December 04: Merry Christmas… (Pt. 2)

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Two days until Christmas…

The Christmas holidays had started and with only two days to go until Christmas, Joel decide to check out Winter Wonderland, a place in town only for the winter, and entirely devoted to winter fun like snowboarding and ice skating.


Joel loved snowboarding! Even though he fell a few times, he always got up to try again.board

After a while, his father Kai came to see how his son was doing. He felt very proud indeed!that's my boy

All this snowboarding sure is chilly, so Kai and Joel sat down for a nice cup of hot chocolate and a warm snack, provided by student Mia who was hired for the holidays.


It soon got busier. Even Olivia tried on some skates, which is remarkable, since she’s the biggest couch potato in town.mother son

And look who we have here! Chloé was over from Sandy Valley once more to visit her friend Sophie for Christmas.


The girls tried to skate too, and even felt they could do a spin together!skate

Hmm… I guess you better work on that some more, girls…


They then decided to give up on skating and have a bagel instead!

that's better

It’s Christmas!

On the morning of Christmas day, Donna got up early to prepare a lovely Christmas dinner. Her son, Colin, along with Naomi, Liam and Isla would be visiting later that day.


Around noon, they arrived. First they had some tea and cookies…


…and then it was time for presents!!prezzies

Everyone loved what they got. After presents though, Colin said he wasn’t feeling well and that he was going to go home. Naomi argued for a bit about how he couldn’t do that, his mother went through so much trouble! But Colin left anyway.*

So, Naomi, Liam and Donna enjoyed the meal of soup and pumpkin pie without Colin.

*What really happened was that Colin kept getting a script error and was thus reset. I tried to get him to his mother’s again, but he just wouldn’t show up. Sims..


Of course little Isla wasn’t forgotten, she enjoyed being with her grandmother very much too.


In the evening, the bells of St. Clifton Church rang; it was time for Christmas mass.


It was very busy! Honeycomb Valley doesn’t have many religious residents, but even many non religious ones enjoy the Christmas mass. The lights, the singing…

Charlotte and Aaron found a little private moment before the mass began…


Of course the Edwards family occupied the first rows, joined by Ben, who came over from Bonnie Brae to celebrate Christmas with the Edwards.


Even the balconies were full…


The Cook/Watson/Bennett family occupying a whole balcony. Even Nathan was sitting still!


Of course, mayor Henry and his wife Jacqueline were also present.


John led them all in song.


The Chapman family, and Lillian‘s sister Abigail couldn’t find a seat anymore, so they were left to stand.


And then there’s always a few people who can’t stop chatting…


After the mass was over, Ben went up to John to thank him for a beautiful service.


One day after Christmas…

We stay with the Edwards family a while longer, because the day after Christmas Ben was visiting their home. He had something to ask John…


He was quite nervous to ask this question…asking father

…but the answer pleased him to no end!


After asking her father, it was time to ask Rebecca that all important question. John called the whole family to witness this joyous event…


Martha made no effort to hide the fact she thought this whole charade was ridiculous!


Rebecca though, couldn’t be happier, and hugged her fiance tightly!


And so Christmas was over, but 04 was not! New Years Eve was still to come! But more on that next time…

A note about Ben and Rebecca
Ben and Rebecca have only known each other for 2 months. Normally, I would never engage two Sims this quickly. But since John picked Ben with the intention of him being a match for Rebecca and I felt that in Rebecca’s case “dating” would simply not happen, it only seemed appropriate for them to get engaged. Whenever two sims of mine got engaged before though, the one being asked would be over the moon and jump into their fiance’s arms. I had already decided to ignore it when Rebecca would do this, because I didn’t feel it would fit her. But, to my surprise, she didn’t! She just hugged him tightly! They didn’t even kiss! Since they indeed haven’t yet shared that first kiss, I loved this! This was so appropriate for them!

8 thoughts on “December 04: Merry Christmas… (Pt. 2)

  1. Your Winter Wonderland is so gorgeous!! I’d so be on that ice rink, if I could remain upright for more than a moment or two! *chuckle* So good to see Chloe here too!!!
    Silly Colin! He missed out on a wonderful day, I think! ❤
    Your Christmas Mass looks wonderful! Very cosy and it's great to see so many people together!!! (I'm amazed you got them all to sit still!! Well, most of them anyway! ;D )
    *Squeal* Ben and Rebecca are engaged!!!!!!! This is so exciting!!! There's going to be a wedding!!! *teary eyes*
    Fantabulous story, Kim!!! ❤


    • Hahaha, I did get them all to sit, but Oliver and Will are both firemen and kept getting up to “go to work”, despite it being nighttime and not even their workhours… My firemen are ALWAYS at the station when inactive, I really have no idea why. Probably to play videogames!
      Oh yes, there’s going to be a wedding. A church wedding even! I never played that, so I’m looking forward to it!


