October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 2)

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Halloween at The Beehive

For children, the scary part of October is the BEST part of October! And at the primary department of The Beehive, each class had its own way to celebrate autumn and Halloween.

Naomi and her class 2 had an afternoon of pumpkin carving.


First they had to empty the pumpkins and then they could, carefully, carve them.

Riley was the only one of the group to decide on carving a traditional Jack-O-Lantern. Nick wanted to make a silly one, Ruth opted for a cat and Nathan decided to created a ghost lantern.


In the end, Riley was the only one who succeeded. But no matter, we all had fun right?


While class 2 was carving pumpkins, Eva gathered her class 1 kids in the hallway to go on an autumn walk in the park.


Before long, they arrived.


They did some raking…rake

…and found a squirrel…squirrel

…and obviously Ellie had to give Isa a scare…


After about an hour or two, they all sat down to have a picnic. They were even joined briefly by Megan Knight who was very interested in what they were eating.

Lucy‘s class 3 had the afternoon off, because for the eldest pupils of the primary school, a special event had been set up. They got to come to school in the evening all dressed up!
Joshua and Miriam Edwards almost hadn’t been allowed to go, father John feels a celebration like Halloween is so very heathen and he didn’t want any children of his to be a part of it, but Lucy assured him no satan worshipping would be going on and big sister Martha gave her father a piece of her mind too. It was just a children’s celebration! In the end, John caved, but there was no way his children could dress up as witches or ghost pirates. So, Miriam went as a tiger, and Joshua as a hotdog.

First, the group had a very scary dinner…Spooky dinner

…Then, Lucy told a ghost story… (Shhh… We’re not telling John…)


…and they had their picture taken…


And then it was time for the best part of the night; Trick or treat-ing! The school had send out letters to all the residents of Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential area, to ask them to put out a lit pumpkin this night if the class 3 were welcome to ring their doorbell. And yay! Lots of people did!Trick or treat

At the Wyler residence Patty had gone all out!


At 22:00 the kids and their teacher arrived back at school with lots of candy in their pockets. It had been a great night!


Esme’s plan

The last days of October marked the start of a week long autumn break for the kids and teens of The Beehive.
Esme had a great plan for the start of these holidays! She called up her friend Martha to invite her over and discuss the details.


Pretty soon, Martha arrived and Esme told her friend all about her plan: let’s invite the whole class and camp out for a night in the woods! We’ll bring some music and build a fire, it’ll be scary, but awesome!

the plan

Martha agreed. Well, her father would never agree to let her go, but who cares! She’d just sneak out! And so the girls immediately picked up their phones to call their classmates.


Aiden was in, Jeffrey was in, Sophie was in, Ruby was coming, Finn was obviously going to be there, Esme asked her sister face to face and when Rachel heard Sadie was going, she agreed to come too.call

And so, they gathered in the woods that night. Of course, Esme and Finn were immediately all over each other again, which made Rachel wonder why she agreed to come…

To understand what’s going on between Esme, Finn and Rachel; read the story of Camp Windiwell 03 here)


“Oh leave them be”, Sadie told her best friend. “I’ve moved on and forgave her, Rach, I think you should really try to move on too…”


All Rachel could think was that it was easier said than done and how she had always loved Finn more than Sadie had, but she said nothing and welcomed a hug from her best friend.


It was a fun night. They built a fire, had a dance…


… sent texts to romantic interests in foreign countries….text

… And Esme and Finn had lots of making out sessions…


I was starting to wonder if Esme hadn’t planned this whole night just for her own benefit, and when I saw her entering a tent and Finn following, I knew I was right…


Right… Let’s hope Rachel wasn’t near that tent…
Meanwhile Jeffrey and Sadie tossed a ball around.


A few hours later, everyone had found a tent to sleep in. Although, in Esme and Finn’s tent there wasn’t much sleeping going on it seems….
Sophie was being tough and decided to sleep outside. But maybe this was just so the beeps of her phone when her texts came in wouldn’t wake anyone else up…


Halfway through the night however, it started to hail. This was too much for Sophie.


She quickly went for cover in Martha’s tent.


Yes, Sophie, nights are certainly getting colder. It’s getting close to November, after all…

Also this October…

Look, it’s Miss Anna, all packed. Where is she going, you wonder? Anna is going abroad for a year. What about Matthew, you wonder? Why? What about him? He has a nanny, doesn’t he…?

9 thoughts on “October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 2)

  1. Part 2 of the scary October!!! *more popcorn*
    Pumpkin carving!!! The class look like they’re enjoying themselves! It’s a shame they didn’t all work, but who cares? They had fun!! 😀
    What a lovely walk in the park for Eva’s class! 😀
    That’s a great looking party for the eldest class!! Love all their costumes, the spooky dinner, ghost stories (don’t worry, I won’t tell John!) and that great picture at the end!!! Then trick-or-treating!!! Those kids must have had lots of fun!!!! 😀
    Ooh, a camping trip! Pity it looks like Esme’s plans were fairly self-centred, but at least most people had fun! (Huge hugs for Sadie and Rachel! I do wonder if Esme’s plan WAS mostly for selfish reasons, to aggravate her sister!!)
    I really laughed at daring Sophie, sleeping under the stars! (And who would these texts be to, I wonder? 😉 ) And then hurrying into a tent when it starts to rain. Poor Sophie!!!
    Hello, where’s Anna off to, then? For a year? *strokes chin thoughtfully*
    Wonderful update, my lovely!! 😀


    • Hehe, I’m not sure Esme planned it to aggravate het sister, since Sadie made it clear she’s moved on and I actually believe she has. But Rachel… not so much…


