November 04: Courtship (Part 2)

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Remember back in April, when Emmett went on a date with tough girl Abbey? And how she rejected him? She rejected. him.  Emmett couldn’t believe it, no one had ever rejected him. So, since March, he made several attempts to get in contact with her again, but to no avail. Of course, Emmett wasn’t giving up. Not usually one to chase after a girl (“let them come to me, I attract them like moths to a flame, really”), this girl was another story all together. Because of that whole rejecting business obviously. He couldn’t have that. Oh no.

So Emmett tried a different strategy. He went down to the police station…


“Yeah, so, I would like to work here”, he told the officer behind the counter.
“You’ll have to fill out some forms and take a few tests”, he was told. “Then you get to accompany an officer for a day and if you get approved you can work here and take the course simultaneously.”
“Is that officer Abbey?”


Abbey herself just got home from work and had taken a shower when there was a knock on her door.

“Hi, I’m Lucas. I just moved into the apartment upstairs and I wanted to say hi.”
So Abbey and her new neighbour chatted for a while. About work and interests. Lucas of course also had to enquire about a Mr. Abbey, to which Abbey laughed and told him that no, there was no “Mr. Abbey”.
When Lucas told her he worked as a scullion at Foster’s, Abbey replied that she really couldn’t cook at all. Lucas, never one to miss an opportunity, immediately offered to cook her dinner the next night.
new neighbour

The next morning, Abbey took Boris for a walk and then headed off to work.

There, a surprise awaited her…

“What are you doing here!?”
“I work here now” Emmett replied grinning. “And better yet, I get to ride along with you today!”

New coworker

Abbey had no choice but to make the best of it and she and Emmett got in the car and patrolled the town that day.


Near the end of their shift, they got a message from the station telling them they had to go an interview Onslow Mills, as he was a suspect in the “missing bikes mystery” that taunts Honeycomb Valley.

Umm… Emmett, I don’t think you’re supposed to be texting while on the job… (I suspect he was texting Wesley to tell him he was right across his trailer…)


Abbey asked Onslow some tough questions which he answered (but I think he was lying).


Emmett was quite impressed with Abbey’s way of handling the situation and told her so when they were outside again. Abbey in turn actually seemed quite pleased with this compliment.

However, now it was time to go home, since she obviously still had dinnerplans.compliment

While Abbey greeted Boris and then took a shower…


…Lucas was busy in his own apartment preparing dinner for them.


There she was.


They sat down for dinner and wine.dinner

And had a chat.


But Abbey had been eyeing Lucas’ pooltable! She couldn’t wait to shoot some pool with him! Lucas first decided to go easy on her, but soon learnt not to hold back! This girl is a pro! poolIt was a good night!


By now, a whole month had passed since that night Luke spent on the roof with Susie. And still, he had not heard from her… So, it seemed, that was really over…
He felt sad. He tried not to let it get him down, but fact remained, he was sad. He really thought she was perfect. *Sigh*

Luke filled Boy’s bowl…


…And then sat down by his fire.
He was just getting lost in thought again, when suddenly the doorbell rang…


“Sss… Suse…? What are you doing he… I mean, come in, did you get my texts? No, don’t answer that, it doesn’t matter. I mean, I’m sorry about the ki… I mean what.., uhm…”


“Just shut up.” Was all Susie replied.


“Are you… are you sure about this…?” Luke asked.
“I’ve been thinking about it for an entire month. Yes, I’m sure.”


And with that, she kissed him again, and again, and again, and… well… you get the idea…


After… well.. that, Luke and Susie spent the whole night talking. About how terrified Suse had been after that night on the roof, about their childhood, about failed relationships, about family, about hopes and dreams and all that jazz.

And when morning came, Susie really was sure she had made the right decision. She had to leave though, she had a job waiting.


But Luke didn’t just want to let her go and risk not hearing from her for yet another month. He also wanted her to know he really was serious about this.


“Wait! Do you think that maybe… um.. I could perhaps… call you my girlfriend?”steadyYes. It turned out, Susie liked that idea very much indeed.

And with that, November came to an end. The trees had lost almost all their leaves, so it seemed winter was right around the corner. More on that some other time!

5 thoughts on “November 04: Courtship (Part 2)

  1. Hehe, Emmet doesn’t give up, does he? I do admire the lengths he’s going to to get Abbey’s attention! However, I’m not sure he’s going to like Lucas very much 😦
    Boris is adorable ❤
    Abbey doesn't look very pleased at having Emmet tagging along all day!! But it looks like Abbey made up for the surprise with a pleasant evening with Lucas!
    Susie talked to Luke! Susie talked to look! Susie…did more than talk to Luke! *chuckle* Can't say as I quite expected that, but I so knew these two should give it a go!!!!!
    That November was awesome!!!


    • I loved the idea of Lucas and Emmett both going after the same girl. I’m letting her “choose”. I’m going to keep an eye on her wishes towards each guy and such.

      I had so much fun playing Susie and Luke. I figured, hey, she’s not 17 anymore and she’s thought so long and hard about it, so now that she decided to go for it, it made sense for her to go for it completely! 😉

      Thanks for your comments my lovely! ❤


  2. AAAAAAWWWW, you know, I should comment line after line, because now that I’ve read till the end, my head is full of AWWWWWWWWWW about Susie and Luke!!!!!! See, guy, isn’t it what I had told you earlier? Never giving up hopes? *high-five* Suse, lovely, YEAH, congratulations for your decision, honey, that’s the best you could take!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Awww, it makes me so happy. I could just squee and sigh for hours…. 😀
    OK…. let’s not forget the hottest girl in town, shall we? This girl is a guy-magnet! Emmett is doing just anything possible to get noticed by his belle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucas wasn’t falling for his neighbor. Hmmmmhhhmmm…. *grabbing popcorn*
    I really enjoyed Emmett’s day as patroller with Abbey! Were they doing a private detective investigation?
    I love the mess in front of the trailer! 😀
    I agree with Missy about Boris, he’s just the cutest! Awwww!!
    Great story, my lovely!!!!!! I can’t wait to see how things will evolve for all these blossoming or possible romances!


    • Hahaha, I love how excited you are! I had the plan to get Susie and Luke together all along, and I’m so happy with how it worked out! I have many more plans for them!

      Abbey, Lucas and Emmett have the potential to be quite the love triangle! It’ll be Abbey’s choice in the end! We shall see…
      Onslow is sooo messy! The biggest slob in town! And such a kleptomaniac! So, he’s very much a suspect in this missing bikes mystery! (So is Overwatch by the way *rolls eyes* )

      Awww, I so enjoyed your comments, my sweet! Thank you so much!


  3. Hahahaha, Emmett is still hung up on Abbey? *lol*
    Oh-oh!! Abbey is a popular gal…
    Bwahahahahahaha @ the “missing bikes mystery” *ROFL*
    Aww, isn’t Lucas the cutest? Cooking a dinner, wine, pool…. him and Abbey are a great match!

    *GASP* SHE’S AT THE DOOR!!! LUKE!! SHE IS AT THE DOOR! *squeeeeeee* YES! Weeeeeee, I knew it!!! (Side note: Look at how gorgeous Luke’s place is)

    What a fantastic update, my love! I really enjoyed reading it ❤


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