November 04: Courtship (Part 1)

You’d think early spring would be the designated time for blooming love, wouldn’t you? Well, it seems for the Sims of Honeycomb Valley, this time was November. Although, in some cases I guess it’s more lust than love and in others the feelings seem to be very one-sided. And then there’s that one couple, in which case we really can call it a courtship… Curious yet? You’ll have to wait just a bit longer, because the first event of SimNovember had nothing what so ever to do with courtship…


It may not have had anything to do with courtship, but it did involve love. Two parents loving their daughter. Their one year old daughter to be precise. It was Valerie’s first birthday!

The whole family came over to celebrate Valerie’s first. Evelyn seems much happier about her child’s first birthday than her sister was 2 months ago.

she's one!

After blowing out the candles and unwrapping the presents, the family had cake, while cousins Valerie and Vicky played with play dough. Awww, Justin, I can already see it happening… The girls sticking together and Justin being left out…cousins

Of course, cousin Ellie wouldn’t be Ellie if she didn’t get up to some mischief!
(Ellie started to destroy the pumpkin completely autonomously! It made me laugh. So typically Ellie…)


This made no difference to Valerie, who had a great birthday either way!


Two weeks had passed since that night Luke spent with Susie on the roof, and even though he couldn’t stop thinking of her while going about his daily business, he hadn’t heard from her since and kept wondering if he’d made a big mistake by kissing her…


He had sent her a few texts to ask her how she was doing and avoided talking about that kiss. But even a simple “how was work today? :)” didn’t get a reply.


He asked Boy for advice.
“What do you think I should do? Should I just try and forget about her? Or should I apologise for kissing her? I still really like her, you know…”
Boy just licked his face in response.

Boy talk

Because talking to Boy didn’t get him a lot of answers, Luke decided to ask Kyra after a rainy riding lesson how her aunt was doing.
“She’s alright,” Kyra said. “She seems a bit distracted lately, but I guess she’s fine.”


Little did Luke know that Susie had actually spent all her time thinking about that night too. She tried to distract herself by reading and drawing, but it didn’t really work. She got Luke’s texts but couldn’t bring herself to respond to them.
“He’s too young Suse,” she told herself. “It’ll only lead to another broken heart…”


Hey, look who it is, Amy and John with their eldest and youngest child at the busstop. And with a suitcase even! Rebecca was leaving  for a few days. She was going to visit Ben in his hometown of Bonnie Brae. Of course she wouldn’t technically be staying with Ben! Heavens no, an unmarried woman staying with an unmarried man? No no, John would never allow it and the thought alone made Becca much too scared. She was going to stay with Ben’s eldest sibling; his sister Edith and her family.
(Lucy was at the busstation too, to pick up Nathan, who returned from a brilliant stay with his friend KamKam in Krampouezh. Read all about that here!)

After a busride, a change from bus to train in Bridgeport (such an awful place, according to Rebecca) and a few more hours on the train, Rebecca arrived in rainy Bonnie Brae*.


Rebecca’s train was early, so she had to wait a while before Ben and his family arrived. He had brought his parents and Edith with her youngest daughter Matilda.ArrivalRebecca, Ben, Edith and Matilda took a taxi to Edith’s house.

Rebecca was immediately very impressed by Edith’s house. it felt so warm and cozy! Oh to have a home like this…

Edith served some coffee and homemade pies and the three adults sat down so Becca and Edith could get better acquainted. coffee
After coffee, Edith gave her guest a tour of the house. First stop: the guestroom, or, for now, Becca’s room! Rebecca could hardly believe it! Her own room! She hadn’t had a room to herself since she was three and Martha was born! And it got even better still, because this room had its very own bathroom!
After showing Rebecca the room she’d be staying in, Edith took her upstairs to show her the rest of the house. Rebecca loved every corner of it, but was most impressed by the bedroom where Edith’s daughter Bethany and Matilda slept. Oh, she couldn’t wait to create a room like that for her own children!roomBen had borrowed his dad’s car and took Rebecca out to see the town.
They stopped at the local pub; The Shepherd and Flock.

