April 05: Spring Surprises (Pt. 2)

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Blind Date

That night, Rachel helped her little sister get ready. As the day had progressed, Ruby actually did get excited for her “blind date”. Who would it be? Many names and faces had already gone through her head, but she just couldn’t figure it out.

best sisters

When she was all done, Ruby got on her brother’s bike (hers was lost again…) and rode to the park.


As she walked over the bridge towards the island, she saw her and immediately recognised her…




Ruby was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t know Trisha all that well, but from the couple of times they’d hung out, she seemed like a lovely, cheerful and funny girl.


“I didn’t expect it to be you!”
“Hehe, I hope it’s not too big a disappointment!”

“No! No, not at all…”

Ruby and Trisha spent the entire evening hanging around in the park chatting and getting to know each other better.

hanging out

Time flew by and before long, it was time to say goodbye.


“Thank you for meeting me, Ruby. I had a really nice time tonight!”
“No, thank YOU for being brave enough to text me. This has been wonderful!”

Trisha sure was brave. Brave enough even to try…


And Ruby was surprised to find her heart do a little jump…

Back home she told her big sister all about her night.


Rachel was very happy for her little sis!


And Ruby just couldn’t stop talking about it all…


…Until they were interrupted by their mum… Screenshot-129

Hannah needs a hobby to get through this burn out…


While Trisha was with Ruby at the park, her brother went to Foster’s to meet Morgan


They sat down and ordered a drink and Morgan explained the details of her plan to Gareth.


She was soon interrupted by him though…
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I said, I’d LOVE to help you out! So, how about we get to it? Your place or mine? I’m a healthy guy, I can go all night long and as many times as is needed!”

Morgan was appalled…


“What?! No! We do this at the hospital!”
“The hospital? Okay, not my first choice, but hey, they have beds there. Or are you a public place kinda gal? All fine by me baby, we can do it anywhere you like!”

Morgan had heard enough and got up to leave before their drinks had even arrived. Gareth stopped her though.


“Aww baby, don’t go, we’re just getting started. Look, maybe I came on a bit strong, it’s just you’re so fiiiiine I can’t control myself y’know. Let’s just do this baby, it’s win-win, right? You get something, I get something.”

At this point Morgan just got angry.


“Just get out of my way ,okay! You’re disgusting and wish we’d never met!”


“Oh, that’s how it is? First you say you want a baby and then I come and graciously offer to help you and then suddenly you get all prudish? Fine! I’ll go then! Some mum you will be if you aren’t even willing to put in the effort to MAKE a child!”

And with that, Gareth left.

Morgan was left feeling distraught. It seemed this donor search would never end well. All she attracted were creepy men…

After another week of no more emails, Morgan was really feeling down and decided to treat herself to a new outfit to feel better…


Yes, at least she looked good…


And there was more good to come as she would go to City Hall tomorrow to sign the buyers contract which would make her owner of a lovely little house in The Greenery. Although she was starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just return to Bridgeport…

But when she got back to the hostel and opened her laptop to work on her book a bit more, she found she had an email, subject: donorsearch.sim


Anxiously, Morgan opened it… It was long…

David mail

“Dear Morgan,

How are you? And how is your book coming along?
My name is David Stewart and I write to you in response to your ad on donorsearch.sim. My husband Bradley and I immediately liked you, but we’ve put off writing to you as I figured we’re probably not what you’re looking for. However, my ever persuasive spouse eventually convinced me there’s no harm in trying. 😉

Let me start of by telling you a bit more about us. I’m 28 and Brad is 32. We’ve been married for 4 years now. I work as a desk clerk at City Hall and Bradley is in the military. We have a dog, Voice, who we love, but our family isn’t quite as complete as we’d like it to be yet. We would love to be dads, even if it’s just part time.

With this wish in mind, we started searching on donorsearch.sim for a woman who was looking for someone to co-parent with. So far we haven’t been able to find someone who’d be a good match. They either live too far away or aren’t really a match for us.
And then there was you! Funny, sweet, beautiful and living in Honeycomb Valley on top of that! Like I said, we were immediately excited to have found you. And then we saw you clicked the box saying you were looking for a donor and not a co-parent… You can imagine our disappointment…

So I guess I’m writing you in hope you might reconsider. I know this is a big decision and not something to take lightly, but we can tell you up front we’re willing to work out an arrangement which makes all three of us happy. Together, we could make three wishes come true and give this baby three parents who will love him/her to the moon.

