February 05: Together and Apart (Pt.1)

In February 05 Rebecca Edwards got married. But this wasn’t the only happening that month. Much more happened around town. Some sims celebrated their togetherness, while others fell apart…

The Truth About New Years Eve

One February afternoon, Sadie was reading a book in the living room when Esme came in, chatting on her phone.


“Bahaha, she’s wearing that awful dress your mother wore? No Martha, you’ve got to be joking, that thing was oldfashioned even when your mum got married! Yeah…, Yeah, I know! Oh absolutely…”

Sadie didn’t mean to eavesdrop on her sister, but when she heard it was Martha Esme was talking to, she felt her anger rise a bit. Martha had some nerve, still chatting away with Esme like BFFs, when she had kissed her boyfriend on New Years Eve! Sadie was sure Esme didn’t know about this stunt Martha had pulled, or they surely wouldn’t be friends anymore.


Sadie felt it was time her sister knew what her best friend had done, so after Esme hung up the phone, she pulled her apart.


“See, Es, this might be hard for you to hear, but on New Years, I saw Martha kissing Finn… He didn’t kiss her back though! But she did try… I thought you needed to know…”

Much to Sadie’s surprise, Esme didn’t get angry or sad, she SMILED.
“Wanna know a little secret, sis…?”


” Martha didn’t kiss Finn because she wanted to so badly. I asked her to! Just for a laugh. And to test his loyalty to me, I guess!”

But Sadie was furious!how could you

” How COULD you do that Esme! What kind of crazy stunt is that!? And to think I’ve been feeling sorry for you for over a MONTH!”

Meanwhile, The Hot Wings were rehearsing in Daniel’s garage their rehearsal space. Sadie was supposed to be there too, but was running late because of the discussion with her sister. Sarah and Jill were present though, just for fun.


Daniel immediately threw down his drumsticks when Sadie entered, clearly upset.


Sadie told her boyfriend all about Esme.


Jill heard everything Sadie was saying and wasn’t amused. What was this girl thinking, pulling a stunt like that on her little brother!


So, when Jill got home early that evening, she sat down with her brother.


“So Sadie said, that Esme actually asked Martha to kiss you, just to test you!”

But Finn would have none of it!you're wrong jill

“You’re an idiot, sis. Don’t you see what this is? Sadie has had a crush on me for ages, Esme told me so herself. She’s just trying to come between us. Yes, I know you say she’s with Daniel now, but why else would she make something like this up?”


“Esme wouldn’t do something that stupid. You’re wrong Jill. Wrong.”

And then Finn left to meet his girlfriend for a snowy walk in the park.


Even though he was sure Jill was wrong, the things his sister had told him kept running through his mind, so he decided to see what Esme had to say…


“So… ummm… I have to tell you something… About New Years… Ummm… Martha tried to kiss me… I pulled away! But yeah… I thought you ought to know…”


” Wow!” Esme said “You’re the second one to bring this up today…”

for a laugh

“Don’t worry about it, lovely! See, the thing is, I already knew because I asked her to kiss you! Just for a laugh aaaaaaaand to see if you’d kiss her back. But of course you didn’t, cause you’re MY lovely Finny!”

And she grinned.:)

But to Finn, this was nothing to smile about…

who does that

“Are you insane?! Who does that?! What were you trying to do anyway, TEST me? Test me by letting your BEST FRIEND kiss me? What the… Who are you, Esme? It’s like I don’t know you anymore!”

Then Finn calmed down a bit and told Esme a bit less furiously that if this was what their relationship had become, then maybe they should not be in a relationship for a while…


But now it was Esme who got angry…fine finn

“You’re breaking up with me?! Over THIS?! Who are YOU!? Well, if this is what you want, then this is what you can get, Finn. Bye.”

And with that, Esme left…

Things are happier in…part 2

12 thoughts on “February 05: Together and Apart (Pt.1)

  1. Oh no!!!Esme and Finn broke up!!*cry* That’s sooo sad!:(
    But Esme!Asking your best friend to kiss your own boyfriend?!
    Finn!Sadie is lucky with Daniel,you just won’t have it real!!
    Teenage romances *roll eyes*……I love them!:D


  2. I think Finn owes his sister an apology!
    Poor Sadie, feeling sorry for her sister for over a month, only to find her sister instigated it all! Gosh, sisters have a lot to answer for! *lol*
    Over to Part 2!


    • He DOES owe her an apology, but I don’t think she’ll get one, he’s too pissed off. Sadie and Esme seem to have the type of sibling relationship I had with my sister growing up: constantly misunderstanding one another!


  3. Uh-oh, I knew that Esme’s stunt at New Year’s would backfire!

    Heh, so typical for teens to gossip like that. But poor Finn, it couldn’t have been nice to hear that about his girlfriend from his sister 😦
    Esme is pretty immature, huh? Maybe she wasn’t really ready to have a steady boyfriend yet? Aww, I still feel bad for Finn *hugs* What a dramatic break-up!


    • Yes, it was to be expected huh…? :/
      Jill ALWAYS passes along huge news like that. The fact she always involves herself in everything and always gets everyone involved, is what lost her James in 03 as well. But I do understand she wanted to look out for her brother here. I love Jill though, don’t get me wrong, but we should never expect her to keep her mouth shut about anything lol.
      I think you’re right to say Esme wasn’t ready for a steady relationship. I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did actually,


  4. Awww, Sadie!!! *big hugs to you, my girl*
    I know I tend to say that a lot, but I like that girl. I like how she’s always “straight” and determined. I mean, she isn’t the kind of girls at doing things in the back, huh? I could totally see her in justice career, if song or sport doesn’t call her! 😀
    *rubeyes* WHAT?!!! Hey, Finn! Oh, dear, how I rolled eyes on the “Sadie has had a crush on me for ages, Esme told me so herself. She’s just trying to come between us.” Seriously, it made me angry after Finn. *chuckle* AS IF Sadie could do such things!!!! It’s exactly the kind of things I was telling she wouldn’t bare. Silly guy. You’re really blind. :p
    Ok, I’m a bad girl. Right now, I’m still angry at Finn. Esme is… well, she’s Esme. Immature, a tint of bitchy, “light”. She doesn’t think to consequences of her acts, she “just wants to have fun”. It WAS a very silly move to make Martha kissing him, it was bad and there’s no excuse for that (except being a daredevil girl playing with fire and testing the limits…), but it’s even sillier to think Sadie could have invented that whole story. *danboone*
    (hmmm… I might regret on Part 2 and begin to feel sorry for Finn… *blush*)


    • Hahaha, Sadie is a very “just” girl indeed. And she’s strong-minded too. She knows what as she wants and works hard to get it!

      Hmmm, I don’t think we can blame Finn for that comment, I think it’s more Esme’s doing. I can totally imagine her telling him all about Sadie’s crush, while it’s not really fair for her to do so.

      You’re completely right about Esme though, this is EXACTLY who she is! You know my sims so well!! It seems you know her better than Finn does!


    • Alex I didn’t think you were caught up on my stories yet! You’re obviously not obligated to read and/or comment them all, but some things might not make sense if you haven’t read it all yet 🙂
      Esme is just very immature, hahaha! 😀


      • I’ve read up to date, I just forgot to comment on the previous ones due to my long work shift and brainfog disaster lol 😛 I meant evil in the entertainingly evil sense, not as in axe murdery 😛 Her plan kept me laughing!


      • Ah, good! Don’t worry about commenting, I just hoped you were up to date or this whole thing about New Years Eve wouldn’t have made any sense, haha!
        Yeah, I knew what you meant by evil, and she is. Immaturely evil. 😛


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