March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 2)

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Day 3: Football, Equestrian, Martial Arts and some free time

The next morning was very excited for the Stevens family. Dylan would be the referee at the football matches (I’m European, I refuse to call it soccer, even if my game does 😉 ) today and both Sadie and Esme would participate. They started the day off with a family breakfast.

breakfast at stevens

“No phones at the table Esme.”
If looks could kill…

Julliet‘s waffles were welcomed by all.


The teens, who would play the first matches, all arrived at the stadium in time.
They had been divided into couples. Each couple would have a shootout. Player A would get three shots with player B in goal and then the roles would reverse. For every goal scored, or every ball saved, the player would get one point. After both players had their turn in goal, the points would be added up and the one with the most points would proceed to round 2. If both players had an equal amount of points, they would continue the shootout until one of them won.


And they were ready! There were some great shots and some brilliant teens

Some players didn’t take their job seriously at all, while others took it VERY seriously.serious vs not so serious

Esme, being the daughter of a professional football player, clearly knew what she was doing.


During halftime there was time for a bit of flirting.


After which Trisha, Jeffrey, Esme, Sadie, Seth and Amy played the second round.
Eventually the final went between the Stevens sisters…

battle of the sisters

Sadie won! Esme ended in second place and third place was for Trisha.
Sadie celebrated her victory by taking a selfie with her boyfriend.selfie

Then it was the adults’ turn! The same rules adults

Of course football isn’t football without someone overreacting to a fall…


During half time, there was, again, some flirting… Ummm, Xandra, Rémi has a girlfriend back home… Oh, never mind, it’s not like you care about things like that…


Rémi also found some time to do his university cheer…


During the second round, Rémi came up against Lexie. But halfway through their match, Lexie suddenly walked out of her goal…


…because she saw her husband flirting with Amelia!


Shame on you Christopher! Lexie is not one to stand for this kind of behaviour, even if it means she just lost her match!


Eventually, Xandra and Rémi had to battle it out for third place (Theo came first, and Amelia second).


Rémi won, and Xandra took the opportunity to umm… congratulate him on this win…


Rémi didn’t mind… Sorry Mei-Meikiss for the winner

After the football matches were over, we headed down to the ranch for the equestrian events!
The teens were up first, and could already be sure of a medal, since there were only three participants: Molly, Holly and Kyra.
Molly and Holly seemed to have more in common than similar names and a love for horses, because the first thing these two did was gossip.


Then it was time to get started! It was soon clear it had been a bit too soon for Holly and Kyra to participate in any type of match and Molly was the clear winner. Kyra came in second and Holly was third.teen horsesSoon after the adults got on their horses.


This seemed to be going a lot smoother…adult horses

The race was won by Jacqueline. Her son Harry came in second and Loretta won third place. (I’m sorry for not having a picture of Annie, Sandy, her race was over before I knew it…)

The riders had to head over to the stadium for the medal ceremony.
Here, the medals for the footballers were first handed out.



And then the riders got their medals.



The last event of the day was Martial Arts. Ofelia arrived at the stadium ready for her match and followed by Silas… Who wasn’t a participant…


The first match was between Esme and Jérémy, which Jérémy easily won. Logan competed with Ofelia and was also defeated.martial arts

The final between Jérémy and Ofelia was exciting. These two already knew each other from when they went to Camp Windiwell together and had discussed their mutual love for martial arts on more than one occasion. But who was the strongest…?martial arts final

In the end Jérémy won, which landed Ofelia a second place. Logan had won his match for third place against Esme and thus took home the bronze medal.


Since only two sims had signed up for the adult martial arts event, this unfortunately had to be cancelled.

When all the matches of the day were over, the athletes had the rest of the day to themselves. Holly had invited her new friend Molly to join Kyra and herself at the pool. Molly loved this plan and that’s why, an hour later, these two were at the pool. Gossiping. Again.


Kyra, being less of a gossip girl than her BFF, also liked Molly, but didn’t connect with her the way Holly did…


When the sun started to set on Honeycomb Valley, another foreign visitor was found on the beach with a certain blonde girl.


Even though Jérémy and Sophie were enjoying that sunset, they didn’t like how public this beach was and wanted to go somewhere a bit more private. Sophie told Jérémy there was a private beach a bit further ahead, but if belonged to the mayor and no one was allowed to go there.
The fact that it was forbidden only made the place more attractive as far as Jérémy was concerned and he convinced Sophie to sneak onto the little private beach anyway…


They hadn’t been there long though, when a voice saying “What are you doing here, this is private property” startled them.

It was Max, on one of his rounds.
Jérémy, being one smooth talker, apologised to Max, saying he “didn’t know” because he wasn’t from around here.


Max must have been in a good mood, because he let them of with a warning, but he did stress they had to be gone when he came round here again in a half hour.

