October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 1)

There’s many scary moments in life; Leaving high school, meeting the guy you might marry, a first date, telling someone how you feel about them, your first driving lesson, taking things to the next level with your boyfriend, and, of course, the great October festival that is Halloween. October in Honeycomb Valley involved all of these scary things. Let’s start at the beginning…


You wouldn’t know by the way Rebecca prepared the family breakfast that morning that this was actually a very special day for her: Today was Rebecca’s 18th birthday. Even more special was the fact that today would be Rebecca’s last ever day of school. According to the Honeycomb Valley school system, children and teens are required to attend school until the age of 18. Once they turn 18, school is no longer mandatory, although you don’t get to officially graduate until 20.
However, Rebecca’s parents felt that a woman’s place is in the home, not in school, so it was decided Rebecca would leave school the day she turned 18. Since Rebecca never really enjoyed school, she didn’t mind this decision at all and actually felt quite happy that morning making her family breakfast.


After the 6 eldest children of the Edwards family had left for school, Amy and John sat down and waited for their guests to arrive.  John’s friend, fellow vicar Jeremiah Brown from the town of Bonnie Brae was to come and visit with his wife Agatha and their youngest son, the 19 year old Ben…


And there they were!

The Browns

If you think this visit was a mere social call, you’re mistaken… John and Amy wanted to meet Ben, because John felt this would be a suitable match for his eldest daughter. After all, a grown woman should marry and produce offspring and naturally the spouse needed to be someone John approved of…
Now, he wouldn’t force Rebecca to marry Ben, that would be old fashioned. But at least he did his job of finding her a suitable option.


Amy would never tell John this, but she cared more about whether Ben was a nice guy than whether he was “God fearing”. So while John was discussing the church with Jeremiah and Agatha, Amy took her possible future son in law apart to get to know him a bit better.heart to heart

It turned out Ben was indeed a nice guy and Amy felt reassured.

At 15:00 that afternoon, John headed to school to pick up his daughter and officially take her out of school. Elliot said he was sad to see her go, although I think he actually had seen this coming…byebye school

After this official business, John and Rebecca went home where the whole family celebrated her 18th birthday. Happy birthday Rebecca! You’re an adult now! It’s scary, but lots of people do it every day!


We’ll check back with the Edwards family later!


Rebecca wasn’t the only one having a birthday this October. Luke also got a year older. With all the work at the ranch, he didn’t have time for a big party, but there was one person he wanted to ask for a cup of birthday coffee… So, he sent her a text…
Luke's text

The recipient of said text was just having a cup of tea on the rooftop terrace with her mother…


Nancy, wondering what made her daughter smile like that, curiously asked Susie what that text was all about. “Oh, it’s Luke”, Susie said. “He wants me to come for a cup of coffee since it’s his birthday soon… I think he likes me…”Receiving the text

“He’s Kyra’s riding teacher, isn’t he?” Nancy said. “You’re lucky, Suse, he’s a very nice guy!” But Susie wanted none of that.
“Mum! He’s much too young for me, he’s only just 20 (he’s 24…) and I’m nearly 40! (she’s 35..)

20 and 40

“There is absolutely no way, mum, no way.”no way

Her mother disagreed though. “You’re not ‘nearly 40′, Suse, you’re 35. And besides, it’s just a cup of coffee, no one is saying you have to start a family with him!” (Although Nancy secretly would LOVE to have more grandchildren 😉 )it's just coffee

Susie then decided to go to her favourite thinking spot by the waterfalls to think things over and to draw.


Yes, he’s young… He’s also cute… But he’s SO young… It is only coffee though…
And so, after a lot of thinking, Susie decided to send Luke a text saying she would meet him later that afternoon for some coffee… A bit scary, but hey, it’s just coffee…


Luke was delighted to see her!


He was also very happy with the gift she brought him; a drawing of his horse Spider.


And so, Susie and Luke had their coffee.


Luke… You’re staring…


You’re staring Luke…


You’re still staring Luke… *sigh*



A week after her birthday, Rebecca put on her special sunday dress. Her parents had told her she would meet Ben today, the boy her parents felt was a “suitable match”. Rebecca was very scared. She never felt comfortable around strangers and she felt especially uncomfortable around boys, but even her mother said Ben was nice, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

The first person she met was Ben’s dad Jeremiah.


And there was Ben. Well, he had a nice smile, at least…


Ben was very talkative, while Rebecca still felt very nervous.


