January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.1)

January in Honeycomb Valley consisted of hardly anything but snowmen, skating and romances, so in other words: Ice ice baby!

The Morning After…

After what, you ask? Well, after New Years Eve of course. There were few loose ends to tie here and there… Instead of the morning after, we could just say new years day, yes. Same difference. 🙂 Say what? You don’t know what happened on New Years Eve? Then read this first.

Seth and Sarah

Awww, Seth is such a lovely boyfriend! First he gave Sarah a necklace for their anniversary and now he made her pancakes for breakfast as well. Which his dad and sisters enjoyed too. But where is Hannah…?


Still in bed? And she didn’t even have a big NYE party… Hannah has not been well lately… We’re not sure what’s wrong with her though. Hopefully she’ll get better soon. Elliot brought her breakfast up to her for when she’d wake up…


Daniel and Sadie

Dan‘s new years kiss had had a good response from Sadie, but after that moment they both had to go home quite quickly, so the first thing Daniel wondered when he woke up was if it had just been for the night or if Sadie actually felt the same way about him as he did about her.

So he sent her text, saying “Goodmorning beautiful girl, did you sleep well? 🙂 Xxx”


Sadie was just up as well and was actually contemplating if she should text Daniel when her phone beeped.

Texts to Sadie

Oh happy day! She sent a text back: “Hey :)) Yeah, thanks. I had a dream about you… ❤ xxxxxxx”


Daniel, happy to get her text, decided to give her a call and ask her out on a date.


Sadie of course said yes, which pleased Dan to no end.


We’ll check back with Daniel and Sadie later!

Luke and Susie

Susie had a bone to pick with her boyfriend about last night.


“And I just felt really old… And you were talking to and dancing with all these younger girls… Now, I don’t want to be the jealous girlfriend, but I’m just scared you’ll like them more than me, because they’re not so old…”

about last nightLuke let Susie rant for a while and when she got up to clean the dishes and finally stopped talking, he managed to get a word in.

don't worry“First of all, you’re not old. Secondly, you were the most beautiful girl at that party. Hey, you’re the most beautiful girl at any party! And I’m sorry if I didn’t pay enough attention to you, I really am. I just get caught up and don’t realise these things.”

move in with me“And then another thing, you’re here all the time anyway, how about you move in?”

Susie was overjoyed by this question!


Hmm, we’ll leave them be for a second and go see someone else this morning after…

Emmett and Abbey

After last night, Emmett thought his changes with Abbey might actually be turning. So like Daniel, he too sent a text the next morning. His was far less romantic though and just said “Awesome party :D”


Upon receiving this text, Abbey sent back :”Thanks. I’m glad you came.”


Wow, Emmett, you may be right…

***Note: Since both Emmett and Lucas have shown interest in Abbey, I decided to let her wishes decide who, if anyone, she’ll end up with. After the New Years Eve party she suddenly had the wish to “kiss Emmett”. Well, well, well…***

How the Day Went On…

Daniel and Sadie

From the moment they met later that morning, it was clear to both Daniel and Sadie it had not been just a New Years Eve kiss…


They started their date by skating on the canal


And even tried a spin (and failed)

sd skateThey then had some hot chocolate at the pancake house

drinks and cakeThey built a snowman


And had a snowball fight


Around 2, they needed to go back to Daniel’s house, because they were to have rehearsal with the band later.

While Seth and James weren’t there yet, Daniel and Sadie used the garage/rehearsal space for a different purpose…

make out

Seth and James arrived together and were let in by Dan’s dad, Oliver, who sent them straight through to the garage.


Daniel and Sadie were able to pull away from each other just in time. They didn’t want anyone to know about them yet -it was still so soon- and were especially unsure how their bandmembers would respond. For now, let’s keep it between us.Screenshot-48

And The Hot Wings rehearsed just like they always did. Here’s hoping you’ll get lots of gigs in 05, guys!


Luke and Susie

Susie’s day was already made after Luke asked her to move in with him, but it got even better when they decided to take Spider and Snow out for a winter-y ride.

They went to one of the lakes where they first built a snowman

ls snowmanAww, it’s beautiful! Very deserving of a picture! Under the watchful eye of Boy of course.


Boy also watched when Susie and Luke tried the ice.


Susie was a bit wobbly.


But Luke turned out to be a real pro!

Luke awesomeSo it was only natural he would help Suse out.


It seems Boy was a bit jealous though… Judging by the way we found the snowman…


When it got dark, Luke, Susie, Spider, Snow and Boy headed back home (and I’ve never seen those signs on the rocks before…)


Boy apparently needed some one on one attention, so when they got home, Luke took Boy out to their favourite place behind the church.best friend boy

Awww, Boy… She may be his favourite girl, but you’re still his favourite Boy. 😉


When fresh snow began to fall, they walked back home.