  2. Weeee, Halloween! And wow, I guess Missy’s mod to carve pumpkins on community lots worked?! Awesome!! How cute are all the kids??
    AAAAAW, how cute is it with all the class 1 kids looking at the squirrel?! Kim, you’re so good at these things 😀

    Bwaaahahaha @ John not wanting his kids to participate in Halloween! Good thing he decided to let them join 😉 The T-o-T is so cute! Oh yeah, Patty, you rock! No doubt she also has the most impressive Christmas decorations *giggle*

    Wow, Esme, what an awesome idea!! Haha, I love how Martha really stands out from the rest of her virtuous family *lol*
    Hahaha, Martha looks so funny by the fire all cool with the snogging couple right next to her *lol*
    Awww, Sophie! ❤
    Eeehhhh, Esme and Finn, be careful!! We have seen "accidents" happen in tent before, you know….. 😛

    WOW, Anna is going away for a whole year?

    OMG, what happened with Ben and Becca?! Suspense!!


    • Ohhh, I’ve had problems with tumblr so I hadn’t seen Missy’s mod yet! Yay! That’s awesome! But no, I changed the school into a residential lot temporarily. But I’m sure to check out Missy’s mod! Thanks!

      Ohhh yeah! To be sure, Patty will go all out this Christmas! 😉

      Martha sure stands out indeed! Although at home she dresses more to her father’s standards. But John has another thing coming if he thinks he can marry her off like he’s doing Becca!

      I think Esme and Finn have been careful 😉

      Yep, Anna won’t be back until next year!

      You’ll hear more about Ben and Becca, I promise!


  3. Aww, that’s so cute that the kids carved a pumpkin at school! I wanted to have a Pumpkin Carving workshop at my Oktober Feist, but like you, I haven’t been able to try Missy’s mod, as I had already played it. So great that your kids had so different activities, depending on their age, for Halloween! *happy sigh*
    I chuckle on each Ellie’s misbehavior. *lol* Poor Isa!!
    Oh, the dinner setting was awesome!! The kids are beyond cute! Lucy made an awesome witch!
    Aww, the Tricks or Treats was so lovely with the pumpkins outside!! Your kids must have had a blast! *lol* @ Patty. Sure, she couldn’t do less! ;D
    Esme and Martha are such an awesome pair! I love the picture where they both chatted on phone! (Try an arranged wedding for Martha, John! You might get disappointed! ;p) That camp was an awesome idea!
    Aww, Sophie sweet! *swoon*
    Uhoh, Esme and Finn seem to have enjoyed the woo-hoo in the tent, if I believe what we see when Sophie is sleeping outside… There’s a tent bouncing in the air, other there… ;D
    I laughed at Sophie sleeping the first part of the night with the stars, before reaching a dry place to finish her night! 😀
    Oh, Anna, Anna… *shakes head* Leaving your son for a whole year, that can’t be good, you know. Nope, girl.

    What a fabulous update, Kim sweet!!! *bouncing, bouncing and bouncing again!*

    MORE! 😉


    • Pumpkin Carving at the Oktober Feist would have been great, but it was amazing without it too, my dear!

      Ellie is quite something indeed… I’ve only played one day of november so far and already she’s been up to no good again…

      Esme and Martha… The older they get, the more they’re becoming ladies you won’t want to mess with…
      Es and Finn did enjoy their time in the tent and it was bound to happen, even though Es is still young.

      Anna is not much of a motherly type, is she…

      Thank you so much for your comments my sweet! ❤


  4. Eee, I so hoped that maybe Luke could catch Susie and… and… It wouldn’t be the end of their plot yet. Oh, you make me so curious Kim! I can’t wait for a new story! 😀

    So, I see you found out the way to allow sims to carve pumpkins in the school, huh? I’ve seen your questions on Tumblr, but sadly had no ideas… :-/ It’s good to know you found the way! 😀

    You had such a great idea with it, it looks like so much fun here! I love all those “unsuccessful” lanterns even more!

    Wow, and that autumn walk in the forest is so nice too…

    *yahoo* for a very scary dinner! 😀 Oh John, you’re surely right about that heathen ceremony! You know Kim, I used to go to the Salesian school and they always used to tell us, how bad are all those “Halloweens”, books about Harry Potter and so on… 😉

    Trick or treat!

    A bonfire!
    Oh, those teens’ complicated feelings…
    Hehee @ Sophie texting to romantic interest in foreign country! 😀
    Oh yes, it seems Esme had planned EVERYTHING… And she and Finn were both very very busy that night! 😉

    Yep, it was very generous of Sophie she decided not to sleep in the tent and wake up someone by “beeping” of her phone… But autumn nights aren’t too hot and rain – less, are they? 😉

    Bye bye Anna! You degenerate mother!

    It’s such a great story Kim! I love every little piece of it!


  5. Poor Amy and Rebecca 😦 At least Ben is nice. That takes some stress away! Happy birthday though Rebecca 🙂 I hope adult life treats you well!

    Susie, you’re not nearly forty! Go for it 🙂 Aaw Luke is adorable in the staring photos! I hope this works out ❤

    I'm so glad that Ben made a lot of effort with Rebecca 🙂 Maybe it'll work out well!

    Aaw Luke what a wonderful date ❤ Susie, just go for it!!

    Hahaha I love that so many pumpkins failed! That picture is sort of amazing 😀

    Great idea to fix the leaves problem…I may steal this one 😀

    Lol nice plan Esmee 😀


    • Suse has an obsession with her “old age”, you’ll find out more about that!
      Same goes for Esme’s plans. She’s full of interesting plans… You’ll find out more about that too! Haha!

      I’m loving reading your comments my dear! Thank you so much!


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