February 05: I Do (Pt. 1)

A lot happened in Honeycomb Valley in February, but the biggest event had to be THE wedding. No no, it wasn’t any type of royal wedding, or even a wedding of a VIS (Very Important Sim), but it was a wedding two big families in two different towns had been waiting for: the wedding of Ben Brown and Rebecca Edwards…

Leading Up to the Wedding

About a week before her big day, Rebecca was admiring the weddingpicture of her parents when she was joined by Martha.


“Doesn’t mother look beautiful, Martha? I’m so happy I can wear her dress to my wedding…”

Martha thought this remark was very funny.


“You’ve GOT to be kidding me, Becks, you’re actually HAPPY you get to wear that thing?!”

Rebecca had no time to worry about her sister’s opinion, because she had to be at the busstation. The bus from Bonnie Brae* was about to arrive!

***Note: Bonnie Brae is my mum’s town and Ben and his family are her sims, which she created. It was a lot of fun to have them in Honeycomb Valley for a while!***


And after the other bus had left, the bus from Bonnie Brae rolled into the busstation. There they were: Ben’s entire family.
It was a big bunch. Ben being the youngest child of Jeremiah and Agatha Brown meant he already had 3 siblings (a sister and two brothers) who all had spouses and children.

Arrivals from BB

After hellos and introductions to Rebecca and her parents, the Brown family went to the Rainbow Hostel (not too fancy and therefore, not too expensive) where they’d be staying until after the wedding.


Ben however, quickly left after dropping off his luggage for a date with his fiancée.
Coming from a small town, Ben is not used to public transportation, and most certainly not to underground systems. He had to try it!

Rebecca was already waiting for Ben at the Aquarium.Screenshot-68

Ben was so happy to see her, he immediately offered her some flowers he picked up on the way.


Once inside, the stared at the fishies together for a while. Rebecca was stunned to see robot fish in the aquarium.

Ben just thought she was cute and proceeded to tell her so.


And then he made a really bold move…


Wow, Rebecca’s first kiss! She seems to have enjoyed that.


They went on the have a bite to eat at the restaurant downstairs.


After a fun day with Rebecca, Ben went back to his family and picked up some food for them too. The hostel doesn’t have a restaurant, but it does have a breakfast/lunch/dinner room with a small kitchen unit where you can make yourself some breakfast or enjoy food you picked up at a take away. Which is what the Brown family did.family hostel meal

After the meal, everyone retired to their rooms. Jeremiah and Agatha got the Purple Room, a private room, while the men stayed in the Red Room, a dorm for ten people and the women and youngest children got the Orange Room, also a dorm for ten people, where some toddler travel beds had been placed for the little ones. Exciting times lay ahead!


Ben and Becca’s Weddingday

On the morning of Ben and Becca’s wedding, Ben’s sister Edith and her husband Caleb were the first to have breakfast.


Thanks to this, their children were the first to be ready too. Ben’s niece Bethany was going to be a flowergirl along with Rebecca’s youngest sister Ruth and she was so excited! To kill time she played a bit of peek-a-boo with her sister Matilda. Screenshot-121

Which she continued to do when her parents and brother were also dressed and they had to wait in the lobby for the rest of the family to get ready.


Pretty soon, Ben’s brother Paul and his wife Fiona and their daughter Gillian were also ready to go.


The groom himself was feeling a bit nervous and gave his reflection a pep talk. Screenshot-132

Eventually the whole family was ready!


At the Edwards household meanwhile, the mood wasn’t too pleasant… Father John did NOT approve of Martha’s choice of clothes to wear to the wedding…

you're not wearing that

“What in the WORLD are you thinking, Martha! An outfit like that to your sister’s wedding! What will people think if a daughter of mine shows up wearing next to NOTHING!? You’re going to change, RIGHT NOW!”

But Martha just laughed in her dad’s face.


“Wow dad, take a chill pill. I like this outfit, it looks stunning on me, so I’m wearing it, whether you like it or not. Besides, Becca is covering enough skin for the both of us, hahaha!”

Oooo Martha, I’m not sure that was a wise move… I suspect John let it slide because he didn’t want to ruin Rebecca’s day, but I’m sure the last word has not been said about this…

Meanwhile Rebecca was upstairs changing into her dress. Yes, it used be her mother’s but now it was HER dress. She couldn’t be happier.


Amy was moved when she saw her daughter in her wedding dress. Martha may not like the dress, but Amy felt Rebecca looked gorgeous!mother of the bride

Then the bride went downstairs to be admired by the rest of her family (with the exception of Martha, obviously)


Upon arrival at the church, the flowergirls were happy to meet each other.


