January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.2)

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In the next few weeks there were more and more people all over town who tried on their ice skates. This was not without reason! At the end of the month there would be an ice skating event on the canals! Lots of people, such as Lexie, wanted to gain some skills before this day.


After School

Two and a half weeks into January there was something buzzing at The Beehive. Someone, in some class had the idea to visit the lake at the waterfall this afternoon. Apparently it was frozen over. That hardly ever happened! So the news went round and more and more people adopted the plan to visit the lake after school that afternoon.

It sure was busy!


Groups of friends, parents with young children, couples, it almost seemed like everyone was there!


Seth was being very careful…


…but he still needs a bit of practice…

stumbling seth

The highschool seniors, Seth, James, Daniel, Jill and Sarah, have been this group of friends ever since they were 5. Suzan is also a highschool senior, but she has always been part of a different “group” and is quite a different type of person anyway. But these five have been friends (and as we all know, in some cases a bit more than that) for ages. This year is the last year they’ll enter as teens, as they’ll all graduate high school this June. But it’s not June yet, it’s January. And after the afternoon on the ice, this group of friends decided to spend a bit more time together and go out for pizza.

pizzaJill took the fact James sat next to her to mean something, but he seemed to just have a fun night of food and chats.


After pizza they also went to the cinema. Seth had to go home though, which was too bad.
It was very quiet in the cinema. Probably because it was so cold outside.


When they chatted for a bit after the movie, Daniel seemed very distracted by his phone…


The Ice Skating Contest

On the last saturday of January it was time for the Ice Skating Contest on the canals. We meet Daniel again, as he and Sadie had agreed to meet early that morning on the playpark halfway between their houses, before going to the canals. Whatever it was between them was still just between them (well, and Esme and Martha, who saw them kissing on NYE and obviously Rachel, who Sadie had already told, but hey) and so they still met in secret.


They were happy to see each other.morning date

Daniel was so happy even, he felt his dream came true. Awww…
(Isn’t this just the cutest moodlet?) 


Down by the canals it soon got very busy. Stands had been put up where people could help themselves to hot chocolate or soup to keep warm.
busy canals

Dylan and Amelia, being the town’s most “famous” sports personalities, were going to judge the event.

Everyone was allowed to skate on the canals freely, but Dylan and Amelia would be watching closely and choosing winners in three categories:
– Best spin
– Best backwards skating
– Best couples spin


Soon, lots of people were skating. Some  really good, others not so much, but at least everyone was having fun.

everybody skate

After 2 hours of watching the skaters, the judges headed over to the pancake house at the top of the canals to discuss what they had seen.Screenshot-193

Meanwhile, I caught a certain young lady destroying a snow angel by the side of the canal… Oh Ellie


The scores are in! People gathered in front of the pancake house to hear Dylan announce the winners…


In the category “Best spin”, the winner is…


Luke Bennett! For both his skill and the fact that he wasn’t distracted by people falling all around him.

In the category “Best backwards skating”, the winner is…


Ruby Murray! For daring to skate backwards even on busier spots of the canal and doing so without bumping into anyone!

And finally,in the category “Best couples spin”, the winners are…


Brother and sister Jake and Abbey Atkins! For being fluent and synchronised!

Winners group picture time!


In the midst of all this business, Sarah pulled her cousin apart.

“Look Dan”, she said, “I have to ask you. You’ve been acting a bit… weird lately. You’re so distracted and sometimes we just can’t reach you at all. I was beginning to get worried, but earlier this afternoon I saw you talking to Sadie on the bridge and I couldn’t help but think, is there something going on between you two…?”

cousin heart to heart

Well, what’s a boy to do when asked so straight forward… So yes, Daniel confirmed there was indeed “something” going on between him and Sadie.
“So”, Sarah asked, “is she your girlfriend now?”
“No… I mean, I don’t know… We haven’t really talked about it…”
“Well, do you want her to be your girlfriend?”
“Yes, I really do…”
“Then make it happen! And no more of this secretkeeping!”


Sometimes, Sarah can be a bit like her mother
But Daniel appreciated his cousin’s advice and was glad he no longer had to hide.


There was only one thing left to do:


“So I guess what I’m asking is… do you want to be my girlfriend?”


Of course she wanted that!

And with that, the first month of 05 was over. Well nearly….

Surprise, surprise

On the last day of January there was a little surprise at the Bennett household: Spider and Snow became parents to a little foal! Awww! His name is Cinnamon and Susie couldn’t be happier.


Bring on February!

8 thoughts on “January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.2)

  1. Man, I don’t blame the sims in Honeycomb Valley for wanting to go ice-skating all the time – what wonderful places they have to go skating!!

    What a great outing for the Beehive! It looks amazing with all those sims playing in the snow and on the ice – WOW!