Thank you for your time to read this email either way. We hope to hear from you. You can reply to this email, send us a message through donorsearch or call us on 634-713905.

Good luck with your adventure.

David (and Bradley) Stewart

Ps: Attached you find a picture of us. I’m the dark-haired one.”

The email left Morgan speechless… True, she wasn’t looking for a co-parenting situation because of all the hassle that gave. What to with birthdays and Christmas? And she also didn’t think she could bare to be without her child frequently… But these guys… They seemed so sweet and kind. And did it say Bradley was in the military? Maybe Kai knew him then! It was worth asking about…

After a lot of thinking, Morgan decided to give David a call. At least it couldn’t be worse than the meeting with Gareth had been…


David also sounded nice on the phone and was extremely excited Morgan called him. They decided to meet the next day after Morgan’s appointment about the house.

Residents for The Greenery

The next morning Morgan was first to arrive in Henry‘s office.


Usually, when Sims bought houses in Honeycomb Valley, they had to go through estate agent Leonard, but in this case, Henry dealt with everything considering The Greenery himself. It was his project after all.


Soon, Colin and Grace arrived as well, as both the Mason and the Anderson family had also decided to go for it.Screenshot-244

Henry explained what living in The Greenery meant for its residents. Sims wanting to live there had to sign a contract saying they agreed to living entirely eco friendly, which meant they weren’t allowed to own cars and dryers (washing machines were allowed) and had to always be conscious about separating their trash and composting.eco rules

Everyone agreed to this and they all signed their contracts. Congratulations! You are now neighbours!



Morgan’s exciting day had not come to an end yet though, as she headed to the pancake house to meet David and Bradley…

co parent meeting

The boys were as nervous as Morgan was, and they all decided to have some pancakes to calm their nerves.


After they had all finished eating, they discussed their hopes and dreams. Morgan told them about her concerns with a co-parenting situation and the boys told Morgan about their wish to be dads and how they really wouldn’t mind if this was only part time. They were willing to work out any kind of arrangement Morgan felt comfortable with.

Morgan had a lot to think about, but she was really starting to warm to the idea of co-parenting with these men. They were just so lovely and they wanted this so badly!
If Morgan actually does decide to go for it with David and Bradley, we’ll see that in May… For now she has a lot to consider!


Sometimes images speak louder than words…



daddy to be



April 05: Spring Surprises (Pt. 1)

After the busy month of March, the Honeycombers were looking forward to a peaceful and relaxed April. For some of them this month had a few spring surprises in store though…


Early April 05 a bus arrived in Honeycomb Valley. A woman with a suitcase and a backpack got off. Her name was Morgan and she had a message to send…


“Hey bro, you’d never guess where I am! At the Honeycomb Valley bus station! Care to meet me for a cup of tea later?”

But the brother in question was so surprised to hear his sister was in town, he texted her back saying he would not meet her for tea later, he would come pick her up at the bus station right away!

About ten minutes later, Kai arrived to meet his sister whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.


“What are you doing here?! And a suitcase? Are you staying?”
“Yeah, I booked a room at the hostel. Only for a little while though, I hope to find a place soon!”
“A place?! You mean, to live? You’re actually moving here? But I thought you liked living in Bridgeport?”
“Let’s go for that tea, big brother, I’ll explain all…”

And so Morgan and Kai sat down at The Tea Cosy where Morgan had big news to share with Kai.

telling kai

“So you know how my biggest wish has always been to be a mum? But how I haven’t been able to find anyone to settle down with after losing Jonas? Well, I’m not getting any younger, so I decided I’m going to do it by myself. I didn’t want to raise a child in the city though and I also think it’s important for him or her to have family around. Therefore I’m moving here!”

This was a LOT of information for Kai to process all at once it seemed.
But after he had a chance to let it all sink in, he was happy for his sister and asked her if she wanted to come with him to the playground, where he was going to meet Rosalie and the boys later on. Obviously Morgan agreed, she couldn’t wait to see her nephews!

It was a warm reunion between Joel and his aunt.


And Morgan and Jayden hit it off straight away too, despite having only met once before after Jayden had been born.


While Joel taught his brother how to walk…

walk little brother…Morgan told Kai and Rosalie a bit more about her plans.

She told them about how she had read about this new project started by mayor Henry Newman. A project to make Honeycomb Valley more “green”. Part of this project was the building of a whole new, eco friendly district called “The Greenery“. There would be three tiny houses up for sale in this district and Morgan, being very environmentally conscious, was really hoping she would be able to get one of those houses where she could then live with her son or daughter.

