September 04: Brand New (Part 2)

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First Day of School

The next brand new thing was the start of the brand new school year.

Joel was a bit nervous for his first day as a high school student that morning as he had breakfast with Rosalie.


He and Emily had agreed to meet at the school early so they could be there before the crowd.Joel and Emily

And it turned out that was a smart decision, because ten minutes later, it got very busy at The Beehive!


It was an exciting day for Isa (and her mum) as well, as she was going to school for the very first time! Thankfully miss Eva seemed lovely.Welcome Isa

Pretty soon, Isa’s classmates Ellie and Liam also arrived.
Class 1 started the day with a bit of free playing before getting down to serious business.Class 1

Naomi‘s class 2 was soon hard at work. Newcomer Riley had some questions, but Ruth, who was also new to class 2, dived into the work immediately.
Class 2

Lucy‘s class 3 had a good day as well. They loved their new room and their new teacher was nice too. Lucy obviously knew to keep an extra eye on Chantal though, since she’s not the brightest crayon in the box.Class 3

Over at the high school building, the kids started off with their own class mentors, who first gave them an introduction explaining what to expect this year and then moved on straight into the first lesson.
Class 4 started with music. Benjamin was real excited to get started, but it seems half of class 4 isn’t paying much attention…Class 4

Class 5 had IT first and were soon hard at work.Class 5

For class 6 things were really getting serious this year. This year all of class 6 students were entering their final year of high school and the pressure was on. They all seem very motivated at least.Class 6

Headmaster Elliot also had business to tend to. He had a job interview!
Elliot had told his primary school team during the meeting they had over summer, that he really needed someone to tend the registration desk. Lucy had immediately thought of her sister! Of course, Susie had different dreams, but it would at least be a good job until something else were to come along. Elliot thought it was a good idea and asked Susie if she would be interested. Of course she had come interview first.


The interview went really well and afterwards it was clear; Susie had a job!Interview Susie

Meanwhile, Grace needed to fill the day now that Isa was in school and since the weather was still great (it was 27 degrees), she took Ethan to the beach. She wasn’t the only one! Loretta had brought the triplets there as well!


First the mums played with their kids in the ocean.Toddlers in ocean

Then mothers and toddlers got acquainted. They found out their husbands worked together and their kids were all very close in age! It seems a new friendship was made.


Babies and Birthdays

More brand new things came in the form of brand new people!

First up were two brand new toddlers. It was September so that meant it was birthday time for Justin and Vicky Griffiths! The Griffiths family decided to have the birthday celebrations early in the morning, before the girls had to go to school. Annabel and Max don’t seem too happy about the idea of having two toddlers running around the house…


Their sisters were excited though! Even grumpy Ellie!


Peek-a-boo! Hello little Justin and Vicky!  (New pictures of Justin and Vicky have been added to the Griffiths family post!)


After two brand new toddlers, it was time for a brand new baby! Lexie Brown was due to give birth to her second child.  Since Christopher thought it would still be a while yet, he hadn’t made plans to take days off work yet.

So… you can imagine his surprise when he came home from work one day to find he had another son! Quite a surprise… Welcome Noah Brown!

(What really happened was this; I knew Lexie was about to have her baby so I activated the Brown household thinking I would play out the birth story. As it turned out; I was too late! The baby had already been born! Oops! So, I guess Chris and I were both too late. Oh, and babies who are born when you’re not there are named by the game, so, you know, obviously the Browns suddenly had a son called Bobby. Bobby Brown. *Rolls eyes* )Surprise baby

There was another brand new baby yet to be born though and no one would be late for that one!

The Edwards family were still eight and having dinner.


After dinner, Amy didn’t feel too well and figured tonight might very well be the night. Having had 6 kids already, she kind of knew the signals…
She decided to lie down for a while.


And yes, that night it was clearly time for Edwards baby number seven to arrive.


The delivery went quickly. And pretty soon Amy and John were the proud parents of new baby Joseph!
Although… proud…JosephAnd with the arrival of baby Joseph, September was  through. The trees were starting to shed their leaves and the nights were getting colder. It was clearly autumn now and that meant it was time for… Oh well, that’s a story for another time.

