February 05: Together and Apart (Pt.2)

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Will and Olivia’s Anniversary

In February 1980, Will Richardson married Olivia Adams. Now, 2 children and 25 years later, they decided to throw a little party!
For the occasion, they booked the big room in City Hall which they decorated for the party.

Jill and her parents dressed up nicely and waited for the guests to arrive. Finn would obviously come too, but he was running a bit late.


Soon, the guests started to come in. Will and Olivia had invited their neighbours, their coworkers, their family and their friends.hello guests

Patty was constantly going for the buffet tables. And I’m not sure Jasper (who’s Olivia’s nephew) was expecting to see his mother-in-law there, much less have her sit down with him… (And look, Finn has also arrived)


Grandma Phyllis (Olivia’s mum) also came, although I’m not sure she knew why she was there.


Finn didn’t mind having a bite with his grandma though. She was the only person not asking him why “his girlfriend” wasn’t there. Probably because she forgot all about her, but hey.


Jill was happy Sarah had come too. And the girls spent most of the night dancing.


Lucas had been hired by his aunt to tend bar for the night. He didn’t mind this job one bit!


Jasper and Eva were the first to start a slow dance, while Jill and Sarah had discovered the drinks Lucas was making!dances and drinks

Lucas’ mum Lauren is not much of a party animal, so she spent most of the night chatting to her son at the bar. I don’t think this is what Lucas had in mind when he agreed to tend the bar…


After hours of drinking, eating and dancing, people were starting to get tired and wanted to go home. Patty was the first to leave.


But Will and Olivia weren’t tired yet and had a romantic slow dance together.


Soon, the room started to get more empty though and Jill had to say goodbye to Sarah too.


After all the guests had gone home, the Richardson family posed for one last picture together and then the party was officially over.


It was a good party!

In other February News…


Remember how Hannah had not been feeling well at the beginning of the year? Well, she was still feeling unwell. Tired and emotional, mostly. But, she still went to work anyway. Her coworker Aaron could no longer handle seeing her like this and went up to her.burn out

” Hannah, are you okay? We’ve been worried about you. You work so hard, but it all seems to be a bit too much at the moment…”

Hannah had to admit that he was right. She knew there was nothing medically wrong with her, but maybe she just had a classic case of burn out. Aaron adviced her to take a while of work and Hannah was happy with his suggestion. She would indeed stay home and rest for a while.

what's wrong with me


February meant it was Jayden Harrison‘s first birthday!


Happy birthday Jayden! Aren’t you the cutest!jayden 1

Joel seemed happy his brother was one year old too and immediately took him to the playground at the park.


And with Jayden, Joel and the (hopefully) fast melting igloos around Honeycomb Valley, we end February and look forward to the first spring days of March!

10 thoughts on “February 05: Together and Apart (Pt.2)

  1. Such a cute Family!!!Happy aniversary! *confetti* They decorated the room very well;)
    *Dances with Jill and Sarah* 😀
    Get well soon Hanna!!
    Happy Birthday kiddies!! *confetti*


  2. Aww, Happy Anniversary, Olivia and Will!
    Jill’s dress is so beautiful, I love it! ❤
    I love that Jill and Sarah were enjoying testing the drinks at the bar! Lucas was obviously doing a good job; the girls approved!
    Poor Finn though. It must have been tough trying to enjoy himself so soon after breaking up with Esme.
    But I'm glad the party was a success!! ❤
    Looks to me like Hannah could do with a rest!
    Happy Birthday, Jayden!! ❤


    • Thank you Missy!
      Jill and Sarah sure enjoyed testing drinks. I expect great things from them when they go to uni next september haha!
      Finn is doing okay, he’s mostly pissed off I think.
      Hannah needs her rest, yeah…
      Thanks for your comments my dear!


  3. Aaaaw, happy 25th Anniversary to Willa and Olivia!! What a lovely setting for the party ❤
    Aaaw, poor Finn!! Good thing he could just stick with grandma and escape those questions about Esme!
    Ohh, how romantic with a slow dance between the celebrated couple! What a GREAT poarty!!

    That is nice of Aaron to take care of Hannah and make sure she takes some time off to recover!

    Birthdaaaaay!!! Aaaw, Jayden is so cute!! But GOSH, Joel is even cuter caring for his brother like that!


    • Will and Olivia loved having this party! 😀
      The slow dance was directed by me, because sims (including Olivia) kept slow dancing with people they weren’t in a relationship with and then everyone surrounding them got offended and got the “witnessed adultery” (or something like that) moodlet. *rolls eyes*

      Aaron is a good friend and a good doctor. 🙂

      Jayden and Joel are both cuties. Joel loves being a big brother!

      Thank you for commenting my sweet! ❤


  4. Ahaha, Sa-Sa-Ki!!! I wanted to play a wedding anniversary (but nothing as big as Olivia and Will, just a romantic dinner, but to say the truth, I hadn’t decided yet who would be supposed to celebrate that anniversary, it’s not something I had written down in my database… but it’s something I’m going to add RIGHT NOW!!)

    25 YEARS!!! Awwwwww!!!!!! It’s indeed something to celebrate BIG! Jill looks somptuous!
    Aww, Finn and Grand-ma!!! Is he a bit sad about his break up? Should I forgive him and feel sorry for him? He earns points back to my heart at eating with his grand-mother…
    *rofl* @ that poor Lucas being stuck behind the bar, at listening his mother!!! I’m sure it’s not what he signed for, indeed! *lol*

    Wait…? Patty was the firt to leave?!! Is she sick or something? She was the last to leave at a school party! I’m getting worried. And I have legit rights to be concerned about her health, as she’s the grand-mother of one of my future Sim! ;D

    Anyway, what a fabulous party it was!!! Big reunion!!! Yeah!!! *throwing confettis*
    Awww, Hannah! *hugs* I’m relieved it’s nothing medical. Taking a break is a great idea!
    JAYDEN!!!! Awwww, he’s too cute!!! What an adorable little hairdo for a toddler! I can’t prevent from sighing each time I see Joel. He reminds me Jérémy, somehow (the hairdo, probably… and the heart-breaking potential, for sure! :p)

    Awwww, what a fabulous story, Kim!!!! *BOUNCE*
    I’m ready for the spring, send the athletes and the flowers!!!


    • I have wedding dates of all my married Sims on their forms, I love it! It makes things like this easy to play!

      I don’t think Patty is ill, I think she just ate too much! She was constantly going to the buffet table!

      I love this hairstyle! I think it’s fitting for Jayden, but also for his parents 🙂

      Joel is awesome, I see the heartbreaker potential as well. 😉

      Thank you so much for your brilliant comments, my dear, they make my day!


  5. Congratulations to the Richardsons!! They look lovely all dressed up! The venue looks nice too and like it has seen quite a few parties ❤ Lol! I loved your comment abut Grandma Phyllis, she's lovely!

    Poor Lauren. It's always difficult when you're not a comfortable at a party. At least she has her son to talk to…as much as he doesn't like this.

    I'm glad that they had a good party ❤

    Medical burn out Hanna? Really 😛 ?

    Happy birthday, Jayden!!! He looks adorable! Congrats on getting him past the EA potatosack stage!! Aaw It's lovely that Joel is taking an interest!


    • Hahaha, Phyllis is just a tad forgetful. 😉

      Lauren was grateful for her son’s company, and for the drinks!

      LOL @ your potatosack comment! I usually dress my babies in the clothes with legs, but I had put Jayden back in the blanket when Rosalie had to take him outside on New Years Eve and forgot to change it back. 😉
      Joel is an awesome brother!

      Thanks for your comments, lovely! I will catch up on your blog asap!


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