Once Max was gone, Jérémy and Sophie sat down together for a little while longer.private spot

“You know”, Sophie said, “I do know of another private place…”

And so the two lovebirds ended up at the forbidden terrain in the industrial part of town.  They made a fire out of some wood and enjoyed finally being completely alone.


Jérémy looked around the terrain and noticed something…private spot 2

“I think that treehouse over there is even more private…”

It was.


Meanwhile, Johnathan was annoyed. He had come to Honeycomb Valley to participate in football and martial arts and he hadn’t even made to round 2 in the former and now the latter got cancelled! He decided to go down to The Bumblebee to drink away his sorrows.
Once there, he found this guy in front of him at the bar taking FOREVER to order a drink though and that was IT for Johnathan! He didn’t hesitate to give Andrew a piece of his mind! johnathan pub

But Andrew being the nice guy he is, didn’t get mad, but instead kindly asked Johnathan what had gotten him so angry.


After Johnathan had uttered his frustrations over the cancellation of the martial arts matches to Andrew, they soon became friends. Andrew did ask Johnathan if he could do a police interview with him though to which Johnathan agreed. Maybe he figure it was for some kind of newspaper…?


Back at the Rainbow Hostel, the Bimlico teens ended their day with a pillow fight!pillowfight

Joshua and Mary, who had booked a private room next to the dorm where the teens slept, knew they wouldn’t get much sleep that night…


See the festival come to an end in…
part 3


This day of the event took ages to play. Due to several crashes, I had to give up the idea of having spectators at the different sports after the football matches. By the end of this day I was totally fed up with the entire event. But I’m no quitter, so I did continue to play the rest of it.
Rémi’s kiss with Xandra wasn’t planned, it was just Xandra being Xandra. Even though I feel sorry for Mei-Mei, I did think kissing Xandra back fitted Rémi’s character. I can totally imagine him taking a “what happens in HV, stays in HV” kind of attitude. As for Sophie and Jérémy’s “step”; I just figured it was time for them. 🙂
Molly and Holly were the biggest joy of this day though! Sara and I had discussed how these two would probably hit it off, and so it made me laugh when the first thing they autonomously did when they met was gossip under a tree.
Silas following Ofelia to her Martial Arts match was also unplanned. He came on his own accord. I really do think this game knows things…
Oh and just to show you how this event really went, here’s a bonus picture taken during the teens’ football match. There’s one ref playing guitar, while the other is reading a book. Mary is telling a ghost story and Billy is passed out on the ground. *Sigh*, Sims will be Sims…


8 thoughts on “March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 2)

  1. Ooh, part two! 😀
    Love the way you organised the football. What a wonderful idea!! 😀 And congratulations Sadie for your win!
    Poor Lexie! What was Christopher thinking???
    Well done Theo for winning! This event looks like so much fun! (Although having read your notes, I can see it wasn’t so fun to play!!!)
    Remi! What are we going to do with you? Poor Mei-Mei!! (Did Annie see this? Is there a possibility she might tell Mei-Mei when they get back to Sandy Valley?)
    Holly and Kyra did well, given that they haven’t been riding that long! Well done girls, and congratulations to Molly for her win!! 😀
    And go Jeremy for winning the martial arts competition! That’s what you arrived for!!! 😀
    It’s great to see Molly and Holly getting along so well! 😀


    • Christopher was a bad bad guy! Just earlier that day he had been all excited because it was his “anniversary”. I don’t know how he figured that though, they got married in January 04 and this was March 05, but time and my game have a weird understanding.
      There’s definitely a possibility Mei-Mei will find out what Rémi did, yeah…
      Sophie and Jérémy in the treehouse… oh well…


  2. Aaha, Esme’s look is indeed a killer! Have I said how much I loved that girl? 😉

    Football! YAY! (geez, sisters, what are you doing of me? I first was excited by Sara’s football club, and now you get me excited by a football match?!!!)
    Ah, it’s lovely to see how everyone is playing! Billy did take it easy! 😀
    Awwww, and look at all these flirts! Daniel and Sadie (congratulations, my girl, and congrats to Esme too!), Jérémy and Sophie! Who could have guessed a football field could be such a romantic place?! certainly not me!
    Xandra!!!! Rémi!!!! Oooooooooh!!!!! Ooooh…. yes, I must say I can totally see why these two ones could get on so well… 😀
    aahaha, OMG, what mess with Lexie!!! I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I laughed out loud. *lol* Your football field is based on an old woohoomium mine or what? *lol* Did the athletes took some prohibited hormones before playing? *chuckle*
    AH! WHAT! A KISS between Rémi and Xandra?!!! But what’s that football field, seriously?! *rofl* Awww, my sweet, I’ve never appreciated more a football match in my whole life! I’ve been laughing too hard!

