March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 3)

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part 2

Day 4: Basketball, Swimming and goodbyes

The last day of the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival started with basketball. As had been the case the previous day, the teens started the day. Also similar to football was the fact that everyone had been coupled up. Each couple had a hoops contest in which they each got three shots at the hoop. The one of the pair with the most baskets would proceed to the next round, which was dunks. The person winning that round would have their points from both matches added to decide whether they won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

But they started off with hoops.
Martha lost her match against Joel, which was unsurprising as immediately afterwards she fell asleep on the bench…

basketball teens

When Finn was up against Silas, Rachel couldn’t stop looking at him. *Sigh*, he’s still so dreamy, and,most importantly, single again!


Meanwhile, Esme had made a new friend. Ah yes, I can totally see why these girls hit it off!


Allison was good at more than just giggles and gossip, which she proved by beating Finn in the dunking round.dunks

Rachel fell during her match against Seth, but still managed to beat him.


In the end, Allison won first place, Billy came in second, and Rachel got third place.

Then the sims aged 18 or over had their turn. basketball over 18

Both Seth and Sarah made it to round 2, where they ended up playing each other. Despite Seth being really good, Sarah won this match. Maybe Seth let his girlfriend win…?


Two very serious women in round 2…


Evelyn won! Amy landed a silver medal, and Sarah got bronze. Well done, ladies!

The next event of the day was swimming.
Joel was up against Ruby and Allison. He really wanted to win this, since he hadn’t won anything yet.


And he did! He reached the end of the pool, before Allison had even gotten into the water. Maybe she felt her golden basketball medal was enough?


The next match was between Emily, Trisha and Jérémy. Emily won this match.


Then it was Ofelia, Sophie and Jeffrey battling it out.


After Ofelia’s unfortunate slip on the diving board (she wasn’t hurt), Jeffrey won.Screenshot-495

And so, the final was between Jeffrey, Emily and Joel.

swim final teens

It may not be very clear to see in this picture, but Joel beat Jeffrey by a slight margin. Finally, gold for Joel!


Soon after, the adults were ready for their matches.
Mary, David and Wendy were up first. Nice dive Mary!jump

Whether it had been that great dive or something else, Mary was on a roll and easily won her match.


Then it was her husband’s turn. Joshua was up against Erika and Kai.


He didn’t land in the water as gracefully as his wife had done though…fall

But it didn’t matter, despite that awful landing, Joshua still won!


Annie got to battle it out with her ex boyfriend and Eva.


As you can see, Rémi won, but I’m still doubting whether he didn’t cheat at the start…


And so, the final was between Mary, Rémi and Joshua.


And they’re off!


Oooooh… this is going to be close…


Rémi won, but only just. Joshua ended in second place and Mary brought home her second bronze medal.


Of course Emily, Joel and Jeffrey also received their medals.


As did the basketball winners.



And so, all the sports had been played. The time to close the festival had come. And for this occasion, a party had been organised on the football field.
Even when it was still early, people already started to gather on the field.


Sophie and Jérémy had a little dance, but hey, look who’s interfering again…


Joshua is not one for parties, so he read his book instead.


No Honeycomb Valley event is complete without a performance by The Hot Wings.

Screenshot-566 concert

People seemed to enjoy their performance.


Lucas tended the bar again.


He was really loving it, just as he had at his aunts anniversary a month ago and was starting to wonder if maybe bartender would be a better profession for him than kitchen scullion…


The party ended before the evening fell, because in the evening the buses to Bimlico and Sandy Valley would come in to take the visitors back home again.


The bus to Bimlico came in first. Patty bid the guest farewell.


And Holly came to say goodbye to her new friend as well. Maybe they’ll see each other again soon? There’s this great summercamp coming up again next summer?bye bye friend

After the Bimlico residents had left, it was the bus to Sandy Valley which rolled into the station.
Xandra came to say goodbye to Rémi. I’m not sure what Annie was thinking witnessing her ex boyfriend cheating on yet another girlfriend…


Sophie had LOVED having Jérémy this close for a while and really didn’t like having to say goodbye to him again. You’ll probably see him again soon though, Soph. I’m sure of it!


Allison and Esme said goodbye by doing what they do best: gossiping!


Luke also had a few goodbyes to take care off. Goodbye to his new friends Butter and Prince Noir!goodbye horses


And with Luke riding off to take the horses back to where they belong, the festival was really over. It had been good, but the residents of Honeycomb Valley were also looking forward to calmer times…

6 thoughts on “March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 3)

  1. And now for part three! (You kept me busy reading this afternoon, Kimmie! 😉 )
    Basketball! Well done to Allison and Evelyn for their wins! (This is so fun to watch/read! 😀 )
    Love the way you’ve organised the swimming!! The lines look great!
    Gold for Joel! YAY!! 😀
    And well done Remi for your win! 😀
    LOVE the idea of the party being on the football field, that’s so fitting!! ❤
    That would be great, if Holly and Molly met up at summer camp this year!! 😀
    Awwww, Sophie and Jeremy!!! ❤ ❤
    What a lot of fun!!! I had so much fun reading this!!!!!! 😀 Great job, Kimmie!!