8 thoughts on “September 04: Brand New (Part 2)

  1. SCHOOL IN ACTION!!!!! Yiiiiiiiiiiie!!! Aww, I think I’m as excited as the kids for their first day at school!
    Ahaha, Ellie arguing… That’s so typical! Aww, Isa!!! I’m melting each time I see her! Wow, it was possible to get dressed in princess?! What a fabulous first day!!! *bouncing*
    Nick, Nathan!!! Awww, my boys!!!!! They’re so cute! They seem to work hard! Riley is another of my favorite, since the holidays in Isla Paradiso. Well, I have too many favorites in your town, and specially amond the kids! :p
    High school! Aah, music classes have always been a big mess, in my memories, where nobody paid attention to the teacher! 😀
    Class 5! Hello Sophie!!! I hope you’re concentred on your lesson, my sweet, and that you don’t try to send an email to Jérémy! 😉
    Oh, well done for the new job, Susie!
    Awww for that lovely day at the beach! September is the perfect time. Not too hot, not with the strongest sun… Best time to have fun with the toddlers! The triplets are so darn cute!! (of course! all triplets are! ;D)
    OMG, that picture of the Griffith twins are playing peek-a-boo is too precious! Aw, finally Mark managed to give his hair color! Wow, super smiling Ellie? It’s certainly a day to remember! 😀
    Welcome Noah! (it sounds certainly better than Bobby Brown! *lol*)
    Seventh baby! Aha, sure Amy knows how it works! Welcome Joseph!

    Awwww, it makes me want to read another chapter right now!!!! I love your stories, my sweet!!! Your town is so lived-in! YEAH!! *bouncing on the chair* Thank you for that fun!


    • Ah yes, of course Ellie was arguing again. Little minx. She did dress up as princess though which is not very fitting of her personality. 😉

      *Giggle* I’m not sure Sophie wasn’t sending a mail to Jérémy… She’s a genius, but her schoolwork didn’t show that last year, so who knows… She might still be distracted.

      I was overjoyed as well that Justin and Vicky were dark like Max instead of blonde like the rest of the family. They turned out quite cute indeed :).
      To be honest, I think Ellie’s excitement was more because there was cake for breakfast than because of her siblings growing up… 😉

      Thanks for your lovely comments my dear! I’m already quite a bit along in October, so maybe there will be another story soon!


  2. School!! In action!!! This is so fun!!!!!!! Everyone looks like they’re working hard! Except for Class 4 *chuckle* They look like they’d rather be anywhere else!
    Go Susie, for getting the job!!! You’ll do great!!
    LOVE that Grace and Loretta get along well! I love those pictures of them taking the toddlers to the beach!
    Justin and Vicky are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    *Waves* Hi Noah!!! Welcome to Honeycomb Valley!!!
    *Waves* And hi Joseph, welcome to Honeycomb Valley!!!
    Lovely updates!!! 😀


    • I think it’s like Sandy says, music class is always one of those classes where everyone is distracted. I know my kids were very distracted when we did music this afternoon too haha!

      Thanks for your comments my dear! ❤


  3. OMG, I totally missed the second part of the story!! Well, I remember seeing the first picture, but I guess I forgot to read the rest… *facepalm* I was so busy yesterday so I was probably confused…
    /absent-minded trait

    Wow, I love how busy-busy the Beehive is in the morning!
    Aaaw, Isa will do just fine! Eva is such a sweetie, I’m sure she’s the perfect teacher!
    It is so cool to see the Beehive in action!!
    Hahaha Class 4 is a bunch of typical teens, huh?

    Aaaaw, it looks so cute with the toddlers in the water! I am planning on getting IP next week! YAY!

    *throws confetti* BIRTHDAYS!!
    Bwaaahahaha, Annabelle and Max really do not look like they’re enjoying the birthday!!
    Welcome to the sims world, little Noah!! (Bwaahahahaha @ Bobby Brown)
    Oh dear, John looks a little like “this is the LAST one” when holding little baby Joseph *giggle*


    • And now I totally missed your comment!! I love your absent mindedness though! 🙂
      I can’t wait to see your game with IP! It’ll be awesome!
      Class 4 was very attentive last year, but now they’re like, same old, same old.
      I think Annabel and Max are just tired of a year with two newborns *giggle*. Maybe things get easier now…?
      Well… John was the one who felt they had to have more children. There is no way he’ll ever use any form of birth control! So we’ll see…

      Thank you for your comments my darling! Hope you’re well!


  4. Congrats Elliot, I’m sure that you’ll do a wonderful job 🙂 The party looks wonderful with the school colours!

    The Gazette looks great 😀 I really like that idea ❤

    Lucas' interaction with his grandma made me laugh 😀 I'm sure he'll settle in to his new appartment soon! It looks like a proper guy's appartment with the deck chairs and basic bookcases!

    Joel *Hugs* I hope his first day went okay. It was a good idea to meet ahead of the crowd.

    "Lucy obviously knew to keep an extra eye on Chantal though, since she’s not the brightest crayon in the box."

    Aaw I love Chantal! She's maybe not academic but she's sweet all the same!

    Happy birthday Justin and Vicky and welcome to the world, Noah!!

    So many pregnant sims…I have that situation right now (but only one is announced 😛 ) so it's nice to see how you play them!


  5. YAY for you taking notice of Lucas and his grandmother! I loved playing that bit and actually drew from real life experience with my own forgetful grandmother there *chuckle*.
    Wait, what? You have MANY pregnant sims? I count Jennah… (and I think Aimal…) but who else could be preggers in your game..? Hmmmm… *popcorn*


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