    Aaaw, I love the group of teens and their pizza outing! It will be so much fun to see them graduate high school 😀

    WHAT! I can’t handle the cuteness between Daniel and Sadie – “dream came true” moodlet *faints*

    Yeaahh, ice-skating event!!
    Bwaahaahahahaha@ Ellie!!
    Confetti for the winners!!! YEAH!!

    Aaaw, Sarah! Such a little matchmaker *giggle*

    Noooooooo, a little foal!!!!! And here I thought this update couldn’t get any cuter *sigh*


    • I was so happy about the lake! I never thought it would get that busy and people would actually stick around and do wintery things, but they did! Many of them went ice skating without needing my direction, haha.

      I needed to send my eldest teens somewhere together. I love this bunch! It’s like Sandy said, I’m a bit nervous to see them grow up, I guess it’s a bit (okay, a little bit) like a mother watching her children get ready to leave the house, haha! I’m happy, but it’s also the “end of an era” almost.

      The dream came true moodlet was a complete surprise to me! I guess it was because when I was at Daniels house the night before and he was sleeping I clicked his bed to choose “dream about…” because all I saw above his head was food. So I thought let’s pick “going on a date”. Then the next morning, I had him meet Sadie, but the moment he kissed her, the game declared it a “date” and since he dreamt about a date, voila, dream came true. I didn’t know this before though. Too cute!

      Thank you for your comments my lovely! *SMOOOCH*!


  2. AWWW, how your lake was incredibly busy!!! That’s so lovely to have such a crowd! Skating is quite a dutch thing, huh? I remember Phyre talking us about everyone raking the ice of canals for a super long ice-skating race that could only take place the very cold years! I love how your Sims keep that tradition alive! (mine go in bars to keep the french tradition going! ;D)

    OMG, OMG, such an important bunch of teens who are going to age up this year!!! *teary eyes* I keep seeing them younger; I hadn’t realized they were 19 already and about to hit 20! I’ll have an important bunch of teens aging up this year too and it makes me all nervous. Are you too? But back to your Simmies, it’s lovely to see them so close from each other and doing things together like having a pizza and a movie! awwww, Daniel getting messages from Sadie!!! CUUUUUUUUUUTE!

    Awwww, let me AWWWWWWW out loud again! What a cute moodlet!!!!!! “Dream come true”!!!! So beautiful! I don’t remember having ever gotten that one!! So much romantic than the “burning loins”… *annoyed*
    OK…. I feel a bit like repeating myself all the time, but can I squee again on your canal? And on the pancakes house? Because, really, I need to! Such an awesome contest, and such an awesome idea! AND such awesome pictures!!! ❤
    Ahaha, Ellie, Ellie, you little devil! I didn't even know it was possible to destroy snow angels! I've seen that on snowmen, but not on angels! *chuckle*
    I love how your canal district is DUTCH!!!!!!! That's so beautiful and so great!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!
    *champagne for the winners!* Congratulations, Jake! I knew you had ice-skating in you, guy! ;D

    Awww, Sarah!!!! *hugs* I love that girl. (well, I love many of your Sims, so I might say that a bit too often, but look at that, how she is caring, how she is wise!)
    YEAH Daniel for officialize that relationship! *high-five* Sadie and him make such a lovele couple!!!! I'm squeeing here!

    A foal!!!! Awwwww!!!! That's too cute!!!!

    FABULOUS PART TWO! BRING ON PART THREE!!!! What? It's already over? *sob*
    *pout in a corner near Ellie (I'm sure she's pouting somewhere!) waiting for next story!*

    (Ps: I had that part 2 comment ready for HOURS, but Boyfriend stole me internet!!! :D)


    • Ice-skating is indeed a very Dutch tradition. Unfortunately, even with the cold winters of previous years, the ice never was thick for long enough for the “elfstedentocht” which I assume Phyre was talking about, to take place. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I can’t even ice skate! My parents couldn’t and weren’t interested in it either, so they never taught my sister and I how to. Now I wish I could. I’m the most non athletic person ever, but I know so many people having the best time ice skating! So, my simmies have to make up for it for me! 😉

      It’s funny how you see my teens younger, I’m actually very well aware of the fact they’re 19! I treat them very much like 19 year olds too. Seth having a double bed and having his girlfriend sleep over and that being considered just daily routine by the rest of the family is to me something more fitting of a couple of 19 year olds than a couple of 17 year olds. Not that she couldn’t sleep over had they been 17, but it wouldn’t be as much of a regular thing as it is now. I like keeping them teens until 20 though. Even though I think 19 is mature, I still always think of it more like “older teen” than “young adult. Just the part of them being in high school still is something I dislike, which is why I see class 6 as an extra class, preparing them for university. A bit like sixth form in the UK. This is also why Becca could drop out of school at 18 and was aged up sooner, despite not being 20 yet.