Ben had planned to spend some time alone with Rebecca as well and took her out for a picnic.Beccas picnic

He even arranged for them to take a boattrip. Awww…. Rebecca was starting to feel quite comfortable with this boy…


Sadie’s driving lesson

In Honeycomb Valley, the age to start driving lessons is 17. Though some teens wait longer, most are eager to start. This was certainly true for Sadie. So, she headed to Jake’s driving school to have her first lesson. Scary, but good scary!


She turned out to be a natural!



Luke needed a heart to heart with one of the horses. It turned out Raven was willing to listen.
“So, you see, I really like her. Really, REALLY like her. Do you think I should just ask her out? But I’m not sure she’s interested… You know what, you’re right, I’ll just do it!”


And so he did. And much to his surprise (and mine), she said yes!
Well, actually, she said yes, because her mother AND sister had told her she could always go on one measly date. At least she would have a fun night out, right?
He had bought her flowers, that was a good start…


But the next part of the date was bowling. Now, don’t get me wrong, bowling can be great fun, but for Susie the fact that Luke had chosen to take her bowling on a date, proved he was still so very young…bowling

Much to her surprise, Luke then took her to a building where he told her they had to use the lift… For a moment, Susie felt scared, he wasn’t going to hurt her, was he…? But she didn’t think he would, Luke was, after all, a nice guy.


No, he wasn’t going to hurt her. Instead, she was pleasantly surprised to find he had arranged for a champagne picnic on the roof overlooking Bumblebee Quarter! Now, THIS was a grown up date…


Luke then asked Susie to watch the stars with him…


Aww, he’s just such a cutie…stars

He had even brought his guitar to serenade her… *swoon*. (It was actually some country folk song, but we’ll pretend it was a romantic ballad, shall we… Sims…)


Then… Luke gathered all his nerves and told Susie how he had been having feelings for her pretty much since the day they met… And while he was on a roll anyway, he even dared to kiss her!


Susie was left stunned for a moment and then told Luke she had to go… Leaving him alone on the rooftop, full of doubt…

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part 2

7 thoughts on “October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 1)

    Kimmie story!!! *popcorn*
    October sounds like a scary month in Honeycomb Valley (do you do this deliberately to scare your residents? *chuckle* )
    Happy 18th birthday, Rebecca!! Welcome to adulthood!
    Ben looks sweet, if a bit uncomfortable, especially in that first picture of them sitting on the sofa. But at least Amy felt a bit more reassured! John need never know…
    I totally ship Luke and Susie. I don’t care about the age difference. hey’re just too sweet together!!! I’m very pleased Susie listened to her mother and went!! 😀 I had to laugh at Luke’s goofy expression while he’s staring at Susie though!!! 😀
    I’m pleased Ben and Rebecca hit it off!! These poor guys, with the pressure they’re under!! *HUGS*
    First driving lesson for Sadie!! You go, girl!!!
    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* for Luke and Susie’s first date!! *yahoo*
    But SUSIE!!! Why did you run away?!?! :O You can’t do this to me! *ahem* I mean, to Luke!!! 😉
    On to Part 2! 😀


  2. Weeee, Kimmi story!!

    Oooh, an arranged marriage! Well, kind of, since Rebecca’s not being forced or anything… There’s a show on Danish TV right now where couples are “married at first sight” after experts have carefully chosen the couples – very interesting! /offtopic
    Omg, I love the huge family portrait in the living room!!

    Aaawwww, Luke! He’s so smitten, isn’t he? I think Susie needs a little fun (*heybaby*), but maybe Luke would end up getting hurt…
    HAHAHA, I love how Susie sits with a chair between her and Luke *rofl* OMG, Luke is such a cutie!!! ‘How can she resist? *heybaby*

    YES, back to Becca! Aaaww, Rebecca looks pretty uncomfortable in the couch there *giggle* But alone time seemed to be a great idea! Ben seems really nice! What a romantic picture of them in the boat 🙂

    *waves* Sadie!

    Go Luke!! Or wait, I wrote that to quickly… Bowling, really? Okay, this comes from a girl who met her boyfriend of six years at, wait for it…. bowling night *facepalm* But look, aaaaw, how romantic with a rooftop picnic *tearyeyes* I am so rooting for this couple!! Remember how I matched them up when Susie first moved to HV? *cheeky* OMG, Kim, folk songs are the most romantic!!! I am so swooning over this guy now 😀 Noooo, and then she just LEAVES?! AAARGHH!!


