Miss Harrison

Harrison, Morgan - ya bordered

Morgan Harrison moved to Honeycomb Valley from Bridgeport because she didn’t want to raise her future child in the city. She knew Honeycomb Valley from her visits to her brother and thought it would be the perfect place for her to go and make her dream come true. This dream is being a mother. No, Morgan has no boyfriend, no husband, but she is going to be a mother. Single. By choice.
A long time ago, Morgan did have a boyfriend. She was 18, Jonas was 20 when they met and he was the love of her life. They were extremely happy together and already talked about the family they would one day start. But then disaster struck. It was February ’91 and Jonas had been out with friends. There had been torrential rain all night and Jonas never saw the truck approaching him until it was too late. The doctors said he hadn’t suffered, but Morgan still lost her great love.
Since Jonas, there had been a few others, but nothing lasted, because none of them was Jonas.
However, the wish to be a mother remained. And so Morgan eventually decided to make her wish come true by herself. Next step: a donor!

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: September 1969
  • Traits: Brave, family oriented, bookworm, eco friendly, artistic
  • Job: Author of children’s books
  • Father: Mr. Harrison
  • Mother: Mrs. Harrison
  • Siblings: Kai
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Joel (nephew), Jayden (nephew)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Lost Jonas, the love of her life, in a tragic car accident and no man has ever been able to fill his shoes.



In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
April 05: Spring Surprises
May 05: Changes
* October 05: Moving On
* January 06: Life and Death

March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 3)

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Day 4: Basketball, Swimming and goodbyes

The last day of the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival started with basketball. As had been the case the previous day, the teens started the day. Also similar to football was the fact that everyone had been coupled up. Each couple had a hoops contest in which they each got three shots at the hoop. The one of the pair with the most baskets would proceed to the next round, which was dunks. The person winning that round would have their points from both matches added to decide whether they won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

But they started off with hoops.
Martha lost her match against Joel, which was unsurprising as immediately afterwards she fell asleep on the bench…

basketball teens

When Finn was up against Silas, Rachel couldn’t stop looking at him. *Sigh*, he’s still so dreamy, and,most importantly, single again!


Meanwhile, Esme had made a new friend. Ah yes, I can totally see why these girls hit it off!


Allison was good at more than just giggles and gossip, which she proved by beating Finn in the dunking round.dunks

Rachel fell during her match against Seth, but still managed to beat him.


In the end, Allison won first place, Billy came in second, and Rachel got third place.

Then the sims aged 18 or over had their turn. basketball over 18

Both Seth and Sarah made it to round 2, where they ended up playing each other. Despite Seth being really good, Sarah won this match. Maybe Seth let his girlfriend win…?


Two very serious women in round 2…


Evelyn won! Amy landed a silver medal, and Sarah got bronze. Well done, ladies!

The next event of the day was swimming.
Joel was up against Ruby and Allison. He really wanted to win this, since he hadn’t won anything yet.


And he did! He reached the end of the pool, before Allison had even gotten into the water. Maybe she felt her golden basketball medal was enough?


The next match was between Emily, Trisha and Jérémy. Emily won this match.


Then it was Ofelia, Sophie and Jeffrey battling it out.


After Ofelia’s unfortunate slip on the diving board (she wasn’t hurt), Jeffrey won.Screenshot-495

And so, the final was between Jeffrey, Emily and Joel.

swim final teens

It may not be very clear to see in this picture, but Joel beat Jeffrey by a slight margin. Finally, gold for Joel!


Soon after, the adults were ready for their matches.
Mary, David and Wendy were up first. Nice dive Mary!jump

Whether it had been that great dive or something else, Mary was on a roll and easily won her match.


Then it was her husband’s turn. Joshua was up against Erika and Kai.


He didn’t land in the water as gracefully as his wife had done though…fall

But it didn’t matter, despite that awful landing, Joshua still won!


Annie got to battle it out with her ex boyfriend and Eva.


As you can see, Rémi won, but I’m still doubting whether he didn’t cheat at the start…


And so, the final was between Mary, Rémi and Joshua.


And they’re off!


Oooooh… this is going to be close…


Rémi won, but only just. Joshua ended in second place and Mary brought home her second bronze medal.


