! *smooooooooches*
    AWWW, Sophie, Sophie, ma chérie!!!!! *gives her a biiiiig hug* Aww, it breaks my heart to see her crying! If I find Jérémy flirting with another girl, I kick his butt! :p
    *throwing confetti for sim-August!* I can’t wait for Sim-september! *runs to the kitchen to bake cookies for next time! ;))*
    *sigh* I so love your Simmies. ❤


    • Indeed, Xandra CAME, that’s already quite something for her.

      *Giggle* when Joel grew up, he was very tall at first (because he’d been a tall 11 year old child) and very VERY muscular! So I took him in CAS to shorten him to 12 year old length and tone down all that muscle! He is way too young to be so muscular already! But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get him to be less muscular than this. I guess it’s in his genes. 😉

      Oh I LOVE you for saying Isa looks like herself! I know exactly what you mean! In fact, it was the first thing I thought when she grew up! I once read somewhere someone saying how all TS3 toddlers look the same, and how they only get their own look when they turn into kids. I always knew this was wrong, but Isa proves it. Child Isa looks EXACTLY like toddler Isa! I love it! And I love how you noticed it too!
      Benji is a good musician. I guess Sadie got her musical genes from her uncle. 😉

      Nathan sure was excited to tell his mum everything!! Awwww, the boys had such a good time in Sandy Valley! Thank you so much my lovely!

      *LOL* at you kicking Jérémy’s butt for flirting with others! Hahahaha!

      SimSeptember is in full motion! Maybe a new story next weekend…?



  4. Aww, I love that smooth child-teen transition! Putting a camping crib on the beach, is sooo adorable and a great idea! LOL at the totally inappropiate for a child’s birthday bathing suit.
    ❤ AWWW, bonding moments! And yes, he's totally a surfing cutie!
    AWWW (yes, yet again) Isa is such a lovely child, with her birthday shirt! ❤ ❤ ❤ .
    Aw, (I promise I can't help it!) the kids coming back home all excited. Poor Sophie, missing a certain someone… *Hugs* . (LOL at Sandy's promise to kick his butt, though… :D)


    • Yay for you noticing the camping crib! I felt it was a good idea too! I wanted Jayden to be present at his big brother’s birthday, but it was so hot! Rosalie couldn’t put him in the sand!

      I love all your awwws Laura! They make my days! 😀


  5. Lots of birthdays!!!
    Look at teen-Emily!! She’s so adorable!
    Hello, teen-Joel! Looking good! 😀
    Isa looks adorable, both before and after her birthday! Love her pretty new top! ❤
    Love the touch you have with the families picking up or dropping off children at the bus station! Such a lovely idea! Nathan's obviously very excited!
    Poor Sophie, crying because she misses her love!! *Biiig hugs for Sophie!*
    Lovely updates! ❤ ❤


    • Aren’t Joel and Emily cute teens and isn’t Isa a cute kid? I always love these birthdays when they turn into kids or teens (or toddlers), it’s so cool to see how they change! When they age from teen to young adult the change is usually less obvious, so these moments are my favourites!

      I think the bus station is one of my most played community lots by now, haha!

      Thank you on Sophie’s behalf for your hugs! And thank you on my behalf for your comments! 😉 ❤


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