December 04: …and a Happy New Year! (Pt.2)

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The Teen Party

At the hangout, the party was still going strong.
Chloé and Sophie spent most their time dancing together.

sophie and chloe danceRuby and Trisha decided to play some pool.

Screenshot-282After a while, Esme seemed to think the party was getting a bit dull, so she pulled her friend Martha close to whisper a plan to spice things up a bit…


Okay, Martha, listen, are you up for a dare?
– Sure! What’d you have in mind?
Hehe, I dare you… to kiss my boyfriend!
– What? Finn? Why?
Yeah, it’ll be a good test to see how faithful he is. Are you up for it?
– Haha, sure!

And so, there she went…

Sadie, not knowing Esme dared Martha to do this, saw it all and wasn’t pleased at all!


Martha was supposed to be her sister’s best friend! What was she doing kissing her boyfriend!?
(And to think that a year ago, Sadie was pissed at Esme for kissing Finn… She’s over him now.)


Finn however, didn’t take it well either.
What the actual…? Martha! What are you doing? Are you out of your mind!?
Jill seemed proud of her little brother’s response.pissed

He immediately looked up Esme to kiss her passionately. She was his girlfriend, not Martha! All Esme could think was, mission accomplished. You’re a sly one, Es…faithful

Sadie was still upset about what she saw and went pouring out her heart to Daniel. He said he knew something that might cheer her up…

blow off steam




When midnight approached, the teens all rushed outside to light the fireworks…


Elsewhere, Kai, Joel, Rosalie and Jayden went out too.



10, 9, 8, 7, 6…


…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…



fireworks 1

fireworks 2


The Teen Party

After the fireworks were over and everyone had wished each other a happy new year, the teens went back inside to dance some more.

Daniel held Sadie back for a bit though.


Wait, come here, I have to tell you something…
– What’s that…?

sadie dan kiss…Happy new year… 


Sadie was stunned. But only for a second…


I guess that plan worked out well, Daniel…

Although… you might not have been as private as you thought you were…
It seems Martha saw something…


And what’s the first thing Martha does? Yep, you guessed it…

seenI don’t think that secret will stay secret very long…

Much too soon, the party ended. Lucy and Katie had made sure the fathers were sent out to pick up Kyra and Holly. Jack and Jacob seemed less pleased standing out in the cold in the middle of the night.


Again with the police car, Jack?


The party may have been over, but Seth still had something in store for his Sarah. Since it was now past midnight on New Years Eve, that meant they were now officially a couple for one year exactly.


Happy anniversary!

one year anniversaryIn that package was a beautiful necklace. Sarah was very happy with this gift.


Seth then called his sisters and the Murray kids and Sarah got in the car Seth borrowed from his mum.


It seems Seth and Sarah were going to have happy anniversary indeed…


And so, a new year had begun… In the winter sky, the first light of 05 was starting to show. Hopefully it will be another good year…


6 thoughts on “December 04: …and a Happy New Year! (Pt.2)

  1. Sophie and Chloe are adorable. Best friends for life, those two, I think! 😀
    Esma and Martha are such typical teenage girls. NOTHING is secret for long. And interesting move there, Esme! Glad it had the response you were hoping for!!
    Bubbles make everything better. Glad Sadie cheered up! Good choice, Daniel! 😀
    Such pretty fireworks! ❤
    Go Daniel, go! Him and Sadie are so cute ❤
    Trust Martha to be watching and reporting!!
    Seth and Sarah are so sweet ❤ That's a lovely gesture, Seth 😀
    Happy New Year, Honeycomb Valley!!!


  2. Back to the teen party!! Aaaw, Chloé and Sophie are such good friends!
    Wow, Esme and Martha look gorgeous!
    Girls, girls, what a strange dare! Good thing that Daniel knew how to change Sadie’s mind, hehe!
    Ohh, look at the pretty fireworks!!
    Yeah! Of course Daniel had to kiss Sadie!!! Oh no, Martha is a little gossip *giggle*

    AAAAAWWW, Seth is so romantic ❤ ❤ Haha, guess that anniversary present paid off *lol*

    Wonderful story, Kim! I can't wait for another year in HV!!


    • I’m not to pleased about Esme’s dare, I think it was a very unwise thing to do… Plus, it seems she doesn’t trust Finn very much… Not good..
      (What I did was, I let Esme use the “dare to kiss someone” action on Martha. I wasn’t planning on it being Finn. Then a list came up with names of everyone at the party and I picked blind. It was Finn. So I figured, this would actually totally be a reason for Esme to dare Martha to kiss Finn.)
      I think Daniel has been wanting to kiss Sadie for a long time. I always caught him looking at her with a dreamy stare. I actually looked back at old pictures, and it’s true, ever since The Hot Wings started discussing if she’d be a good choice for a female singer, he’s been looking at her like that A LOT.

      Thank you for your comments my darling! *SMOOOOOOCH*


  3. Aww, Chloé and Sophie are such a cute pair of friends!!! ❤
    Esma and Martha… Aww, girls, you know how to create troubles, and you don't even have the Daredevil trait! What it would be if you had!!! I like how Sadie didn't appreciate that move!
    Good that Finn didn't fall into their trap, but Esme might not have found that funny if he kissed back Martha with passion! :p You play with fire, girls!!!!
    Aww, Daniel. *sigh* He's such a sweet heart and a lovely friend. He certainly knows what to offer a girl to make her happy! BUBBLES!
    MIDNIGHT!!!! *confetti*
    Aw, dear, seriously, Kim, you have the most beautiful fireworks that I have ever seen in game! I don't know how you make it! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
    Awwwwwwww, Daniel and Sadie. *sigh* They'll be such a nice pair. ❤
    Ahaha, secrets can't exist where Martha or Esme breath. *lol* Gossips are their favorite hobby! :p
    *teary eyes* Happy anniversary, Seth and Sara! See, that's what I was saying at the beginning, I felt like it was yesterday, and it's been a year! Awww…
    What a beautiful last picture!
    Gorgeous story, my darling! I'm looking forward spending another year (and many more! :p) with your Simmies!


    • Yeah, Sadie didn’t appreciate that move, but she doesn’t yet know her sister initiated it… I think there could be another Stevens sisters fight coming up…
      Esme and Martha sure love their gossips, and with this one being about Sadie… I think it won’t be long until everyone knows…
      Thank you for your comment, my darling! I loved reading them (and waking up to them yesterday)! *LOOOOOOOVE*!


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