Of course Emily, Joel and Jeffrey also received their medals.


As did the basketball winners.



And so, all the sports had been played. The time to close the festival had come. And for this occasion, a party had been organised on the football field.
Even when it was still early, people already started to gather on the field.


Sophie and Jérémy had a little dance, but hey, look who’s interfering again…


Joshua is not one for parties, so he read his book instead.


No Honeycomb Valley event is complete without a performance by The Hot Wings.

Screenshot-566 concert

People seemed to enjoy their performance.


Lucas tended the bar again.


He was really loving it, just as he had at his aunts anniversary a month ago and was starting to wonder if maybe bartender would be a better profession for him than kitchen scullion…


The party ended before the evening fell, because in the evening the buses to Bimlico and Sandy Valley would come in to take the visitors back home again.


The bus to Bimlico came in first. Patty bid the guest farewell.


And Holly came to say goodbye to her new friend as well. Maybe they’ll see each other again soon? There’s this great summercamp coming up again next summer?bye bye friend

After the Bimlico residents had left, it was the bus to Sandy Valley which rolled into the station.
Xandra came to say goodbye to Rémi. I’m not sure what Annie was thinking witnessing her ex boyfriend cheating on yet another girlfriend…


Sophie had LOVED having Jérémy this close for a while and really didn’t like having to say goodbye to him again. You’ll probably see him again soon though, Soph. I’m sure of it!


Allison and Esme said goodbye by doing what they do best: gossiping!


Luke also had a few goodbyes to take care off. Goodbye to his new friends Butter and Prince Noir!goodbye horses


And with Luke riding off to take the horses back to where they belong, the festival was really over. It had been good, but the residents of Honeycomb Valley were also looking forward to calmer times…

March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 2)

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Day 3: Football, Equestrian, Martial Arts and some free time

The next morning was very excited for the Stevens family. Dylan would be the referee at the football matches (I’m European, I refuse to call it soccer, even if my game does 😉 ) today and both Sadie and Esme would participate. They started the day off with a family breakfast.

breakfast at stevens

“No phones at the table Esme.”
If looks could kill…

Julliet‘s waffles were welcomed by all.


The teens, who would play the first matches, all arrived at the stadium in time.
They had been divided into couples. Each couple would have a shootout. Player A would get three shots with player B in goal and then the roles would reverse. For every goal scored, or every ball saved, the player would get one point. After both players had their turn in goal, the points would be added up and the one with the most points would proceed to round 2. If both players had an equal amount of points, they would continue the shootout until one of them won.


And they were ready! There were some great shots and some brilliant saves.football teens

Some players didn’t take their job seriously at all, while others took it VERY seriously.serious vs not so serious

Esme, being the daughter of a professional football player, clearly knew what she was doing.


During halftime there was time for a bit of flirting.


After which Trisha, Jeffrey, Esme, Sadie, Seth and Amy played the second round.
Eventually the final went between the Stevens sisters…

battle of the sisters

Sadie won! Esme ended in second place and third place was for Trisha.
Sadie celebrated her victory by taking a selfie with her boyfriend.selfie

Then it was the adults’ turn! The same rules applied.football adults

Of course football isn’t football without someone overreacting to a fall…


During half time, there was, again, some flirting… Ummm, Xandra, Rémi has a girlfriend back home… Oh, never mind, it’s not like you care about things like that…


Rémi also found some time to do his university cheer…


During the second round, Rémi came up against Lexie. But halfway through their match, Lexie suddenly walked out of her goal…


…because she saw her husband flirting with Amelia!


Shame on you Christopher! Lexie is not one to stand for this kind of behaviour, even if it means she just lost her match!


Eventually, Xandra and Rémi had to battle it out for third place (Theo came first, and Amelia second).


Rémi won, and Xandra took the opportunity to umm… congratulate him on this win…


Rémi didn’t mind… Sorry Mei-Meikiss for the winner

After the football matches were over, we headed down to the ranch for the equestrian events!
The teens were up first, and could already be sure of a medal, since there were only three participants: Molly, Holly and Kyra.
Molly and Holly seemed to have more in common than similar names and a love for horses, because the first thing these two did was gossip.


