February 05: I Do (Pt. 2)

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There she is…


Rebecca felt very nervous as she walked down the aisle with her father…Screenshot-228

But Ben was happy to see her, and before long it was time for rings and those two words Rebecca had been rehearsing her entire life: I do.I do

And thus, Ben and Rebecca were married! Hooray!


After the official part it was time for pictures.
With the parents and the flowergirls…

parents and flowergirls

And with both sets of families…Families

Then both families headed to the Edwards’ house for the reception.
First order of business was the cutting of the wedding cake!cake

Flowergirls Bethany and Ruth were the first to grab a slice. After all, this was a little bit THEIR day as well.

first ones to the cake

Becca got a hug from her sister-in-law Edith. When she visited Bonnie Brae, Rebecca stayed with Edith and the two were already quite close.


Martha needed some wine to get through the rest of this day.


Rebecca still couldn’t believe she was married!


Ruth and Bethany really got along great, I think there’s friendship for life between this two!bff

When it got later, the two had to say goodbye though, as Bethany and her mum still had something else to do that evening.


After changing into their regular clothes at the hostel, Bethany and Edith stopped by the Knight household. Edith had seen an ad in the supermarket earlier that week saying this family had kittens up for adoption and she and her daughter really wanted to take one home to Bonnie Brae. They chose Snap and both Edith and Bethany couldn’t be happier.kitty

Meanwhile, the rest of the Brown family, including Ben and Rebecca had arrived back at the hostel too. Ben and Rebecca got the Turquoise Room for their wedding night. It isn’t a fancy room in a fancy hotel, but at least it’s private.

This was the part of getting married Rebecca had been dreading… A wedding night meant… well…


She retreated into the bathroom to get changed and came out wearing what she felt was already quite a revealing nightgown. Bare arms and all that…change for the night

Her husband told her she looked beautiful


And soon started to tickle her to make her laugh. It worked, but Becca was still nervous.frisky

As they settled onto the bed, it became clear that although Rebecca might have been dreading this part of the wedding, this was the bit Ben had been looking forward to…


Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Brown…the night

Bye Bye Becca

Veryyyy early the next morning, the two families met at the busstation again. It was time to say goodbye. Goodbye to Rebecca.

bye my family

Bethany and Ruth also said their goodbyes and Bethany promised Ruth could visit her sometime soon.


And then the bus left and Becca waved goodbye to her family. Amy was sad…


And so Rebecca waved to her family as they faded in the distance…fadingBye bye Becca, I’m sure you’ll be very happy in Bonnie Brae and we’ll see you again soon!

10 thoughts on “February 05: I Do (Pt. 2)

  1. Really enjoyed this update. Lol at the wedding dress, but glad Rebecca liked it 😀
    So lovely your mother plays the game and shares her sims with you. Does she keep a blog?


    • Sorry Ani, I replied to your comment via the app on my phone, but only noticed it didn’t come through much later!
      The reply said thank you and that my 64 year old mum plays, but doesn’t keep a blog. Too much of a good thing. 😉


  2. I knew it would be a beautiful wedding! *bounce*
    Your church is so beautiful, by the way. I’m not much of a church person in real life, but yours is incredibly gorgeous ❤ And perfect for Rebecca's wedding. She looks beautiful.
    The wedding pictures are so lovely. They both have lovely families!
    Bye Rebecca!! Good luck!


    • I’m totally not a church go-er myself, so thank you for your comment. I owe a lot of it to Sandy, I copied pretty much her entire church!
      Taking those weddingpictures was the most fun! Especially with Ben’s huuuuuge family!
      Thank you for your comments, my sweet! I had a lot of fun reading them!


  3. *SQUEEEEE* The ceremony begins!! AAAAAWWW!! Congrats to the newlyweds!! *teary eyes* I love the picturs with the flower girls – so cute! And the family pictures!!! Aaaww!!!
    Bethany and Ruth are so cute – they certainly deserved the first slices of cake!
    It’s so lovely that Becca already has someone (other han Ben, of course!) in Bonnie Brae that she can call her friend ❤
    Bwaaahahaha, Martha didn't even try and hide that she's drinking wine!!
    Ohh, Becca looks beautiful in her sexy nightgown *giggle*

    Oh noooo, now we have to say goodbye 😥 But Becca will be happy in Bonnie Brae! Aaawww…..!


    • Awww Bethany and Ruth immediately hit it off. They’ll be penpals now and visit each other from time to time.
      I think Becca and Edith are a good match. Edith is like the big sister Becca never had. She’s also a tad more modern than Becca is. As modern as you can expect a daughter of a small town vicar to be, but still. And they are both eldest children, so they have that in common. Edith will teach Becca many things about life. I will surely chack in with them from time to time and post stuff about Becca’s life in Bonnie Brae. 🙂

      Yeah, Martha is done with hiding. She now wears the clothes she likes even around the house. I don’t think John would approve of her drinking wine, but maybe he didn’t even notice…?

      Thank you for your great comments my dear, they always make me smile!


  4. Tadaaaaaah! THE BRIDE!! Awwww…. I’m going to be all teary eyes soon! 😀
    Aaaaa, here we go, it happened! They’re married!! *throwing rice* Happy life to the newlyweds!!!!
    Wow, Kim, all these wedding pictures are somptuous! I admire your patience here (again) because I can’t struggle with poses like this! You’re awesome! These pictures are pure perfection!!

    Awww, those flowergirls make me SQUEEEEEEEEEE each time I see them. Aren’t they purely adorable at eating their cake?! *sigh*

    Martha! *lol* Sure, girl, I know how you feel! 😀

    Aww, Rebecca is too cute as well!!

    *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* (here came the flowergirls again!)

    Awww, a kitten adoption at the top of this!! for sure, it’s a very important day for Bethany!!
    Awwww, how sweet of Ben to have been so gentle with his wife! Sure she felt a bit nervous!! Awww, you played it in such a lovely way, Kim!!! ❤

    AWWWWWW (again, yes, that's weddings, you know… :p), Rebecca is leaving!! Awwwwwww!!! I'm sure she'll be plainly happy in Bonnie Brae (does it mean your mother will play her?).
    I understand Amy feels sad!! I couldn't prevent from chuckling at the bye-bye picture, though, because while everyone seems indeed a bit sad and make tiny wavesn Martha has the biggest smile ever and the largest wave! *lol*
    Awww. Suuuuuuuuch a beautiful story. I can't wait to see Rebecca coming back for holidays with her 5 children.
    GREAT, GREAT story, Kim!!!! *takes a handkerchief*


    • The weddingpictures took forever. You know how I feel about posing sims for story purposes, I really don’t like the poses to tell a story, but I don’t mind at all posing them for things real life people would also pose for, like pictures. Still, with all these sims, it took a while.

      Bethany and Ruth were the perfect flower girls. They really hit it off too. Good for Ruth, because she doesn’t really have a friend in Honeycomb Valley, simply because there aren’t any more girls her age.

      Kittens! Yeah, Mouse and Whiskers suddenly had another kitten! Without me telling them to try for one! So, while I was still looking for a home for Snap, the Knight Family already had another kitten in the house! So now it was really time for one of them to go. Since Edith wanted a cat, it worked out perfectly.

      Martha waved really big indeed hahaha! I don’t think it’s like she’s glad to get rid of Rebecca or anything though, she does like her sister, I just think she thinks of “moving away” as something awesome!

      My mum will indeed play Rebecca now! I will post pictures from time to time 🙂
      Bahahahaha, her FIVE children! I can totally see it happening!

      GREAT, GREAT comments my dear! I loved reading them!!


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