December 04: Merry Christmas… (Pt. 1)

It’s December, and thus, the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas is upon us! Lots of things occurred in Honeycomb Valley in the weeks leading up to Christmas and there was also something quite exciting right after Christmas. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first!

Two weeks until Christmas…

A birthday cake and a very excited looking Pierce can only mean one thing: the triplets are having a birthday!!

Happy birthday Brian, Chloe and Megan!


The Knights didn’t want a big party, so they just had a small celebration with cake after which the triplets gathered in the backyard so Loretta could take their birthday picture.

From left to right: Megan, Brian, Chloe.


Mouse wanted to wish Megan a happy birthday too. Or so she thought…Mouse

Bad kitty!!

That night the kids brushed their teeth for the first time by themselves.Teeth

The next morning, it was an early breakfast, because the kids were eager to go outside: the first snow had fallen!


Matching Knight family slippers.


Yay, snow! While Brian and Chloe built a snowman, Megan made many snowangels!Snow

One week until Christmas…

The last day before the Christmas Holidays, the Beehive held their first annual Christmas Dinner. A “formal” event for all the teens and high school teachers of the Beehive.


The gym was transformed into a “restaurant” with lots of tables and buffets. The kids could sit where ever they wanted and get up to get something to eat as often as they liked.


Everyone came “in style” and of course Holly and Kyra found seats next to one another.


The teens and their teachers all seemed to have a great time.


Once everyone was finished eating, the tables and chairs were pushed aside and the floor was open for everyone who wanted to dance.


Most kids started out chatting though. Like bandmates Daniel and Sadie. He showed her a video she found funny…Sadie-Dan

…and they ended up talking for the rest of the night!


Meanwhile, James was engrossed in an interesting conversation about guitars with music teacher Benjamin.


Umm… Holly… When people find the darkest corner of a room for some one on one time, it’s not really appropriate to watch them… (the couple is Finn and Esme, by the way)


After a while, people actually did start a little dance

Martha was having a discussion with her brother.


While everyone was busy dancing or chatting…


Sophie felt her book was more interesting…


Most of the dancing couples were quite likely matches, like Seth and Sarah


…and Esme and Finn…


…but this was an unexpected turn of events!James-Jill

Yes, that’s James and Jill! Ex-lovers James and Jill who had a nasty break up at prom, in 03…


Jill, who never really got over James, judging by the look in her eyes when she watched him perform at her birthday party

flashback 2

…but despite that always giving him the cold shoulder whenever he so much as talked to her. And now here they were, dancing together. No, slow dancing together even!

After the party was over, James even walked Jill home (such a gentleman) and they ended up having a snowball fight in her backyard.


Then it was time for James to say goodbye.

don't talk just kiss

Right… Not so much goodbye then.
And, you know what they say, one thing led to another…

make a little love

I hope you were being safe there, James. We don’t want Jill in the same state Ingrid is in

Obviously, James couldn’t stay the night. Finn was staying at Esme’s, but Jill’s parents would be home any minute. Think of all the questions this would raise! So, now it really was time for goodbye.

one night only

Was this just a one night thing, are they getting back together? Time will tell…

Since it’s still not Christmas, click to go on to…
part 2

7 thoughts on “December 04: Merry Christmas… (Pt. 1)