Then it was time to get started! It was soon clear it had been a bit too soon for Holly and Kyra to participate in any type of match and Molly was the clear winner. Kyra came in second and Holly was third.teen horsesSoon after the adults got on their horses.


This seemed to be going a lot smoother…adult horses

The race was won by Jacqueline. Her son Harry came in second and Loretta won third place. (I’m sorry for not having a picture of Annie, Sandy, her race was over before I knew it…)

The riders had to head over to the stadium for the medal ceremony.
Here, the medals for the footballers were first handed out.



And then the riders got their medals.



The last event of the day was Martial Arts. Ofelia arrived at the stadium ready for her match and followed by Silas… Who wasn’t a participant…


The first match was between Esme and Jérémy, which Jérémy easily won. Logan competed with Ofelia and was also defeated.martial arts

The final between Jérémy and Ofelia was exciting. These two already knew each other from when they went to Camp Windiwell together and had discussed their mutual love for martial arts on more than one occasion. But who was the strongest…?martial arts final

In the end Jérémy won, which landed Ofelia a second place. Logan had won his match for third place against Esme and thus took home the bronze medal.


Since only two sims had signed up for the adult martial arts event, this unfortunately had to be cancelled.

When all the matches of the day were over, the athletes had the rest of the day to themselves. Holly had invited her new friend Molly to join Kyra and herself at the pool. Molly loved this plan and that’s why, an hour later, these two were at the pool. Gossiping. Again.


Kyra, being less of a gossip girl than her BFF, also liked Molly, but didn’t connect with her the way Holly did…


When the sun started to set on Honeycomb Valley, another foreign visitor was found on the beach with a certain blonde girl.


Even though Jérémy and Sophie were enjoying that sunset, they didn’t like how public this beach was and wanted to go somewhere a bit more private. Sophie told Jérémy there was a private beach a bit further ahead, but if belonged to the mayor and no one was allowed to go there.
The fact that it was forbidden only made the place more attractive as far as Jérémy was concerned and he convinced Sophie to sneak onto the little private beach anyway…


They hadn’t been there long though, when a voice saying “What are you doing here, this is private property” startled them.

It was Max, on one of his rounds.
Jérémy, being one smooth talker, apologised to Max, saying he “didn’t know” because he wasn’t from around here.


Max must have been in a good mood, because he let them of with a warning, but he did stress they had to be gone when he came round here again in a half hour.

Once Max was gone, Jérémy and Sophie sat down together for a little while longer.private spot

“You know”, Sophie said, “I do know of another private place…”

And so the two lovebirds ended up at the forbidden terrain in the industrial part of town.  They made a fire out of some wood and enjoyed finally being completely alone.


Jérémy looked around the terrain and noticed something…private spot 2

“I think that treehouse over there is even more private…”

It was.


Meanwhile, Johnathan was annoyed. He had come to Honeycomb Valley to participate in football and martial arts and he hadn’t even made to round 2 in the former and now the latter got cancelled! He decided to go down to The Bumblebee to drink away his sorrows.
Once there, he found this guy in front of him at the bar taking FOREVER to order a drink though and that was IT for Johnathan! He didn’t hesitate to give Andrew a piece of his mind! johnathan pub

But Andrew being the nice guy he is, didn’t get mad, but instead kindly asked Johnathan what had gotten him so angry.


After Johnathan had uttered his frustrations over the cancellation of the martial arts matches to Andrew, they soon became friends. Andrew did ask Johnathan if he could do a police interview with him though to which Johnathan agreed. Maybe he figure it was for some kind of newspaper…?


Back at the Rainbow Hostel, the Bimlico teens ended their day with a pillow fight!pillowfight

Joshua and Mary, who had booked a private room next to the dorm where the teens slept, knew they wouldn’t get much sleep that night…