    • Sara!!!
      That tv show sounds quite interesting indeed! And I think John only wants people to think he’s not forcing anything, but he probably would anyway 😉

      Awww, isn’t Luke the cutest? I know you wanted them together from the start! And remember I said then I had a plan? I still do. 😉

      Hehe, I love how you met boyfriend at a bowling night. To be sure, I have nothing against bowling, I actually quite like it, but I do think it’s something Susie would take as a sign Luke is so very young indeed…

      I think his kiss confused her…


  3. HA! I’ll be chronological later, but this has to begin with a huge HA! Luke and Susie. I *knew*. They could only fall for each other. Age is another matter, and it might work or not, but they HAD to try, at least. HA!
    Okay… now, this is said, I can start by the beginning! 😉

    Aw, Rebecca!! That’s indeed a very, very traditional family that John “manages” his own way, huh. No education for women because their place is at home anyway. Aha!!! It’s awesome to see how you made the Edwards so different of your own points of view, still being very respectful for them! 🙂
    And after all, if Rebecca doesn’t enjoy school, well, she can quit. Maybe if she was enjoying it, she would have been able to stay? After a long talk with Father? Anyway! She’s leaving!
    An arranged union! Aaha, SO very John again here! *lol* I chuckled at the ” he wouldn’t force Rebecca to marry Ben, that would be old fashioned”. Sure, John. Authority all in subtleness here… ;D

    LUUUUKE! HA! We knew it, guy, we KNEW it. Susie, don’t try to resist, lovely. Look at these eyes. Awww, he looked at her SO intensely! He’s adorable!
    I laughed so hard at Susie “I’m nearly 40!” It reminded me one of my favorite movie quotes, in “When Harry meets Sally”. Sally cries and shouts “I’m single and I’m going to be 40!”; Harry answered “what? I thought you were 30! When are you doing to be 40?!”, and she answered “SOMEDAY!” (well, I’m awful with quotes, but that’s the idea… *high-five with Susie* because that reaction makes me laugh SO much!
    (I keep saying “But I’m going to be 40!!!”, and Dom coughed… ;D)

    Aww, dear, Rebecca and Ben are still so cute already. That nice picnic, and then that boat trip! That’s so romantic, so beautifully a bit old-fashioned! (so XIX° century, actually, I LOVE IT!) Awww… I understand John put his trust in this guy. He seems to be a man of tradition, but hopefully a bit more open-minded? (Nooooo, John, I don’t say you don’t have an open-mind!!!! *cough*)

    Sadie! Hey lovely! Oh, I love how you used the road sign furniture for the driving school! So funny! It looks like all the signs that previous learners have destroyed during their driving lessons! Jake has a huge sense of humor!!! (and he’s cute…. Hello Jake! *heybaby*)

    Aww, bowling. *chuckle* BUT with a romantic dinner at the top of this!! Aww, a first kiss!! *squeeeeeeeeeee* I’m so curious to see how their story will evolve!!! *sigh*

    *bouncing to part 2*


    • Oh my darling how I love reading your comments!!

      Oh yes, to be sure the Edwards’ view of things is VERY different from mine hahaha! Oh I think John would have wanted her to quit school either way, but he really does have another thing coming if he thinks he can do the same with Martha!

      Awww, Luke is so in love with Susie, but I’m still not sure she feels the same. “He’s just so young…”When Harry met Sally is a GREAT film! I LOVE it! Haha, yes, Susie feels nearly 40, but she isn’t. You, on the other hand, are the eternal 39 year old. 😉

      Ben is a nice guy, Rebecca deserves someone sweet. He’s actually one of my mum’s sims; Bonnie Brae is her town, an adapted Glen Donnach. You’ve got him spot on! A man of tradition with an open mind. 🙂

      Oh, my dear, your road sign furniture was perfect for my driving school! Jake is a great driving instructor.

      Yes, a first kiss, but then she ran…


  4. Alright, so first: I absolutely love the prologue of the story! 😀 It’s very creative and fun to start a story like this!

    Oh, happy birthday Rebecca! *confetti*
    Wow, it’s a very conservatist family these Edwards… But not “old – fashioned”, ’cause of course no one will force Rebecca to marry Ben… But I love you had this idea! It so suits for family like this!

    Luke, Susie and cup of coffee, huh? 😉
    Oh, and how I love that her thinking spot! Love! ❤
    Hehehe, I adore your way to comment your sims behaviours! 😀

    You know, everytime there's something about the Edwards I think like I move in time… It's so sweet of Ben that he arranged that picnic and a boattrip, but there's something deeply sad in those arranged marriages… But of course no one forces no one!

    Luke and Susie! A date, yeah! O Gosh, a picnic on the roof! ❤ It's so darn romantic… *sigh*
    YES! FINALLY! But, wait, where are you going? Go back, go back, girl!!!


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