Here, Rebecca met pub owner Hailey who called her “love” and asked her about life “in the city”. Hayley
It was still early, so there weren’t a lot of customers yet. Ben showed Rebecca how to throw darts.
Rebecca never liked going out in Honeycomb Valley, but this place sure was lovely.
After an hour or so at the pub, Ben told Rebecca he had another place to show her. They got back in the car and drove to a hill. At the top of that hill, a gorgeous little house was situated.
“This will be my house”, Ben said. “My grandfather used to own a lot of land in Bonnie Brae and he left this house to me.
Becca was speechless. To live in a house like this was something she had always secretly dreamt of…House on the hill
When they returned, Edith was making dinner. Her two eldest children, 7 year old Bethany and 5 year old Ewan, had arrived home as well, as had their dad, Caleb, who was the local grocer.
Rebecca first felt a bit shy in the midst of all these new people, but the anxiety soon settled when they all turned out to be really nice.familylife
Edith had cooked salmon and made pumpkin pie for dessert. It was lovely.


After dinner it was time for Ben and Rebecca to say goodbye, as Ben would obviously be sleeping at home, with his parents.
When they were hugging goodbye, Ben whispered to Becca; “I really like you, you’re very sweet.” Rebecca couldn’t be happier.he likes herThe next morning, the family had breakfast, just before Caleb went to his grocery store.

After Bethany and Ewan had also left for school, Rebecca helped Edith in the garden.


When Ben came over to pick her up, they decided to visit Caleb’s grocery store.grocer

And then went to the monument.


Rebecca felt sure she could get used to this place (and this boy 😉 )!


The next day marked the last day of Rebecca’s stay. Edith and Ben had organised a family gathering in the park so Rebecca could meet Ben’s brothers and their wives and kids.

She met Paul and his wife Fiona (who’s very modern, look, she’s wearing trousers instead of skirts!) and Peter and his wife Maggie.meeting the family

They had a great day, luckily the weather was cooperative! gathering

The many toddlers of the family had fun too!


That evening it was time for Rebecca to return home. Ben, Edith, Bethany, Ewan and Matilda took her to the station.


Bye bye Matilda!Bye bye matilda

Bye Bethany and Ewan! Bye Edith, thanks for everything!Bye bye kids and Edith

Then Edith and her kids left, giving Ben and Becca a final moment alone.


Ben hugged Rebecca goodbye and promised to visit her again very soon!Bye bye Ben

Though Ben’s courtship of Rebecca was the best example of courtship of the month, he wasn’t the only one trying to get the girl…

Continue to…part 2

* About Bonnie Brae
Bonnie Brae is my mum’s town. It’s an adapted version of the gorgeous Glen Donnach, which can be downloaded here. Bonnie Brae is a small village in the country where time sort of stood still. Most of its residents are religious (to various degrees) and a bit (or more than a bit) old-fashioned. Obviously this is a place where our Becca feels right at home!
Most of the houses and buildings in Bonnie Brae came with the town, but the pub and grocery store featured in this story were built and decorated by my mum. The house on the hill is built by me and my mum did the landscaping for it. Edith’s house was already there, but I changed the layout a bit and decorated it, after which my mum added a few details.
She’s still very much building the town up and changing little things to her liking, so who knows, maybe there will be much more to see next time we visit.

10 thoughts on “November 04: Courtship (Part 1)

  1. Happy first birthday, Valerie! And what a cute toddler you make, too! Poor little Justin, being left out ❤
    Where did the play doh table come from, if you don't mind me asking?
    Ellie smashing pumpkins, now that does surprise me! *chuckle*
    Oh, poor Luke 😦 And poor Susie! She just needs to talk to him!!! Come on Susie, talk to him!!!
    Rebecca's very lucky, visiting a town as beautiful as Bonnie Brae! The town looks gorgeous!! I love that train station, it's lovely!
    Edith's house looks very warm and cosy!
    The pub looks so much like a country pub!!! I'm not a pub person either, but that pub sure does look lovely and cosy!
    I am squealing with delight at the lovely house that will be Ben's!!!
    Edith's family look so lovely! And what a lovely idea to have Rebecca meet Ben's brothers and their wives!
    It looks to me like Rebecca had a wonderful time in Bonnie Brae (So would I! It's so gorgeous!) Your Mum is doing a lovely job!
    On to part 2!