See the festival come to an end in…
part 3


This day of the event took ages to play. Due to several crashes, I had to give up the idea of having spectators at the different sports after the football matches. By the end of this day I was totally fed up with the entire event. But I’m no quitter, so I did continue to play the rest of it.
Rémi’s kiss with Xandra wasn’t planned, it was just Xandra being Xandra. Even though I feel sorry for Mei-Mei, I did think kissing Xandra back fitted Rémi’s character. I can totally imagine him taking a “what happens in HV, stays in HV” kind of attitude. As for Sophie and Jérémy’s “step”; I just figured it was time for them. 🙂
Molly and Holly were the biggest joy of this day though! Sara and I had discussed how these two would probably hit it off, and so it made me laugh when the first thing they autonomously did when they met was gossip under a tree.
Silas following Ofelia to her Martial Arts match was also unplanned. He came on his own accord. I really do think this game knows things…
Oh and just to show you how this event really went, here’s a bonus picture taken during the teens’ football match. There’s one ref playing guitar, while the other is reading a book. Mary is telling a ghost story and Billy is passed out on the ground. *Sigh*, Sims will be Sims…


March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt.1)

The residents of Honeycomb Valley grew more and more excited by the day when March rolled around. March meant it was finally time for the long awaited Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival in which local and foreign residents of all ages would compete in various sports.

Day 1: Arrivals of the foreign athletes

Mayor Henry had asked Honeycomb Valley’s biggest busybody most social resident, Patty, to welcome the foreign athletes to Honeycomb Valley and show them around town.
Patty being Patty took this job very seriously and dressed in the Honeycomb Valley’s town colours of orange and white, headed to the bus station early that March morning.


It was a good thing she left home early, because the bus from Bimlico was early as well and pulled in just as Patty arrived.


If any of the Bimlico residents was startled by the chattering blob of orange welcoming them to town, they didn’t show it. Instead they gracefully shook Patty’s hand and nodded their heads when she told them where the hostel was and that she would be there at 2:30 to start the tour around town.


Next, the bus from Sandy Valley arrived. Annie must have been surprised when this lady-in-orange welcomed her with two kisses on the cheek but she didn’t say.
(I was surprised, Annie and Patty had never met, but Patty greeted her with kisses. I’ve only seen this happen one time before and it was when Jacqueline greeted someone in Champs les Sims. It was like she knew Annie was originally French!)

SV arrivals

Jérémy also got welcomed with kisses, but these kisses were very much appreciated! Although, not so much by Erika, it seems. Maybe she doesn’t like public displays of affection?Jeremy arrival

Molly Hayes had not been on the bus from Bimlico. Luke and Susie had driven to Bimlico to pick up Molly’s horse Butter in the trailer, and Molly, not wanting to leave her horse with strangers, had been allowed to join them on the drive back.
Luke had also picked up Prince Noir from Sandy Valley a day earlier.


Aww, Molly and Butter are such good friends! Screenshot-24

Now that Molly had seen her horse was going to be well taken care of during their stay in Honeycomb Valley, Susie took her to the hostel where she’d be staying too.
Here, the athletes from Sandy Valley were already getting acquainted with the athletes from Bimlico. Allison seemed very interested in Billy..get acquainted

At 2:30 exactly, Patty gathered everyone in the lobby of the Rainbow Hostel to start her tour of Honeycomb Valley. “Make sure you keep an eye on me!” she told them. Well, Patty, you’re pretty hard to miss…


Molly was happy and excited to be here, even if she had to go on a tour with a lady in orange.


Johnathan and Rémi were less amused… But I think they hoped Patty would show them to the pub!


The first stop on the tour wasn’t a pub though, it was the City Hall. Patty shouted a bit of Honeycomb Valley history at the guests, but not everyone seemed interested.


Then, the group walked to the Parks of the Separated Sisters.


Here, Patty took the time to tell the urban legend of the sisters and how they got separated.parks

This story proved to be a bit too scary for Billy, who passed out. (He said it was because it was boring though, but I think he was just a bit of a coward 😉 )


Molly was still very happy and excited.


And Annie got totally caught up in the story.


Once the story was over, the group walked to the underground station to travel to Bumblebee Quarter.metro

Once there, Patty told them a bit about the history of this part of town, after which she left them to their own devices.


Ofelia immediately started mocking Erika. Don’t let her get to you too much, Erika, she can’t help it…


Joshua and Mary, neither of them sims who appreciate big groups of strangers, wandered off for some one on one time by the canals.


Rémi quickly found The Bumblebee and was so happy, he had a dance with bargirl Veronica.