More ice in…
part 2

6 thoughts on “January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.1)

  1. Yaaay, Kimmi-story!

    Aaaw, how lovely of Seth to make pancakes. and Elliot brought pancakes to Hannah *sigh*

    OMG SQUEE @ Daniel and Sadie!! DATE, woooo!!!!!! (No need to worry about Esme and Martha gossiping about what they saw then)

    Good for you, Susie!! Remember how I complained that Luke hadn’t acted very gentlemanly at the NYE party? It is good that she brought this up *nod* And aaaw, look how happy they are! They really are a lovely couple ❤ YES, moving in together, woooooo!!!! (I love Susie's nightwear, btw *chuckle*)

    Eeeeeew, emmett!! No girl will want to visit you if your room is that gross 😦 (I LOVE Abbey's bedroom, on the contrary!)

    What a great start to their date! I'm rooting for Daniel and Sadie!! Uhhmmmm, pancakes *drools*

    Luke and Susie also had a great "date" – that horseback ride looks very romantic ❤ But ohh, poor Boy *giggle*


    • Susie listened to you, yes! 😀 And I knew you’d like her nightwear, haha!

      LOL! I love how you immediately notice the mess in Emmett’s room! Haha, he acts al tough, but meanwhile he’s still living with his parents in a messy bedroom with a single bed. He has some things to work on before he can really get somewhere with Abbey, I think…

      Oh, how your comments make me happy! 😀


  2. Awww, that’s so sweet from Elliot to bring pancakes to Hannah! What’s wrong with her? I hope she just feels nauseous (but then, maybe the pancakes wouldn’t have been such a good idea?). I looked back in the previous month, but there’s no baby wish or anything. I’m getting worried, you know!
    *squeeeeee* Daniel and Sadie’s texts exchange is just too cute!!!
    Good that Luke and Susie got an explanation! *nod* It was needed! Awwwww…. MOVING IN!!! Yeah! I’d certainly bounce or jump into anyone’s arms if I had to live in that gorgeous ranch!!!! While I was watching Susie’s talking (I was about to write “while I was listening to Susie… ” *chuckle*), I was all caught by Luke’s fantastic kitchen shelves! *lol*
    Oh-oh, Abbey getting the wish to kiss Emmett!!! Interesting… *hey baby* Indeed, he will have to make some efforts into cleaning! I love how his room is a mess! *rofl*
    Awww, Sadie and Daniel on your canal! Let me say I’m completely, totally, absolutely in love with your canal. I love how you “dutchitized” it! And your pancake house!!! I was thinking of it the other day and was hoping to see it in one of your stories again, and here it is! *heart*
    YEAH for a rehearsal! ROCK ON, guys!! *fangirling*
    AWWWWWWW, Boy, Boy, BOY!!! My boy! It breaks my heart! Poor doggy!! (and poor snowman! *chuckle*) I’m sure Susie will be awesome with you, Boy, you’ll get twice more treats than before! Awww, I loved how Luke has been so nice with Boy!!! That warmed my heart! So, that was really a lovely day, and such a beautiful ride. *sigh* YEAH for them! (I’ve been rolling for that couple since Susie put a foot back in town, just like Sara! ;D)


    • No, I don’t think it’s baby related with Hannah… Her youngest child is 15 already, so I HOPE it’s not baby related! She just looks ill lately. Pale and with bags under her eyes. I think she’s in need of a doctor’s visit…
      I chuckled at your comment about “listening” to Susie. And yeah, I’m still proud of the ranch. 🙂
      Awww, Boy and the snowman… I didn’t see it happening, but I looked over to see how Boy was doing and there he was standing there like that. I quickly shot that picture, because it was just perfect!

      Your comment made my day, my sweet!


  3. Awww, Seth is such a wonderful boyfriend!!! Sarah is such a lucky girl!! What a great start to their New Year!!!
    Awww, Sadie and Daniel!!! These two are so good together and how awesome that they’re in the band together!!! Ahh, another awesome start to the New Year (Clearly, Honeycomb Valley are going to have a PERFECT 05!) 😀
    Aww, poor Susie, feeling left out! 😦 But good that Luke’s made it up to her! Good luck you two!!
    Good luck, Emmett! Although if you ever intend of Abbey visiting, you may want to tidy up first. And perhaps do some laundry?
    Awwwww, look at Daniel and Sadie on their date!!! And your canal looks gorgeous anyway, but all iced over, it looks very fairytaleish (Is that a word? Can it be a word now?? 😛 ) And then on to the pancake house!!!! And then to rehearsals! Ahh, what a lovely couple *sigh* ❤
    Ahh, Luke and Susie had such a lovely day ❤ Another sweet couple (ALL your couples are sweet, Kimmie! ❤ ) And look at Boy, keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. Was there ever a more loyal dog?? I think not! 😀
    On to Part 2! 😀


    • MISSY!!!!! Good to have you back dear!
      Hehe, I don’t think Sadie and Daniel would have gotten together if it hadn’t been for The Hot Wings. She’s in the year below him and I don’t think they would really have noticed each other if she hadn’t become part of the band.
      LOL, I love how everyone notices Emmett’s filthy room. He’s a pig! 😀
      Fairytaleisch can most definitely be a word!! I LOVE IT!


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