December 04: …and a Happy New Year! (Pt.1)

The final day of the year had finally arrived for the residents of Honeycomb Valley! That evening there would be parties, fireworks and gatherings. This is how Honeycomb Valley celebrated New Years Eve 04!

Before the Night Fell…

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Esme visited the fireworks stand which had opened in Honeycomb Valley for one week only. She wanted to buy fireworks to bring to the New Years Eve party which was to be held at the teen hangout that night.

Wesley got a parttime job at the stand.


After buying fireworks, Esme met her boyfriend Finn and best friend Martha at Winter Wonderland.


The three skated for a while. Esme and Finn clearly had more experience than Martha did.Esme Finn Martha skate

After skating, Finn suddenly complained how Esme shouldn’t invite him if she wasn’t going to hang out with him, and left.
Esme was unfazed. If he wants to leave, he should leave. Bye Finn! And then she had some hot chocolate with Martha.


Umm, Martha…? What’s your mum doing…?




Esme wasn’t Wesley’s only customer that day.

selling fireworks

Pierce, Loretta and the kids came to get some sparklers…


…and Joel and his dad had plans to create a spectacle that night!


At 6, Kyra arrived at Holly‘s house to get ready! The girls were so excited to go to their first real party that night! Sure, they’ve been to prom, but that’s a school party. This was a REAL party! Mothers Lucy and Katie had their doubts about sending their 13 year old daughters (we’re almost 14!!) to a New Years Eve party, but the girls begged and pleaded and eventually got their way. But there was no way they’d be going home alone! The dads would pick them up at 2.


Holly especially spent a lot of time doing her hair and make up.


And she got to wear her pink heels again!


The Teen Party

Jack drove the girls to the party in the police car. I think he wanted to make a statement…


Esme, Ruby and Chloé (who was still visiting) were waiting outside.


Inside the party was already going strong!


James and Jill hadn’t seen each other since “that night“. Even though James didn’t mention anything about it to her, Jill thought it was a good sign he came up to talk to her. Oh Jill… You’re never getting over him, are you..? But then again, maybe you don’t have to…?

(Also, what’s with that jump Daniel is doing in the background…?)chat

This seems to be a very special dance indeed…


We’ll check back with the teens later! For now let’s take a look at what some of the other residents of Honeycomb Valley were doing…

The Knight family

Even though it wasn’t midnight yet, the Knight triplets could no longer wait to light their sparklers!


They’re so pretty!

Wendy and Stella

Not everyone wants big parties or fireworks on New Years Eve. Friends and neighbours Wendy and Stella were having a cosy and fun tv night at Wendy’s house.

nye tv

The Harrison family

Joel and Kai had already put out the fireworks for later…


Abbey and Lucas’ Party

The teens of Honeycomb Valley weren’t the only ones having a New Years Eve party. Abbey and Lucas had organised a party in their building too!

The guests even brought food! Boris seemed pleased by this!


It soon got very busy in both Abbey’s and Lucas’ apartment.


Everyone seemed to have a good time and both the guests and Boris walked from one floor to the other to chat, drink, eat and

There was lots of dancing…



(Yes, Abbey voluntarily danced with Emmett. Wow.)


But Susie felt a bit out of place… Since almost everyone here was in their twenties, Susie, once again, felt old. So, she decided to spend her time eating and drinking.out of place

Her boyfriend, the social butterfly, spent most of his time chatting to people he’d never met before.
social butterfly

Emmett was having the night of his life! First a dance with Abbey and now he even found someone to do a kegstand with! The helpful man was Narai, one of Honeycomb Valley’s students and Harry‘s best friend. Both guys seemed pleased they pulled it off!kegstand

What’s this? Another dance with Abbey? Wow, Emmett, who knows, you might get your chance with her after all…


Now, it was my intention to check back at Abbey and Lucas’ party later, but at 23:00 (11 pm), everyone suddenly thanked Abbey for the great party and LEFT! It’s a New Years Eve party people, you’re supposed to stay until midnight at LEAST! I tried to re-invite them, but it didn’t work. Starting a party at 1:00 is not done, according to EA. Grrrr.
Thankfully, there were still other things going on around town, so continue on to…

part 2

8 thoughts on “December 04: …and a Happy New Year! (Pt.1)

  1. Another Kimmie story! You’re spoiling us!!! 😀
    Aww, Esme, Finn and Martha are so sweet at Winter Wonderland. Poor Martha needs to practise ice-skating some more, I think! But preferably before she dies of embarrassment after watching her mother!
    Ooh, lots of fireworks being purchased for NYE!! 😀
    Ahh, look at Holly and Kyra!! So grown up!
    Nice looking teen party! Poor Jill, hope things work out for her!!! ❤
    Pretty sparklers! The Knight family are clearly having such fun!!
    Wendy and Stella look like they're having a good time too! Just like my RL NYE 😀
    Abbey and Lucas' party looks great!! But poor Susie! Still, she seems happy enough! 😀
    On to Part 2!


