September 04: Brand New (Part 1)

Goodbye Alice, Hello New School

September in Honeycomb Valley was very much a month of brand new things. The first brand new thing was the new Beehive! Elliot Murray was very excited for this day. It would be a great event because not only would the new school be officially opened, it was also a goodbye party for Alice, who was now officially retired. This meant it would be Elliot’s first formal appearance as headmaster of The Beehive.

He met with Samuel quite early in the morning to see if everything was set up properly.Samuel

Samuel did a great job so Elliot had plenty of time to practice his speech.


Before long, people started to arrive. Elliot welcomed mayor Henry and his wife Jacqueline.Mayor

And then it was time.
Elliot spoke of the difference Alice had made in the lives of many, how much she had meant to the school and how honoured he was to be following in her footsteps.Speech

After the speech for Alice, the audience moved on to the next event: the opening of the new school. Abigail was there on official Honeycomb Gazette business. Of course the opening of the school was a front page event.Opening

And thus The Beehive was reopened!


The residents of Honeycomb Valley had been very curious about the new school and it soon got very busy inside the primary school…


…and outside the high school!
So many people wanted to go in here, there were queues at the door!
(YOU don’t have to get in queue to tour The Beehive, you can do so right here!)


But for Elliot the job was not yet done! He met with Abigail for an interview.


She asked him about his reasons for building three separate buildings, what his plans for the future of The Beehive were and if there were any more changes on the horizon.Interview

Meanwhile, people had a chance to say goodbye to Alice outside. And they did. In great numbers. Alice was showered in gifts and flowers from thankful parents and (ex-)pupils for her years of hard work and leadership.


Patty was of course there as well. She’s always present at every event and wouldn’t miss this one for the world.


Patty is also head of the parent committee and has been ever since Eva first went to school. She offered Alice a gift on behalf of all the parents.Gift for Alice

And after all the other parents and students had left, Patty was still there chatting to Alice… Poor Alice…Patty

When the evening fell, the party was still going strong. The kids tried out the new playground equipment.  Of course, we can always count on our Ellie to add a bit of grumpy to any event. She also didn’t give little Isa a chance to go on the bee-rider. Typical.Grumpy Ellie

Meanwhile, Abigail was home writing her article. She had a deadline to catch.


And sure enough, the next morning, the re-opening of The Beehive was the Honeycomb Gazette’s top story. Alice also got the opportunity to write a guest column to thank everyone for all the years of faith in her. newspapers

Moving Day

The next brand new thing was Lucas Adams‘ brand new apartment! He went to view it in June and now it was finally time to move in. A lot still needed to be done, but hey, all in good time.

Lucas had rented a moving van and on a rainy september morning, loaded all his stuff in the van while grandma kept asking him every five minutes where he was going.


After everything was in the van, Lucas said goodbye to grandma and then drove off to his new apartment. Grandma wondered where he was going and figured she should have asked him…


When Lucas arrived at his new apartment the rain had cleared up. This was lucky since the boxes already got a bit wet when he was loading them in. Screenshot-151

Yep Lucas, there’s still a lot to be done, but it’s home.


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8 thoughts on “September 04: Brand New (Part 1)

  1. Yeah! Aww, what a gorgeous party for Alice’s retirement! There was a LOT of people there! We already know Elliott will do great, the way he handled the last crisis! Yeah for Elliott! aha, the hand shaking with the mayor is priceless! Henry seems so suspicious! Obviously, he doesn’t give his trust at first sight! 😀
    Aw, I understand why all your Simmies are so impatient to visit the new school! It’s THE MASTER PIECE!!! 😉
    How adorable from Patty to give a present to Alice! Aaha, I laughed at the poor Alice being stuck with her even after the party! Oh yes, there’s always such mothers who just never stop talking ever! *toofunny*

    Ahaha, Ellie is such a little diva!!! She cracks me up! Poor little Isa, though! *hugs*

    Ooooh, the Honeycomb Gazette!!!! *applausing* Great job, Abigail! (it’s such a lovely idea!!! and with an advertisement for the bumblebee chair! :D)

    Oh, there might be a lot to do, Lucas, but what a SPLENDID apartment! I can’t wait to see how it will look like!


    • Haha, I just felt it was typical Patty to start talking and never stop! You so you know dear, it could be a trait her “grandchild” will inherit! 😉

      I love Ellie! She’s one of those grumpy kids and I’m starting to think, even a bit of a bully, so I probably wouldn’t like her much in real life, but she’s so full of personality!

      I hope you don’t mind the Honeycomb Gazette “stealing” your Ikea logo and Bumblebee chair for an advert. Ikea felt this spot would be perfect to promote their new chair!

      Lucas will feel right at home, I’m sure. 🙂


      • Patty would get crazy if she knew she was going to have a grand-child she wouldn’t meet! *chuckle*
        Oh yes, Ellie is an adorable little pest! She cracks me up! *lol


  2. What a wonderful party to celebrate Alice and her retirement! And so many people showed up! She’s obviously very well loved by the community! 😀
    Elliot will do just great in his new job! I’m sure he’s the perfect candidate to follow in Alice’s footsteps!
    That handshake photo is priceless!!!
    Wow! Look at the Honeycomb Gazette! That is so cool!! (How did you do that????)
    Ahh, Lucas’ new apartment! Lots to do, Lucas!!!


    • The newspaper wasn’t too difficult. I searched for a newspaper template, then typed the headings in simlish and changed the original text to simlish as well. I added some pictures and created an advertisement with Sandy’s chair and Ikea logo and voila! 🙂


  3. Aaaw, that is too cute to throw Alice a party at the new school ❤ and Henry is so sweet and all nervous practising for the event.

    Haha, I don't blame all the sims AT ALL for queueing to tour the new Beehive! That place is pure perfection!!

    Hahaha, of COURSE Patty is head of the parent committee!!

    D'AAAAAAWWW, the bee-riders!!!!

    Omg omg omg, the front-page of the Honeycomb Gazette is FANTASTIC!!! You are so good at these things, Kimmi!! hihi, that little IKEA ad in the corner is just so CUTE!

    Congrats on the new apartment, Lucas!! Hahaha, maybe he should take more driving lessons *_* It looks a little like he almost drove the van into the building! (but I know why it's like that, of course ;D ). And of course I recognise Phyre's awesome building! I have it in my University area as well!


    • Sara! My darling! Thanks for your comment. I assume you meant Elliot? Because mayor Henry is never nervous *giggle*.

      I love how you understand it’s obviously Patty who’s head of the parent committee. 😀

      Thank you for your compliment on the Gazette. I had so much fun making it. I want it to go on the wall in Elliot’s office. The Ikea ad was just a natural way to go. 🙂

      Phyre’s building is so awesome, isn’t it?

      Did you see there’s a part 2 to the story as well? 😉


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