    • Thank you Ani! I tried really hard on that house, and my mum had a big job handling the landscaping. Even though it’s not in my town, it miiiiight be the place my Rebecca will live, so I was happy to build it!


  2. Aww, happy birthday, Valérie! It makes me want to hug the poor little Justin, though! He looked at the girls as if he was dreaming to be part of their games! Awwww!!!!!! *teary eyes*
    *rofl* @ Ellie. She couldn’t be more Elliesque! 😀

    Awwwww, Luke, don’t give up hopes, guy! I’m quite sure it’s what Boy meant by his licking!
    Susie, Susie… *shakes head sadly* The only sure road to broken heart is avoiding any road that looks like love! (awwwww, what a poet I am tonight! ;D)

    Bonnie Brae!!!! Awww, I immediately recognized the Glenn Donnach train station there! How great that your Simmies now visit your mother’s town too!!!! Yeaaaaaah, this got me all excited!!!
    What a beautiful town! I love how it looks a bit old fashioned, à la James Ivory or Jane Austen, in a kind of way! Sure Rebecca fits in like a fish in water, we’d say in french! I laughed at Fiona being all modern with her trousers! *chuckle* Everyone was so welcoming with her. I love the big house-big family-big reunion! Perfect for our little Beckie! (I’m sure she hatest being called like that, huh? ;D)

    The pub and the grocery look so great! I love how the grocery fits so perfectly in a small town, with the bread in a corner, the detergent in another, and the counter that is supposed to be up & down! LOVELY!!!!!

    *bouncing on part 2*


    • Sandyyy!!! Oh how happy your comments always make me!

      Yes, I can already see Vicky and Valerie becoming inseparable cousins/BFFs and Justin having to find something else to do. Awww!

      Yes, Bonnie Brae is amazing, isn’t it! I’ve always loved Glen Donnach and I love that my mum chose it to make her own. What she’s (very slowly) doing with it is amazing! She really sets the mood. She loved your comment by the way! So thank you on her behalf!

      I agree that Beckie (hehe, I’m not sure she’ll like that either) looks right at home there! We say like in fish in water here too! That’s funny because I don’t think that expression exists in English. 🙂


  3. Ohhh yaaaay, Valerie’s first birthday!! Heehee, of course Evelyn is completely ecstatic! Baaaahahahaha @ Ellie!! Never change, dear! *giggle*

    Aaww, Luke is one of my favourite guys *sigh* Poor guy, I hope Susie replies soon 😀

    OMG!! How cute that Lucy was picking up Nathan at the bus station while the Edwards were saying goodbye to Rebecca!
    I love the train station at Bonnie Brae!! And Becca and Ben are a great fit – look! they even match 😀 And Ben’s family is so nice *sigh* That pub is so cute!! I can totally see Becca settling down in Bonnie Brae! … OMG!!!! Ben’s house is ADORABLE! It reminds me of the Edwards’ house with all the flowers 🙂 Oooh, and the monument looks interesting! Like an old castle?

    Wow, I love the mother/daughter collaboration!! Tell your mum that that pub is fantastic!! And the house you built is so cute! But it is even better with your mum’s landscaping. LOVE IT!


  4. Hi Kim!!*waves*
    Your simmies are really cute,and I love this catholic image of Rebecca*s Family!:D
    You have a really gorgeous town,I love it!
    *lol* at Ellie kicking the pumpkin!
    Darn,kiss her Ben!!Please,finally,KISS her!!!!


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