    Awww, how Molly and Holly are too adorable at giggling like crazy teens! These two ones were sure made to be friends! 😀

    Awww (again), at Silas following Ofi at the Martial Arts! Aww, I suspect Jérémy to have been stronger than usual to impress Sophie! 😉

    Aw, it’s cute that Kyra isn’t that much into gossiping, and it’s so funny to see Holly and Molly giggling all the time!!! 😀

    Ok, you make it very hard to not start all my paragraphs by a “AWWWWW”, but here, seriously, I can’t skip it…
    AWWWWWWW, look how Jérémy and Sophie are so cute at the beach like this!!
    oops, caught by police!!!! Oh. Oh. Sophie has some ideas behind the head, let me tell you… YES, see that!! Wow. This is getting really serious, indeed! ❤

    Ahaha, Johnathan being agressive… *roll eyes* That's so my guy. *sigh* It's already good that he didn't start a fight and end up in jail! :p

    Yeah for a good pillow fight!

    Ahaha, I love that out-of-scene picture!!! So hilarious!!! Billy cracks me up. Definitively!

    Brilliant part 2, Kim!!! I'm jumping to part 3!


    • Hehe, I loved that look on Esme too! It’s so very Esme!

      It’s a weird universe where we get excited about football, isn’t it. I surprised myself with this entire event! It was actually sort of a relief when I started to get fed up with it. At least that’s my natural state, disliking sports!

      Xandra and Rémi, they’re like two peas in a pot, really. Neither one of them likes serious commitment much, but boy, do they love to flirt!
      LOL @ Woohoomium mine! I hope it’s not, because I built something new there now, which is supposed to be peaceful and serene, not a place for raging hormones!

      Molly and Holly, they’re too awesome together! Jérémy was a rightful winner, but both he and Ofi were better than my simmies, who hardly ever did any martial arts to begin with!

      Sophie was being much more mischievous than she usually is, haha! Maybe Jérémy and Sophie are a bit yin and yang. She making him a bit more serious and he’s making her a bit more playful.

      It’s very good Johnathan didn’t start a fight and that Andrew is such a good guy, because he was talking to a police officer there…

      Haha, Billy! Sara’s sims almost all have the most the most creative combination of traits I’ve ever seen, and it’s making them act in ways I’ve never seen with my own simmies. I love it! They’re such characters!


      • Aaaw, I love your idea of Sophie and Jérémy as ying&yang! That’s so true, and it makes them even the more of a great couple ❤

        And thank you for the note about my sims' traits! With some of them, like Billy, I really tried to make them "complex", so it's great to hear that *smooch*


  3. What a excited day ahead!

    Haha, the teens’ football match looks like fun! Oh dear, not everyone took it seriously, huh?

    HOORAY for Sadie!

    Haha, typically Rémi to spend the half time flirting *facepalm*

    :-O WHAT!! Christopher!!! Good thing Lexie told him off!

    Another :-O Xandra!! Oh yeah, Rémi didn’t mind, you don’t say *rolls eyes*

    Aaaaw, Molly and Holly! It’s so cute!!
    Wow, Holly’s horse is gorgeous (although I can sort of only see its butt *chuckle*)

    Well done, Molly!! *claps* I’m so proud!!

    Uh-oh, Ofelia is ready to fight!! (and Silas is ready to watch… *brow*)
    Oh my word, Ofelia looks like she’s kicking Logan in the head :-O (She also looks pretty awesome, so…) Oh, Jérémy vs. Ofi! How exciting! She looks pretty happy about second place *claps* Well done!!

    *claps* Eeep, I love Holly+Molly!! They look like they’re having so much fun at the swimming pool!

    Awww, J+S ❤ ❤ Haha, a forbidden beach is perfect for Jérémy!! These two, these two….. Getting into trouble *giggle*

    Oh no, Johnathan! Hahaha, that's male logic, right there! Fight, then become best friends *lol*

    Aaaaaw *tearyeyes* Look at my cute simmies!!
    Joshua and Mary look so happy in their private room *giggle* I told you this was like a honeymoon for them ;D

    Oh, Kim, it's so cute how Molly and Holly instantly hit it off – just like we predicted!! They're going to be great friends!!


    • Ah yes, It was very Rémi not to mind that kiss… And very Xandra to try it!

      Hahahaha, yes, you can only see Holly’s horse’s butt! He’s Luke’s though, Holly just rides him. She’s a bit jealous of Molly for having her own horse!

      Hehe, Logan already knows Ofi from Winidwell, so he’s used to her. She beat him easily though! I guess those few moves Logan did in China didn’t make him a martial art expert just yet…

      Holly and Molly, oh my word, they’re so AWESOME together! I think it’s a good thing for Kyra that Molly isn’t living in Honeycomb Valley, because then she might have lost her best friend…

      Your pillow fighting simmies were amazing! They looked to be having so much fun!


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