Jérémy never even went along on the tour. For him, part of the whole purpose of coming to Honeycomb Valley was so he could hang out with his Sophie. They met in the playpark, where Esme and her cousin Isa were also hanging out.


This was unfortunate for our lovebirds, because Esme obviously immediately interfered in their rendezvous.


Thankfully, they were able to shake her off and spend some time together.


Day 2: The Honeycomb Valley Run

The next morning marked the start of the festival. The very first event would be the Honeycomb Valley Run. A run divided over three distances for three different age groups. The children, 5-11 years old, were up first. As you may remember from the apple bobbing at the last day of school past June, Ellie is very competitive and she was determined to win this run today. She got up early to make sure she was well prepared and finished her breakfast before her sister had even started.


Lots of people gathered for the opening of the festival. It was still quite cold this early spring morning, but hopefully the weather would pick up.


Mayor Henry opened the festival and introduced the judges/referees for the coming events:
Amelia Ward, professional swimmer, would judge swimming.
Dylan Stevens, professional football player, would judge football and basketball.
Christopher Brown, professional football player, would judge football and martial arts.
Luke Bennett, professional rider, would judge the equestrian event.


The rules of the event were as follows:
* Professional athletes are not allowed to compete in the sport they specialise in, but are allowed to compete in other sports.
* Any form of favouring of family members or loved ones by judges will be punished with a substantial fee.
* All sports will be played out as individual matches. This means that, even in team sports such as football and basketball, the games will be played by shootouts/contests between two sims.
* Any athlete caught cheating will immediately be disqualified.
* Walking out of a match for whatever reason will be considered forfeiting the game and the athlete in question will not be allowed to re-enter the match.

Then, the children gathered at the start for their run.


And they were off! And look who it is in leading position? It’s Ellie!!ellie ahead

The run for the little ones wasn’t very long, it stretched from the stadium, down the hill, to the corner at City Hall and then back up again to the stadium. So after about a half hour, the children were appearing again, heading for the finish line. Who would win it…?


And the winner is… ELLIE! She did it! The Chapman brothers also made the podium, with Riley coming in second and Tyler coming in third.ellie wins

Once all the kids were in, it was the teens’ turn. Jérémy was the first foreigner to participate in an event.


The teens had to run a bit further and soon the distance between them grew. When Trisha was still on her way to the corner where they had to turn back, Jérémy was already on his way up again.trisha jeremy

After 48.08 minutes, the first runner made it across the finish line. It was Ruby!


She was followed by Logan and then Jérémy.


Ellie seemed to think it was only right she won gold.


Jérémy wasn’t too bothered about this medal. After all, he came to win one in martial arts!


When the evening started to fall, all participants over 18 gathered at the start. It was a big group! Mary seemed very determined!


There they went! Abbey started off at slow pace.run abbey run

Andrew was very fast! He was already at the fire station…


…when the others were still making their way down the hill.


And when the others arrived at the firestation, Andrew was already at the beach…


It was no wonder Andrew was the first to cross the finish line, with a time of 46:06!


Lillian was very proud of her husband!


While Andrew was already putting on his coat, the rest of group had finally made it to the beach.


The race for second place was to be more exciting than the race for first. In the end, it was Evelyn who came in second, at 1:23:45.


And Mary was third, at 1:24:20.


Then the rest of the group followed quickly. Abbey was last, because she walked the entire way.


Of course, the winners of this run also got a medal. Mary was very excited about hers!


And so, the first event of the festival had taken place and everyone went home excited for what the next days would bring!

More sports in
part 2


It was a lot of fun to play the run. It really was all fair, all the runners started at the same time. But sims will be sims, so along the way, some stopped for a bit because there was another sim in front of them. Eventually they all continued. It was good to see Ellie win, even though she’s a blob of pixels, I really think she wanted this ;). Andrew was a HUGE surprise. He really was MILES ahead of the rest. And I hadn’t given him any other instructions! He just ran faster. Afterwards, I found out he has 10 athletic skills, probably from all those water sports he did in Isla Paradiso. Abbey made me laugh. I had told her to “jog here”, just like the rest of the group, but she refused to run. She just kept on walking, no matter what I did. It was probably a glitch, but it was funny regardless. Abbey doesn’t run. Hmmm, not sure this is a good quality for a cop…