  1. OOooh, STORY!!!!

    I was already all melted at the triplet birthdays! (TRIPLETS!) Awww, look at these cuties!!!! They’re all purely adorable! That’s SOOOO darlingly cute that you took a picture of their first tooth brushing!!! It’s indeed such an important moment when you grow up! Aww, you always have the sweetest thoughts when it comes to chilren, my sweet, I’m going to be all emotional! *teary eyes*
    Ahaha!! Mouse!!! Oh, I shouldn’t laugh, you’re a bad kitty, indeed! (but that’s so funny, I’ve never had this in game!! *lol*)
    Awwww, the slippers!!! That’s pure cuteness. Seriously. *heart*
    Oh, I had a heart attack when I saw your gym turned into Christmas party room, because it’s SO MADLY REALISTIC!!! Well, I’ve never seen this myself, because my high-school wasn’t festive at all (we never made any Christmas party, nor a bal at the end of the year, just nothing. Boring. :p), but I’ve seen this so many times on TV! Well, yours is better than everything I have ever seen! *blum* I love how you set the tables in a very formal way, but we can see it’s cheap tables. AW, that’s so brilliant. You’re brilliant. I love you.
    So cool to see your teens over there! Hello Kyra and Holly!!! Aww, aren’t they cute at being the best besties of the world? Sadie and Daniel! Hey, guys!!! *hmm* Sadie? Are you finding Daniel more and more attractive, sweetie? You seem to eat him with the eyes (as we say in french, and it might just sound very gore in english… :D)
    Ahaha, James went to talk to Benjamin? That’s so great! I love how he’s completely into music (and girls… *chuckle*).
    Mwwwahaha, Holly!!!! That’s not right, indeed, to watch people like that! 😀
    Your teens seemed to have a lot of fun there!
    SOPHIE!!! *tackle hugs* Aww, my sweet!!! She might miss her boyfriend, huh? Aww, she’s so lovely!
    Seth and Sara are adorable, hidden in the middle of the sport stuff!! Awwwww!!! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve gasped “OMG, OMG, it looks so REAL!”
    WOW, wait, James and Jill!!!!!!! James and Jill again!!!! Wow!
    Ahaha, James doesn’t lose time! *rofl* Gentleman, maybe, but gentleman who knows where he’s going! *lol* Awww, but that’s so cute. Jill must be in Heaven. With that look, it was clear she had still feelings for him, huh? Awww…. *teary eyes*
    So… it makes Jill a possible step-mother for our grand-child? ;D
    FABULOUS PART ONE, Kim!!! I love your game, I love your Sims, and I love you even more! 😉


    • Aww, my Sandy, how I love reading your comments!
      I can’t remember ever having a Christmas dinner in High School either, but we have one at the school where I work each year. Sometimes in class, sometimes in the gym. But since the kids just had a party for Halloween, I felt this had to be something for the teens. I pretend the kids had a different Christmas party though, I will play that one out next year. 😉
      Sadie and Daniel really get along, that’s for sure. And yes, Sophie misses Jérémy…
      James really is no gentleman at all, is he. But he likes to pretend that he is, haha!
      I think Jill would love this to mean something, but I’m not sure it did to James.
      Love YOU, my dear!


  2. Story!!!
    Awww, what cute triplets!!! They are so adorable!!! And they look like they were having so much fun in the snow!!!!!
    And wow! Your school gym looks so much like mine did when they did it up for Christmas several years ago!!! It’s so lovely and very formal!!! ❤ Much love for your school!!!
    Holly makes me laugh, just watching Esme and Finn making out. You know, nothing special! 😛
    Oh Sophie, you darling girl! You're at a formal event, your book could wait, surely? *LOL*
    Seth and Sarah are so cute *sigh* As are Esme and Finn.
    JAMES AND JILL!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! I so knew they weren't going to be over for good! It was so obvious by the way Jill looked at James!!!
    So…I sort of hope Jill doesn't find out about Ingrid. Because if she does, it may just break my rmantic little heart *teary eyes*
    I have been sooo looking forward to another of your stories, Kim!!! Fantabulour Part One! And now to Part 2!!!


    • MISSY!!!!! I miss you my darling!
      Hahaha, Holly made me laugh too. I guess she finds this kind of stuff really fascinating and I suspect she can’t wait to have her own make out buddy. 😉
      Hmmm, so far, not even JAMES knows about Ingrid… Well, he knows what he did, obviously, but he has no idea she’s pregnant. For all he knew, she was on birth control…


      • Miss you too, sweet! Real life’s been fairly hectic since the holidays and I haven’t even been on Tumblr as much as I would normally!
        Ahh, Poor James and poor, poor Jill!


  3. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Triplets’ birthdays!!!!!!!!!
    They’re so cute!!!!!!! EEEEEE!!!!
    Aaaaawwwww!! Kim, come on, what a way to start this story, it will be all ooohs and aaaahs ❤
    Matching Knight family slippers!!!! *dies of cuteness overload*


    Okay, I'm back *chuckle*
    Oooh, a formal at the Beehive! OMG, the gym looks absolutely FANTASTIC! Hmm, could there be something starting between Daniel and Sadie? Hahaha, poor Holly wishes she could kiss someone in the darkest corner! *giggle*
    Whaaaat, James and Jill?! Heehee, how could she resist such a "gentleman"? *rofl*


    • I adore the triplets! I hope they grow up to be as awesome as we are! 😉
      Haha, I love how everyone sees something in the Sadie-Dan combination…
      I think Holly would indeed like to kiss someone in a dark corner, but I don’t think she has her eye on anyone just yet…
      Jill can’t resist James. Full stop. Gentleman or not.
      Thank you for your comment my sweet!


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