August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Monte Vista


The Chapman family weren’t the only ones who booked a holiday back in March. Jasper and Eva were also going on holiday this summer! They had booked a room in a charming Bed & Breakfast in Monte Vista.

They were all excited and ready to go!Screenshot-138

After a 3 hour flight and a taxi ride they arrived at the B&B, Violaciocca, meaning Wallflower. It was a very fitting name for the house, situated on the outermost wall of Monte Vista.


Eva was already very excited about the entrance.Arriving

Once they had been shown their room and unpacked their suitcases, Eva and Jasper decided to relax on the bed a bit. So far, they were quite pleased.


They didn’t stay for long though, because they wanted to see the town! So soon they were off !Screenshot-156

Awww, what a romantic spot! Watch out for traffic though!


Jasper and Eva of course visited Monte Vista’s classic town hall. They asked a local to take a picture of them with the building in the background, but it was so huge that this proved to be quite a challenge!


The pictures on the walls of the hall, turned out better. 🙂on the wall

Of course, no trip to Monte Vista is complete without a visit to the Colosseum!Colloseum

Eva and Jasper spent most of their days visiting old ruins and places of interest and asking locals to take pictures of them…


And eating “gelato”…


And having cappuccinos…


Eva also really wanted to visit the famous Monte Vista Market. It was really busy there!Market

After browsing all the stands, Eva and Jasper both brought some exclusives cookbooks. Eva bought them as gifts for her mum and sister and Jasper bought one for his brother. All these cooks in the family!

When Eva spotted a girl behind a lemonade stand, she had to go for a chat! Eva just loves kids!


That evening Eva and Jasper went to a very special Italian restaurant. They had some garlic bread for starters.Garlic bread

And then the fun began! At this restaurant it was possible to prepare your own pizza or pasta in a wood oven, supervised by a real Italian chef!Baking pizza

Yum! Eva made delicious lasagne and Jasper had an extra cheesy pizza!Eating pizza

Most nights were spent in their room at the B&B… Okay guys, we get the message, we’ll leave you alone!Bedroom

One morning, Eva and Jasper were at breakfast before anyone else was. They had a busy day ahead!Breakfast

They were going for a balloon flight! Eva in particular was VERY excited!Balloon

Monte Vista looked lovely from above!


The balloonflight even came with a bottle of champagne, so of course our lovebirds had a toast!Toast

They enjoyed all the beautiful views…Up in the air

After a few hours up in the air, it was time to float back to the ground.


When you’re on a summerholiday to a warm place, you should also take some time to enjoy the weather. Eva and Jasper spent an afternoon sunbathing on a beach near the river.  It was very quiet there.


Eva loves the sun, but for Jasper it soon got too hot. While Eva stayed on her towel…


… Jasper went snorkeling in the clear water of the river. Snorkel

Later that day they went for a walk in the hills to enjoy the beautiful scenery around Monte Vista.


They ended at the bridge.


Jasper was feeling especially romantic this day. Bridge

Time flew by and before long, it was the final night of their stay in Monte Vista. Jasper and Eva decided to dress up and go for dinner.

During dinner something happened. Eva was chatting away and she suddenly, very casually, mentioned something about a nooboo (I’m not making this up, she really did!) which caused Jasper to make the face below and then walk away. I guess he’s not quite ready for that step, Eva!
nooboo dinner

He still loved her though! After dinner they went to the cinema to see a “great foreign movie” (according to their moodlets when they came out).


They concluded the night with a bottle of wine on the bench outside Violacciocca.Last night

This was their nighttime view.


The next morning, Eva and Jasper enjoyed their final Italian breakfast…


And then it was time to go home! Bye bye Monte Vista!


15 thoughts on “August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Monte Vista

  1. I LOVE YOU, KIM!! I just sat down with a coffee and homebaked bread, and then this update ticked in – YES!!

    Aww, Jasper and Eva will have the best holiday! I love how good you are at taking your sims travelling 🙂
    What a cute B&B they booked! Did you build/decorate it?
    Hahaha, I love their picture in front of the town hall! OMG, I love all their pictures! Especially the romantic one in front of the fountain ❤

    The market looks amazing!! And everyone back home in Honeycomb Valley will be so happy with their gifts!
    Oooh, how cool that they got to prepare their own dinner! Yummy!

    OMG, OMG, balloon!!! How romantic!!! Aaawww! And how lucky they were to find a little private beach. And oohhh that walk! I am squee-ing and aaaww-ing too much 😀 EEEP, look at them kissing on the bridge in the gorgeous sunlight :') Beautiful!!

    *rofl* I can't believe I had to look up "nooboo" *_* I should KNOW what that means!!! Hehehe, Jasper, you'll come around in a few simyears *giggle*

    How cool about the "foreign movie" moodlet!! I wish I could do so that sims visiting my outdoor cinema would get that 😀

    Wow, these two really had the most romantic trip ❤ How adorable to sit on the little bench drinking wine while watching the stars :')

    (I have to be honest, I keep expecting a proposal, everything is just sooo romantic *giggle*)


    • SARAAA!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!! I think you should email your sisters about a certain house, because we’re DYING to know! 😉 (If you have time of course, don’t feel pressured)

      Back on topic!
      I LOVED reading your comment my sweet!
      The B&B is an existing EA house in Monte Vista, which I completely redecorated. I tore down the inside walls and put up new ones. It has 3 en suite guest rooms, a bed and bath for “the owners” (except there are no real owners, since I set it as a base camp), a kitchen and a breakfast room. I got the idea to send Eva and Jasper to a B&B while I was on holiday myself visiting all those B&Bs in England and in my head I had it all figured out before I even came home again. I made this B&B in one afternoon. 🙂

      *Giggle* at you looking up nooboo! I figured it was a very commonly known simword. 😉 Jasper is family oriented, so I’m SURE he’ll come round to the idea eventually, but now is not the time yet, apparently.