And when everyone, including the groom, had found their place, the ceremony could begin…Guests all in place

See how Ben and Rebecca got married in…
part 2

9 thoughts on “February 05: I Do (Pt. 1)

  1. Their wedding!!!!
    Theri first kiss?On the wedding day?THEIR wedding day?!*facepalm*
    I love the hostel ❤
    Ahahahahaaaa at Martha!!*spit*


    • Well the first kiss was a week before their wedding day actually. And that’s not how it usually goes, but Rebecca and Ben is a special situation. It’s almost an arranged wedding. Almost. More about that in the October and November stories of last year.
      Thanks for your compliment on the hostel!


  2. Oooh, I’ve been waiting to hear about the wedding!!! *SQUEEE*
    How lovely to meet all of Ben’s family!! It’s going to be a beautiful wedding, Kimmie, I can tell!!!
    The hostel is gorgeous, I love the dining area. And your aquarium looks wonderful ❤
    John doesn't look very happy with Martha's dress! But at least he won't let it spoil Rebecca's day! ❤
    On to Part 2!


  3. *throws rice and confetti* THE wedding!!!
    *chuckle* @ Martha! She’s really not like the rest of her family, huh?

    Aaaaw, Ben rushes off for a date with his sweetheart ❤ Aaaaw, FIRST KISS!! I'm happy they got to do that before the wedding *giggle* Flower girls, how sweet!! Ben – you have nothing to worry about, everyone loves you already!

    Aaahahaha, of course John doesn't approve of what Martha's wearing! Wow, Martha really has some balls *lol* I hope she won't be sent away to some convent *__*
    *squeeeee* The bride!! The dress may be old-fashioned, but I still think Becca looks gorgeous!


    • Martha sure is an apple form a different tree! Although it’s still to see how her younger siblings will turn out, maybe there’s another Martha among them!

      I’m happy they got to have their first kiss before the wedding too *giggle*

      LOL @ your convent comment! I have actually been thinking about that, but I need my Martha in my game. She keeps things interesting. I have other plans for her though…
      The dress is old-fashioned, but also very Becca. 🙂


  4. Aaaaah, finally, I can read this story! I’ve been seething with impatience since I got your newsletter about it!
    THE wedding!!!! *bounce, bouce, bounce*
    Ahaha, Martha!! I love that girl! Such a rebellious at heart! 😀

    Ohlala, so many people coming from Bonnie Brae!! That’s for sure a VIW (Very Important Wedding! ;p)!
    You sure needed a hostel! Or two! *lol*

    Awww, Ben and the underground is too cute!!! You know I have an insane amount of pictures of Sims taking the underground since I’ve tweaked the town routing, so it’s funny to see pictures of underground in your game too! (Sa-Sa-Ki! ;))

    A first kiss!!! Awww, Becky dear, Beacky dear, you’re growing up, girl!! (is it allowed, before wedding? :p)
    Aww, SO many people in your hostel!!! It looks purely awesome! ❤
    OMG, OMG, big day is arriving!

    *rofl* Aahaha, I spit my tea on Martha's reply to her father, about her outfit! 😀 😀 😀
    Awww, Rebecca in THE dress!!! sure, Amy must be all moved! I like that there's the sewing maching just near, in case the dress needs some alterations! ❤

    AAAAAAAAWWWWW (yes, again!!) The flowergirls!!!! They're SOOO cute!!! Aawww! And all these people in the church! Pfew!!!!

    AAAAAAAARGH! Cliffanger on page one!!!! I have to rush on Part two now! (not that I suspect Rebecca to not show at the church because she would have left with some awesome hunk passing by, though… *giggle*)


    • YAYY SANDY COMMENT!! I read your comments as soon as they came on since my phone alerted me you had commented. I was waiting for the tram at the time and people looked at me funny because I was actually laughing out loud at some of things you wrote! *giggle*

      You need to tell me more about this re-routing! (in a mail I guess 😉 ), because I LOVE the idea of my sims not taking cars anymore. Although it would be good if there was a solution so they would still take their bikes.

      I’m not sure a kiss before the wedding was allowed, I think Ben did it sneakily. But hey, it shows he really does like her. 🙂

      Martha is treading on thin ice with comments like that… but I could totally imagine her saying it 😉

      YAY for noticing the sewing machine. I imagine Amy being very handy with the sewing machine, since the Edwards aren’t rich and they still need lots of clothes.

      LOL at your comment about Rebecca leaving with an awesome hunk passing by! She’d be too scared!


      • Aha, I laughed too when I read your reply, and Dom looked at me to know what was happening, I just answered “Kim”, and he understood! *lol*
        More about that routing thingy in a mail! 😉
        (big smoooches!)


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