The Beehive (School)


What is it?
The school!

Who works here?
Elliot (headmaster)
Lillian (RT and assistant headmaster)
Eva (Class 1 – Primary school)
Naomi (Class 2 – Primary school)
Lucy (Class 3 – Primary school)
Benjamin (Music and class mentor Class 4 – High school)
Zach (IT and class mentor Class 5 – High school)
Olivia (Science and class mentor Class 6 – High school)
Pierce (Maths – High school)
Samantha (World sciences – High school)
Alexis (Art – High school)
Theo (Physical Education)
Samuel (Janitor)

The Beehive. A name very fitting for a school in Honeycomb Valley. A beehive, after all, is a place where little bees live and are taught all a bee needs to know. The same thing has happened at The Beehive in Honeycomb Valley for years. The school used to be located in one big building, where the kids were taught on the ground floor and the teens were taught on the upper floor. But a fresh wind is blowing at The Beehive. Headmistress Alice Foster-Knight retired in 04 and Elliot Murray was taking over. His first order of business was a new schoolbuilding. Or, actually, three new schoolbuildings; one for the Primary School, one for the Gym and one for the High School.  Come and take the tour with us!

The Primary School

At the Primary school the children from 5 to 11 years old are taught in three classes. They have one teacher for all their subjects. You can read more about the Honeycomb Valley Education System here.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

High School

At the High School the teens from 12 to 20 years old are taught in 3 age groups. They have a class mentor, but get lessons from specialised teachers. You can read more about the Honeycomb Valley Education System here.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

The Gym

Physical Education is important, so The Beehive gym is located centrally between the high school and primary school building. This way it’s at equal distance for both the teens and the children.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

Thank you for visiting The Beehive!


5 thoughts on “The Beehive (School)

  1. Now I KNOW I have to go back into Missy Valley and build a separate High School. I have to. No question. Between you and Sandy, you’ve made my little country school look tiny and insignificant! :O 😀
    I know I’ve commented on these on Tumblr (Well, I know I did in my head, anyway 😀 ) but WOW. I absolutely ADORE the bright colours used in the primary school. (I’m now thinking that perhaps I should build two new schools. And make my current one into a daycare/nursery type place. Hmm…)
    Your High school looks so realistic! I love the locker-lined corridors!
    And the idea of the Gym in between them, at an equal distance from both schools! What a great idea! 😀


    • Aww, thank you Missy, but your school is great too!! I love the idea for a nursery though, just like I’m in love with Sandy’s preschool!

      Thanks for your comment, sweetie!


  2. I can never have too much of your school, Kim!!! It’s just THE MASTER-PIECE of Honeycomb Valley! It’s so amazingly detailed! I remember how stunned I’ve been the first time I saw your old version of the Beehive. When you talked about re-doing it, I couldn’t imagine it would be EVEN MORE STUNNING!!!

    The three buildings are looking so good all together! It doesn’t show at all that they’re actually three lots!
    I LOVE that you’re having so many professors and teachers there!! That’s probably what makes your school so lived-in!

    The primary school is SO cute!! How perfect to have these bee-themed objects for the playground!!!
    I love how you made all these classrooms different, and how it’s easy to say which one is for the youngest or the oldest! Aww, you take so good care of your little kiddies there! My favorite must be Eva’s one! It’s so darn cute!! I love the little stickers on the windows, and there’s so many funny toys, plus such a lovely soft color!! Awww!! I LOVE the flowery watercan! SO CUUUUUTE!
    Ahaa, the teacher lounge has a sink!!! It makes me wonder where my Sims teachers get their water for the coffee machine… *chuckle* aww, sweetie, you always think to wonderful little details! (I know, I’ve been repeating this quite a lot, but that’s so TRUE! :p)
    Oh, I love the picture with all the doors! It looks like a Mondrian painting with those bright colors! Is the round rug a rabbit hole? Weirdly, I had to remove the big rug under my rabbit hole rug because it prevented Sims to enter! *facepalm*
    I think i’ve said that quite often too, but I love that you have a janitor there! It makes me want to have one!
    Awwww, Nathan’s painting!!! That’s too cute!!! (well, it’s one scary monster, I know, but I love it to pieces! You have a lot of child art! (aaha, Lison made these little birds too!)
    The garden roof!!! That’s so lovely and such a great idea! It’s a real shame that children can’t garden!!! That would be so sweet to see them watering the plants or grabbing the crops! How do you play with it?

    The gym! Ah!! It’s so realistic that I can hardly say I like it! *lol* (sure, I do like it, but it so looks like my nightmare place from my school memories! :D)
    Yeah at all the pictures in the hall!!!

    High-school!!! Aww, I won’t comment every single picture of I’ll end up by making a comment longer than your post, but WOW! All these themed classrooms are too awesome! There’s so many things to do in the art room!! And a super music room! Oh, dear, all the things your teens can do at school!!! AWW, you make me want to redo mine, while I’ve just finished the tour of my high-school (Sa-Sa-Ki!) that I’m supposed to post tomorrow… *lol*
    The science room looks again so realistic with the sinks and the duck!!! Huh… well… Maybe it’s the sinks that give that realism feeling! ;D
    Aaha, the board wall! I have one too, but not as cool as that one! (though there’s also a Hot Wings flyers! ;))

    Awww… I’m speechless! (it doesn’t show here, I know! ;D). MASTER PIECE!


    • Thank you for your novel of a comment my sweet!

      I LOVE the bee-themed stuff that came with Generations! It was just too perfect, I knew that the moment I saw it! 😀

      Don’t feel bad about your teachers not having a sink haha. I’ve seen so many schools and teacher’s lounges in my life that I have an advantage there. The sink is the first place we go to when coming in it seems, so I couldn’t forget it. 😉

      Hahaha, oh how I can imagine the gym being your place of nightmares! It was to me as well! Since I started teaching though, I’m not so tormented by it anymore, because teaching gym, especially to 5 year olds, is actually a lot of fun!

      Don’t redo your school!! It’s perfect! I’m already so excited to see the tour! YAY!

      Awww, thank you so much my darling!


  3. The Beehive is just the best Sims school ever! I love the whole “beehive” concept – it just makes so much sense!! And gosh, how perfect is that playhouse!!

    I love all the little details! There are too many to comment on all of them, but just… wow, I am blown away!! (love the ABC in Class 1’s room)

    I love all the different rooms in the high school! Hehe, love the duck in the science room! And WOW that cafeteria is awesome!! And the gym is so realistic (I think… I rarely go to one *chuckle*)

    You are just too awesome, Kim!!


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