      I so get your nerves! Like I said in my reply to Sara; it’s like my children are leaving the house! I needed a moment with them. I get all nostalgic when I think of them aging up. They were my first real teens. When I created the sims of Honeycomb Valley, I had Harry, Lily and Emmett as older teens, but they aged really soon already. James, Sarah, Daniel, Jill and Seth were in the midst of their teenage years, along with Anna, Wesley and Suzan. My other teens at the time (Rachel, Sadie, Finn, Rebecca and Aiden) were still very young teens with whom I couldn’t really play out any teen drama yet since I considered them way too young for that. With Anna, Wes and Suzan I went a different direction, but with this bunch I did so much! Now they’re in a band, they’ve had relationships, break ups and one of them is even genetically connected to your game! It’s like a lifetime… Pfft, I’m getting carried away, haha

      Hahahaha, Ellie! I wasn’t even playing her! She was just at the canals and I suddenly spotted her. Then I saw what she was doing and I thought, ah yes, of course. Typical. LOL! Little vandal in the making here. She also destroyed her aunt’s Halloween pumpkin this past autumn!

      The winners thank you for your congratulations (and Jake partially won because he wished to go ice skating so much in your February, I figured there had to be a reason for it. A reason like, he just won an ice skating contest 😉 )

      I bet Ellie is pouting somewhere, she usually is!

      I loved your comments my dear! See what you caused: longest reply to a comment EVER! LOVE YOU!


  3. Oh, the “elfstedentocht” didn’t take place? How sad! I’m joining you at being as non-athletic as it’s possible to be! *chuckle* I made some “ice-skating” when I was in high-school, but on synthetic ice, so it’s all different. And I was bad at it, of course. 😀

    Well, when I said I kept thinking to your teens being younger, I see them with the age they would have in my game, which is only one year younger, so it doesn’t make such a big difference. And if I can be surprised if a 17-years spends the night with one’s girlfriend (while he’s actually 18), I’d just think “well, yes, but Kim is dutch!” ;D Dutch have the reputation to do things much earlier than we do in France! (but actually, I don’t remember having thought anything of that! ;D)

    Aww, I so hear you about feeling like if kids were leaving home! I try to comfort myself by repeating that, so far, I love all my aged-up teens, like Adèle or Annie, but seeing Chloé and Margaud aging up is the most challenging. I had already cheated with their ages to make them younger and keep them one more year, when I finally gave precise age to my Sims.
    I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with Seth and Sarah, though (well, with all the others too, of course, but it will be so lovely to see them settling down together slowly (or not).
    I’m going to be twice nervous, for yours and mine! 😀


    • Haha, you’ve done more ice-skating than I have then! My friend and I decided last year that enough was enough and we were going to learn, so we went to a winter sportshall to try it. But it was so busy, we never dared to go on the ice. (Actually, I might have told you about that…)
      I sure do hope Seth and Sarah stay together! They’re very loyal so far anyway!


  4. Ice skating competition!!! What a fantastic idea! (I doubt Sim-Missy would ever do this, if real-Missy’s ice skating ‘episodes’ are anything to go by. It’s nothing short of embarrassing 😛 ). And the canal is the PERFECT spot for everyone to skate their stuff!!! 😀
    The lake is so busy!!! That must be almost every resident of Honeycomb Valley there! WOW, that must be such a fantastic atmosphere for your skaters! Getting plenty of practise in!! 😀
    Oh my goodness! Seth, Sarah, Daniel, James and Jill will be ageing up?! Then we’d better make the most of their last months of teenagehood!!!!! And how better to do that than to go out for pizza and a movie? 😀 And in my opinion, James needs to hurry up and make it up with Jill and they need to get back together!!! 😀
    I’m going to melt at how cute Sadie and Daniel are!!! I cannot express how much I adore these two together!! ❤
    Your canal looks even more pretty with the preparations for the contest!! ❤ Everyone looks like they're really enjoying themselves! Except for Ellie, but then I don't think she really enjoys anything! *chuckle*
    Congratulations Luke, Ruby, Abbey and Jake!!! You guys are such awesome skaters!!! ❤
    Ahh, good for Sarah! No need for secret-keeping now, Sadie and Daniel! Sarah has spoken!!! ❤
    Cinnamon is so adorable!!! ❤ What a lovely surprise to end the first month for Luke and Susie!!!! ❤
    Lovely update!! 😀


    • SimKim can’t do it either if she’s anything like RealKim, so *highfive* for lack of skating skills!
      James and Jill… Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on there, if anything… Time will tell!
      Ellie does too enjoy stuff. She enjoys scaring people, and destroying things and WINNING!
      Cinnamon was a real surprise. I knew a foal was coming, but not that it would be so soon!
      Thanks for your comments, sweet! Good to have you back!


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