The Greenery

Morgan wasn’t the only one who excited about these houses in The Greenery. Naomi and Colin had also been discussing moving there. They had always been all about nature and living in a district like this would be perfect! Especially since their current home was really just too expensive now that they also had Isla and Prince. Moving did mean they would have to get rid of a LOT of stuff because their new house would definitely be a whole lot smaller. After a lot of thinking, they decided to go for it anyway. And thus, they had to tell Liam.

we shall move

Liam didn’t mind having to get rid of some stuff, just as long as he could bring Prince.
“Of course you can!” his parents told him. “And did we tell you they have cows there?”
“No way!?”
“Yes! Tomorrow we are invited to come and see it all. Do you want to come?”
“YES! But what about Isla’s birthday then?”
“Well, we were thinking we’ll bring a cake and have Isla’s birthday there?”

They took the cake, Isla and a birthday candle the next morning and headed to The Greenery.


Happy first birthday Isla Mason!
I think she wanted cake too though…

cake at the greenery

After having had cake on the field, the family headed over to the first house which was going to be shown by estate agent Leonard.


Colin and Naomi weren’t the only ones interested in buying a small house in The Greenery. Other interested Sims had also signed up for the tour by Leonard.
Morgan was obviously there and the outdoor loving Anderson family was also interested.

Leonard told them all about The Greenery.

house viewing

“The houses are small, yes! A smaller home means you have to make conscious decisions about what you bring into your home. Only buy what you truly need, which helps the environment. All houses have been isolated and electricity is provided by natural resources.
The Greenery also holds a yard where all residents can plant, grow and harvest their own produce. Over at the farm we have cows and chickens to provide milk and eggs.
The organic supermarket sells only organic stuff and is open to the whole of Honeycomb Valley, not just the residents of The Greenery.
Then we have the field and the garden. The field can be used for all kinds of get togethers. The garden is a place to just relax in. You can go here to unwind from a…”

By this point, Liam was getting bored of it all and joined his classmate Isa outside.


“Hey! Are your parents also looking to buy a house here?”
“Yeah… But I don’t want to move… So I’m not even gonna go in there.”
“Oh. —- It might not be so bad though, you wanna know a secret?”
“What is it…?”did you know

“They have COWS here!”
“Wow!!! My parents said nothing about COWS! Are you sure?!”

“YES! Come on, I’ll show you!”



“Told you.”

Liam and Isa stayed on the farm to play and feed the animals for a while.


Meanwhile the adults went to check out the supermarket.
Annabel Griffiths, though not looking for a new place (there’s no way the Griffiths family could fit in one of these houses), had also come to see this supermarket.

eco market

After the tour, everyone was convinced this would be a GREAT place to live.
Even Isa, who spent the rest of the afternoon playing tag with Liam on the field.tag


After her visit to The Greenery, Morgan was even more excited about her plans. She already had an appointment at the hospital to discuss her course of action the next day, but she also had something else to take care off.
See, Morgan wanted to become a single mother, but since she’s no plant, she knew she would need some help to make this wish come true: a donor.
To Morgan it was important this donor would be a man her future son or daughter could eventually meet. At least once. The idea of an entirely anonymous donor didn’t appeal to her. She knew what she wanted so she sat down with her laptop at Fosters and logged onto a site called donorsearch.sim and created a post:


“Hello good samaritans! My name is Morgan, I’m a 35 year old single girl living in Honeycomb Valley. All my life I’ve know I wanted to be a mum and I even met the guy who’d be dad in that equation. Unfortunately fate had other plans and I lost him years ago. Since then, Prince Charming 2.0 hasn’t entered my life and me and my eggs don’t want to wait for him anymore.
But my eggs alone can’t make a baby, so we need your help! I’m looking for someone who’d be willing to donate his best swimmers to make my dream come true. I’m not asking you to be daddy though, don’t worry! Quite the contrary actually. I’m more than happy to raise this child by myself, but I am looking for someone who’d be willing to meet him or her at least once, when they get older. It’d be great if your appearance matches mine somewhat, so my child won’t have to spend his/her entire life wondering where their blond curls come from, but it’s not a dealbreaker. I myself have black wavy hair and deep brown eyes.
Maybe you’d like to know more about me. Well, like I said, I live in Honeycomb Valley, but I’ve only recently moved here. I’m hoping to get a house in The Greenery, this new eco-friendly district they’ve built here as taking care of our earth is important to me. I also moved here to be closer to my family. My brother and his girlfriend also live here with their sons, my darling nephews who are 12 and 1. I work from home as I am an author. I mostly write children’s books. Only two have been published so far, but I’m working on a new one as we speak. In my spare time I like to read, go on walks, paint or play the violin.
Contact me if you think you can help me out! I’m already truly excited to hear from you!”