  2. Awww, Winter Wonderland looks fabulous! It must be such a great place to have fun!! (or to have yummy hot drinks!!! Awww!)
    Joel is doing great! I like how Sims can watch skaters! That’s so awesome his father came to watch him! He can indeed be proud of his son!
    Yeah!! Go, Olivia!!! She’s doing great!
    SOPHIE! CHLOE! Hey my girls!!! Ah, still at giggling together! 😀
    I’m afraid Chloé isn’t very good at skating. She already made Paige falling last year! I would totally follow them for having a bagel! Yum!!!
    Christmas time!!! Aww, Donna had set such a lovely table!! It’s a shame Colin had to go… I hope he will recover, I understand his mother’s disappointement! (Grr, silly game… *rolleyes*)
    *faint* @ your Chrismas mass. Geeeez! I’m atheist, and I’ve never been at a Christmas mass ever, but you make it so pretty that I almost regret, you know? 😀
    I’m glad you finally fixed the light at your church, because it’s soooooo pretty!!! Aw, you did a gorgeous work at decorating it! And WOW at all the Sims you have gathered there!!!! *faint again* WOW!! That’s impressive! and that must have been a tremondous work to organize! The result is stunning, my sweet!!! It’s genius to have made them reading to keep them on seat! *applausing fiercely*
    It must have been quite a moment of pride for the Edwards! (though… no, I guess not, pride is a SIN!!!)
    Ooooh, Ben and Rebecca!!!! *yiiiiiiie* It fits them so well, that old-fashion way to get married, without even having exchanged a kiss! That’s awesome that she only hugged him!! Awww, that game can be so smart, sometimes (when it doesn’t act silly! :p). I laughed at Martha’s reaction! Aaaha, that’s excellent! I totally get her point of view! But still, that’s just too cute for Rebecca and Ben! Will she leave for Bonni Brae once married?
    *bouncing for this new story, Kim sweet* I LOVED IT!


    • Well actually, I think it was Sophie who fell over first. They’re both not very good at skating, but getting better!
      Colin was just being silly. I simply couldn’t get him to come back…
      You know what, I’ve never ever been to a Christmas mass either! But I like the lights and the singing when I see it in movies and such and felt I needed to do this in game at least once.
      It WAS a tremendous amount of work indeed, and I was glad I decided to give them all a “hymn book” to “sing from”.
      Martha is too funny! This game so knows things! this is exactly how I would have imagined Martha to respond!
      Yes, Rebecca will leave for Bonnie Brae once married, but we’ll check in with her from time to time. She’s not completely out of the loop!
      I loved your comment, sweet, thank you!


  3. Love the christmas party you held for the kids. Very clever.
    Also the christmas church was great 🙂
    I did not know you can ask the parents for the hand of the child. So neat.


    • Thank you Ani! I discovered sims could ask for the hand in marriage by chance a while ago. I obviously don’t always do it, but I think it’s a great feature, especially in this case!


  4. Woooooaaaahhh!! Winter Wonderland! Yes, Joel looks awesome on the half-pipe! Goooo, Olivia!
    *waves* Chloé!! Hahaha, the girls look so cute on the ice!

    I love Donna’s homey kitchen! Yum, I’m sure she’s making the most fantastic Christmas dinner! What a lovely evening they had, with or without Colin ;D

    Yes, I have been looking so much forward to christmas mass!! The church looks fantastic! Wow, and the inside is just perfect ❤ I love how you got everyone to sit down with books!!!
    Ahahaha, Charlotte and Aaron couldn't keep their hands off each other, huh? *giggle*
    And how wonderful that Ben came!!
    Wow, wow, wow, I can't believe you got that many sims in church!! It looks fantastic!

    OMG!!!! Ben wants to marry Rebecca!!!!! (Well, he better :P). Aaaaw!! And I love Rebecca's reaction, like you wrote in the notes. Perfect!!


    • It was soooo much work to get everyone in the church and seated! Obviously my game crashed numerous times. And while I was finally seating the last sims, the first ones had finished their “hymn books”! But it all worked out in the end. I never would have been able to do this without Twallan and his mods though. Never in a million years.
      Charlotte and Aaron were being sneaky. I think this is because of his midlife crisis!
      Ben and Rebecca are perfect for each other!
      Aww, my sweet, how I loved your comments! Thank you so much!


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