Miss Harrison

Harrison, Morgan - ya bordered

Morgan Harrison moved to Honeycomb Valley from Bridgeport because she didn’t want to raise her future child in the city. She knew Honeycomb Valley from her visits to her brother and thought it would be the perfect place for her to go and make her dream come true. This dream is being a mother. No, Morgan has no boyfriend, no husband, but she is going to be a mother. Single. By choice.
A long time ago, Morgan did have a boyfriend. She was 18, Jonas was 20 when they met and he was the love of her life. They were extremely happy together and already talked about the family they would one day start. But then disaster struck. It was February ’91 and Jonas had been out with friends. There had been torrential rain all night and Jonas never saw the truck approaching him until it was too late. The doctors said he hadn’t suffered, but Morgan still lost her great love.
Since Jonas, there had been a few others, but nothing lasted, because none of them was Jonas.
However, the wish to be a mother remained. And so Morgan eventually decided to make her wish come true by herself. Next step: a donor!

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: September 1969
  • Traits: Brave, family oriented, bookworm, eco friendly, artistic
  • Job: Author of children’s books
  • Father: Mr. Harrison
  • Mother: Mrs. Harrison
  • Siblings: Kai
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Joel (nephew), Jayden (nephew)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Lost Jonas, the love of her life, in a tragic car accident and no man has ever been able to fill his shoes.



In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
April 05: Spring Surprises
May 05: Changes
* October 05: Moving On
* January 06: Life and Death

6 thoughts on “Miss Harrison

  1. Hello Morgan! I absolutely love her, and can’t wait to really meet her in your new story 🙂
    It must be wonderful for her to move to the awesome Honeycomb Valley, both so she can make her dream come true, but also so she can be close to her family! Her baby will have two sweet cousins here too 😀


  2. Hello Morgan! It’s a pleasure to meet you!! Aww, your love story with Jonas broke my heart, sweetie (I’m sorry to already call you “sweetie”, while we just met, but I can’t help!). It’s so awesome to see you starting a new life, though, realizing that so dear wish to your heart. You’ll be a fantastic mother. I know.
    All the best! ❤


    • Morgan is pleased to meet you too Sandy! Yes, losing Jonas was very sad indeed, but even though she misses him, she’s generally happy. Especially now that she’s making her wish come true! 🙂


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