The next day Morgan had her hospital appointment.
She told Aaron about her plans and he was very excited! He had personally never had a patient with this wish, although he had done artificial inseminations before.


Aaron told Morgan all about how this would work and ran some basic tests on her. She seemed completely healthy and okay, so Aaron wished her the best of luck in her donor search and told her to contact him when she’d found her donor.

When she arrived back at the hostel, Morgan was very excited indeed to find she already had a mail!


Nervously she opened the message…

Onslow mail


My name is Onslow Mills. I saw ur ad and figured I’d help this yong lady out. Becuse I’m a nice guy, u know. I wud luv 2 meet u. Can u cum c me? Then I can cum 2 if u no what I mean… 😉

Call me on 634-098568


Wow… Morgan closed her laptop in horror… THIS was certainly not what she was looking for…

Spring at the Ranch

Spring in Honeycomb Valley also meant there was lots to be done. Luke and Susie took care of their garden together. Boy obviously “helped” too.

garden work

They say being outdoors makes a man hungry, but in Luke’s case being outdoors made a man… well, you know…



Ah… Yes… See… We’ll umm… leave you to it…


A few days after that horrible email, the initial shock had worn off and Morgan was hopeful again. Okay, that man had been a bit dumb and a lot creepy, but that didn’t mean there was no good donor to be found.


And yes, about a week later, she indeed had another email:

Gareth mail

“Hello Morgan,

I saw the ad you placed on donorsearch.sim and I hope I can help you out.
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Gareth, I’m 28 years old and I’ve lived in Honeycomb Valley for a couple of years now.
I’m a professional photographer and I own my own studio in Bumblebee Quarter. I live here with my 15 year old sister whom I took in after our mother died.
I’m single and don’t have any children yet.
Maybe we can meet for a drink soon?

Give me a call at 634-209754

Kind regards,


Well, that actually sounded hopeful! He wasn’t gorgeous or anything, but Morgan wasn’t looking for beauty, just someone nice with good swimmers.

So, Morgan gave Gareth a call and they agreed to meet the next day. “Love Day”, Gareth reminded her. Morgan didn’t know what that had to do with anything, but fair enough…

Ruby’s Secret Admirer

Gareth was right though, the next day was Love Day. One girl who wasn’t expecting this day to be any kind of special, received a text that morning…

secret admirer“Happy Love Day Ruby, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I had to tell you I quite like you. Xxx, a secret admirer…”

Ruby found it all a bit scary to be honest. It also brought back memories of that time when Jeffrey had told her he liked her and she had to disappoint him by telling him she wasn’t into boys, that way. Jeff hadn’t taken it badly and they were still close friends, but Ruby didn’t like having to do that, and now she might have to do it again…
Even though she was a bit spooked, she still decided to text back. The sooner she got this over with, the better.


“Hi… Look, I suppose I’m flattered you think of me that way, but I think you should know I’m not into boys… I like girls…
“Hehe, what makes you think I’m a boy…?”


“You’re not…?”
“Nope! :D”

Things just got interesting…

“So… ummm… How did you get this number…?”
“You gave it to me!”
“We know each other…?”
“Yup! I’m texting you from a different phone though, wouldn’t be a very good secret admirer otherwise right?”
“I guess… So how well do I know you…? Are we friends…?”
“Hmm… I don’t know if we’re friends. We hung out in a bigger group a few times. I would certainly like to be friends though!”
“I have to admit I’m very curious as to who you are now, lol!”
“Well… How about we meet then… Say, tonight around 7:30? You can choose the place. I promise I’m not creepy or anything!”

Ruby had to think about this for a while. She was very intrigued to find out who this girl was. But meeting was also a bit scary… After thinking about it for a while, she decided she would meet her, but it would have to be somewhere public!

“Okay. Do you know the tiny island in the middle of the park lake? I’ll be there at 7:30.”
“Awesome! I can’t wait! See you tonight then!”
“Okay, see you tonight…”

To be continued in…
part 2