    • The funny thing is, I saw that look on Esme’s face before I actually saw Amy in the snow. I had to laugh when I saw what she was watching. It was so typical. I will never ever believe TS3 sims have no emotions. That “OMG, what the …” look on Esme’s face was so fitting.
      :High five: at your real life NYE! Mine was like Stella and Wendy’s too! *giggle*


  2. Happy New Year, Honeycomb Valley!!!

    Aaaw, the teens ice-skating looks like so much fun… but apparently wasn’t, according to Finn *raises brow*
    Bwaaahahahaha @ Amy making a snow… oh wait, I see, what she’s doing DOES make sense *rofl*

    Ooh, Wesley’s fireworks stand sure is busy!

    SQUEEEEE, how exciting for the girls to go to a REAL party! *yahoo* Look how cute they are!!! Holly looks smokin’! Aaaahahahaha, Jack sure knows how to make a statement!
    I LOVE the confetti machine there – it just screams “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” (ooooooh, I wonder who will kiss at midnight!!!!)
    Oh, Jill… so hung up on her ex man!
    Hahaha, the teens know some cool dance moves indeed *chuckle*

    AAAAAAWWW!!!! Look at all the Knight kids with their pretty sparklers!!!

    Wendy and Stella look like they ARE having a party! Wine, chocolates, pies…. PARTY ON!

    A party for the for the cool YAs! And Boris *chuckle* So, the party went on in both Abbey’s and Lucas’ apartments? How cool! I like how Abbeys apartment is red-brick and Lucas’ is black-brick.
    Aaaw, poor Susie! Luke should have been better at including her.
    What is this now with Emmett and Abbey? *popcorn*


    • Finn doesn’t always want Martha around when he’s with Esme, I think.
      HAHAHAHAHA, ROFL at your comment about Amy! Yeah, you’re right, it does make sense!
      Boris is a total party dog! I didn’t know this before but he was having the best time at the party! I think Lucas painted his brick walls 😉
      Yeah, I don’t actually know what it is with Abbey and Emmett. She never wanted anything to do with him but he was determined not to give up. But then Lucas came along and he seemed interested too, and Emmett and Abbey got along much better after they started working together, so I decided it would be Abbey’s choice. I was hoping she’d make a choice at this party, but it ended before she could. She did dance with Emmett a lot though…


  3. Aaaaw, finally, I can read and comment this properly! I’ve been bouncing for two days now! 😀
    So, it’s time for a new year to end… *teary eyes* You know, as slow as we play, I feel like time flew fast!
    but well, let’s see how Honeycomb Valley citizens will celebrate the New Year!
    The Winter Wonderland!! Aww, I love that place! Drinking hot chocolate there would be my main hobby, if I was spending the winter in Honeycom Valley! ❤
    Ahaa @ Finn! What's this touchiness, guy? 😀
    I laughed out loud at Amy! (and laughed again at Sara's comment!) Where proselytism can hide, seriously? *lol* (being the boring player I am, only kids and maybe teens can do snow angels in snow, but Amy makes me regret now… If Blanche began to make some too, there would be a symbol to see for sure! 😀
    How awesome that your Sims bought these sparklers! I still haven't used them! Hello the TRIPLETS!!!!
    Awww, a formal teen party!!!! How great! I love how the girls are getting ready! Holly's room is really a paradise for fashion victim! ❤
    Ahaha, I love that Jack took them with the police car!!! You know what to expect if you misbehave, girls! *lol*
    Chloé must have been thrilled! She never went at a teen party for the New Year!
    Awwww, Jill, Jill!!! *hugs that sweet girl* It's nice that James came talking to her, but I'm still worried for her. She might be heartbroken, at some point. She looks at him with such sweetness! Awww!
    Hehe, I like how Saddie immediately got Daniel's dance style… *hey baby*
    Two words only here, but shouted very, very loud:
    That's it. 🙂
    Wait? Wine, crisps, chocolate? I'm with you, Wendy and Stella! That's my kind of parties! :))
    A party at the appartments! That will be wild! Ooooooh, I'm so envious that your guests brought FOOD! I didn't recover from the guests arriving with empty hands at my neighbors day.
    Mmm, Abbey is so hot!!! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! Aww, I feel for Susie. But you're not too old, love! Luke is… huh… well… social butterfly. *rolleyes*
    Mmmmm…. Emmett… Emmett… *getting popcorn ready for page 2*


    • Oh, I so agree, it flew by, yet it took a year! So I guess, the actual year flew by too…
      Hahahaha, Blanche making a snow angel! That would be awesome! i don’t even know how to prevent adults from making them. Is it a caste thing?
      Jack and the policecar made me laugh, he really was trying to make a point…
      Jill… Yeah, I don’t know how this will go… I think that maybe she got her hopes up again, while she was actually on her way to be healed from her broken heart. But maybe he actually will get back together with her. We’ll see…
      Sadie and Dan think alike, it seems, with their dancing…
      I actually didn’t expect my guests to bring food! Abbey threw a house party and there they came. I loved it!
      Susie and Luke talked about all this. 😉 More on that in the January story.


      • I have my popcorns ready for January story! 🙂
        For the snow angel, I removed the autonomy for young adults, adults and elders with the Retuner. That mod is so awesome for that kind of things. I did it a while ago, so I’m not absolutely where the option hides, but I guess it’s under “Social interactions”. For absolutely everything, you can set the autonomy for some ages only, or for some seasons, or simply remove the autonomy. ❤


      • Ah yes, I messed about with the Retuner already, but haven’ used it to it’s full potential! Thank you for reminding me again! *SMOOCH*


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