      I think Eva was kind of expecting a proposal as well… I even considered it a few times myself, but Jasper is still a medical intern and I think he wants to make sure he’s officially a doctor before he takes the next step in life. He’s responsible like that. 😉

      LOVED your comment! ❤


  2. AWWW, I so loved this story! I was squeeing all along, Monte Vista has never been so charming and lovely for me!
    It totally looks like a real holiday a couple could have, visiting ruins and historical places, eating local specialities… Oh, how great they got to make they own pizza and pasta in the wood oven, and even supervised by a chef! What a treat!
    And the hot air balloon and walk in the hills were so wonderful! ❤ The views are so stunning.
    Oooh, so nooboo? (BABY!!!!! It means BABY!! I knew that one! Oops, spoiler. 😉 Sorry! ) And then him running away?! *Punish* Bad guy!
    But oh, all in all a great holiday! *Sigh*
    (Duh, like Sara, I kept expecting the proposal…I was thinking all the time "this is the perfect moment" and then nothing! *giggle* But oh, a family oriented sim will be ready eventually.).


  3. Ooh, a Kimmie update! Just what I needed! (I’m bored this morning because I’m due to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen for years this afternoon and therefore can’t get into my sims today!) *yahoo*
    Lovely B&B! What a lovely, romantic holiday *sigh*
    I was expecting a proposal too! Especially when they were in the hot air balloon! But it makes sense that Jasper wants to wait until he’s a full doctor!
    They look like they had a wonderful holiday! ❤


  4. Oooh, what a lovely trip again, Kim! When I see holidays in your game, it makes me want to send my Sims on holidays too, but I know I’d be bored to death. It’s so much funnier in your game! ;D
    Monte Vista is such a beautiful place! Aww, so romantic!
    I had much fun with all the tourist pictures they took! That’s too cute! They make such goofy poses in front of the city hall! (poor photographer who was probably laid on the floor! ;D) AWww, the fountain is SO romantic!
    Oh, I love how busy was the market place!!! I was wondering for the other pictures if you had to wait for Sims to leave to take the picture empty (as we do in real life!), or if the streets were quiet. But obviously, the whole town was at the market place! It’s buzzling! It looks so typical!
    Aaaw, baking their own pizza! (Mmm… I suddenly know what I’m going to eat tonight! ;D), that’s neat!! They’ll have to compare to the pizzeria in Honeycomb Valley, to see if the pizzas are authentic enough there! ;D
    AWWW, the balloon looks SO romantic! With a glass of champagne at the top of that! (I’m with Sara, I’ve been expecting a purposal here and later at the restaurant! :D)
    The countryside is really stunning over there! *sigh*
    AWWW (again, yes, that’s my primal scream when I read your stories!), the romantic dinner with both of them in their formal!!!! *high-five with Sara* I didn’t know neither about “nooboo”!! How could I ignore that?!
    Yeah for the “foreign movie” moodlet! Aww, that’s too cool! I love when the game KNOWS!
    What a gorgeous holidays it was! So romantic… Babies, wedding… What? I’m going too fast?! ;D
    GREAT HOLIDAYS, my sweet!!!


    • I really really don’t think there’s a nooboo on the way… If there is, Eva knows more than I do! I guess it’s just something she really wants. 😉
      I’m really sorry for everyone who expected a proposal. But it’s more special when it’s unexpected anyway, right? 😉

      Thank you for your brilliant comment, my sweet! Your comments always make my day!


  5. Oh my dear, oh my dear… This trip is wonderful! I love every single photo of Eva and Jasper!

    How cute that bed & breakfast is! Violacciocca – heh, it’s indeed a great name for it! 😀

    Monte Vista is just perfect for taking pictures, isn’t it? Oh, and you caught all those pretty places! Oh, I love that picture taken near the ruins! And the market! Oh, how beautiful it is during sunrise! *sigh*

    Italian restaurant! I love that guests can prepare food for themselves (with the help of real Italian chef, who keep an eye on them, of course! ;))

    Balloon flight! And champagne! How wonderful those views are!
    And lazy day at the beach. Oh I love how it looks natural and wild!

    Wow, wow… You really know how to use all those best things from Monte Vista, Aurora Skies an Isla Paradiso…

    I thought the Chapman’s holidays were great, but well, well… These holidays are much in my style! 😀


    • Thank you Kate! I had never been to monte Vista until I sent Eva and Jasper, and yes, it is indeed a pretty place! Stunning views!They had a great time. The balloon flight was a very spontaneous decision. I forgot I had it in my game and just “bumped into it” when decorating the B&B and figured it would be a good idea for the trip. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment my lovely!


  6. ❤ Your pictures of the town and surroundings are beautiful! I love that they had a proper sight seeing holiday with food thrown in too 😀 The cook your own meal idea was lovely! They seemed to enjoy it 🙂 The market looks very busy and bright 🙂 I'm glad that they had a nice time and I'm completely in awe of the scenery and your photos!


    • The cook your own meal idea was sort of a necessity haha! I didn’t have the restaurant set from the store, so there would be no waiting on them. This was the next best thing! Thank you for your compliments. Eva and Jasper had a great time in Monte Vista!


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