  2. Awwwwww, I love Rachel’s look on Finn!!!! That’s so adorable!!! Yes, girl, go for it!!! (I giggled at Silas’s panicked look! :D)
    Oh dear, yes, Esme and Allison are made to be friends! 😀
    Oooh, and swimming now!!! Wow, these Sims were so incredibly busy!! And so you were, my sweet! I so, so imagine the hell it can be to organize!! But I can tell it’s really great to read!!

    WOW, look at this, and the Hot Wings did get to play to that event! WOW! That’s big!
    *lol* @ Joshua and his book. There’s no good parties without a bookworm who ignores it completely! ;D
    I love how Patty seems to walk through people and to make sure everything is going fine and everyone happy! *hugs to Grand-ma Patty! ;)*

    Awww, no, farewells already!!! See how Billy seems all sad to leave!!!!
    Oh, indeed, Camp Windiwell would be great for Molly! Exactly the kinds of outdoors activities she could enjoy!!
    Uh oh…. Annie is witnessing Rémi cheating on Mei-Mei… Interesting… And he kissed Xandra in front of Allison who is Miss Gossips… I’m not sure that kiss can be secret forever….
    Awww, Jérémy and Sophie!! Guys, don’t make us marrying you already! :p
    AH! See, it’s exactly what I was saying about Allison! You know that girl! ;D
    Awwwwww, Luke and his new friends!! That’s beyond cute!!

    Awww, my sweet, that was excellent! Really, the awfully hard work you put in there showed completely! It was great to read, fun and exciting! (you made sports sound exciting, you realize what challenge is that? ;D)
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re the absolute winner, my dear! ❤ ❤ ❤



    • It was so cute to see Rachel stare at Finn like that. I really don’t think she’s over him, even though one sided crushes are not actually possible in game, the way Rachel always responds to Finn-situations, really makes it seem like they are…

      Esme and Allison! I didn’t think of this combination beforehand, but when I saw them together, I figured, of course! They’re pretty much the same in many ways.

      Of course The Hot Wings had to play! The end party was actually something I thought up much later, once all the games were done. But it was a fitting end to the event.

      Ah yes, Annie definitely saw that kiss. And so did Allison. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the gossip she was telling Esme later! I think she also told Esme about her best friend getting pregnant by the way, but I don’t think she knew by who.

      Hmmm, how will things continue with Sophie and Jérémy… It’s still going well so far…

      Thank you for all your lovely (and extensive!) comments, my dear! And thank you for your compliments as well. I loved having your simmies over and I loved reading your comments!

      LOVE BACK!


  3. Hahaha, Martha is funny! That short exercise was very exhausting for her *lol*

    Hahaha, Allison and Esme! Yes, I can totally see that! Wow, and Allison is pretty amazing at basketball too *claps*

    Well done for the teens!!

    Haha, Amy looks like she means serious business!!! *lol* And it paid off – 2nd place!! *cheers*

    I adore the matching swimming caps!!
    Bwaahahahahaha @ Ofelia’s fall!!!
    YES, well done Joel!! I was rooting for you!!

    Wow, Mary, what a dive! *lol* Uh-oh, poor Joshua!!! What!! He won *toofunny* (That picture from above is genius, Kim!!!)
    GO ANNIE!!! Oh no… Rémi won….
    Ooooh, GOOOO BIMLICO!!!
    AHAHAHAHAAHA, what a way to start the final swim!!! That is hilarious!!!
    Congrats to Rémi, I think his youth is to blame for that win 😛 😛

    Oh gosh, Allison on the podium is priceless!

    YES, party time!!! Uh-oh, but on the romance-inducing football field *giggle*

    HOT WING!!! I bet Silas was feeling super stoked!

    *claps* YES!!! Holly and Molly will reunite at Summer Camp *bounces*

    Oh man, poor Annie having to see that…. And Erika doesn’t really look like she’s approving either!

    Oh no, it’s always difficult to say goodbye to the lovebird 😥

    Aaaaaw!! Luke is so cute!

    Kim, I know this festival was a pain in the butt, but it was totally amazing to read!! I had so much fun as it looks like my sims did!!


    • *Lol* I don’t think Martha was very committed to it to be honest. I think she just participated because she wanted to be involved. 🙂
      Allison was great!

      Bimlico was doing well on swimming! Especially the Hayes! They’re taking home three medals in total after this event!

      There wasn’t much romance at the party, but it was an afternoon party after all, so maybe that helped.

      Yay for Molly coming to Windiwell!

      Thank you for your amazing comments lovely! It was so fun to read them!



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