May 05: Changes (Part 1)

May arrived in Honeycomb Valley and with it came changes. Some big, some small, but things certainly changed for many of Honeycomb Valley’s residents…

Moving Day

In April, The Anderson family signed the contracts which made them the owners of a small little house in The Greenery, Honeycomb Valley’s new, eco friendly district. Now that May had come around, moving day was upon them. The kids were staying at aunt Julliet‘s house until tomorrow, so Benjamin and Grace could really get some work done.

The movers arrived early that morning and soon everything was loaded in the truck and they were ready to go.


Ben and Grace weren’t the only ones moving into their Greenery house today. For Colin and Naomi it was moving day as well. And wow, did they have a lot of stuff!Screenshot-25

They knew a lot of it would have to be sold or given away once they were done. That’s what you get when you move from a big house into a small one…


***Note: For both the Anderson and the Mason family, I had moved all of their furniture from their old homes into the family inventory and challenged myself to decorate their new homes using their old furniture and only buying the minimum amount of new stuff (some shelves here and there, mostly). It was a challenge, especially with these houses being so tiny, but I had a blast decorating this way! ***

Soon, both families were well on their way getting their new homes organised.


Around noon, the hard workers decided to have a picnic together on the field.


While discussing their progress, Naomi and Grace realised they both needed some stuff. Naomi needed to get a bed for Liam (Liam used to have a double bed in the old house and there was no way that would fit), Grace needed a rug for the living room and they both needed some shelves. So, the girls decided to go to Ikea together, while the men continued in the homes.

After a few hours, the ladies came back with a van they rented at Ikea.


Grace stopped by Naomi and Colin’s house to see how they were getting on.
There was still a lot to do…


But when evening fell, both families had made a lot of progress. Benjamin and Grace invited Colin and Naomi over to have some spaghetti.

It was delicious!


While their parents worked, Liam, Isla and cat Prince were staying with grandma Donna, who was loving having her grandkids over!


Liam loved it too. At least here at grandma’s he was allowed to have a jam sandwich for dinner!


And after dinner, he could have a bath for as long as he wanted!


He could even splash!bathtime

Meanwhile, Isla was already sound asleep.Screenshot-79

Isa and Ethan were also having fun with cousins Sadie and Esme (although I’m not sure what Esme and Isa are watching…)
Sadie is always playing with her cousins when she’s with them!Cousins staying over

Aunt Julliet was still at her toyshop, but the rest of the family had sushi for dinner!


Isa proved to be the perfect houseguest, because she did the washing up completely autonomously!


Esme took Ethan to bed. (In a very undecorated guestroom – the Stevens family is in the process of remodeling their home)


Then the girls of the family had a little dance together!



The sun rose early the following morning, it was clear summer was approaching. Before the new residents of The Greenery were up though, there was another guest on The Field…


If you thought we were missing a resident on moving day, you are right! Morgan had not been there the previous day because she had other business to attend to. And her house was all done already anyway. But this morning, Morgan arrived too.Screenshot-161

The previous day had been a rather important one for Morgan. Let’s have a little flashback…

Morgan’s Day

While Ben, Grace, Colin and Naomi were hard at work in their new houses, Morgan was at the hospital. Today was THE day. The day Dr. Harvey would, hopefully, help her get pregnant. Morgan was in the waiting room -much too early- waiting rather nervously for David and Bradley to arrive.

There was another woman waiting there as well, who started to speak to Morgan.

baby friends

“Do you have an appointment with Dr. Harvey as well?”
– “Yes, but don’t worry, I’m just very early, I guess your appointment is before mine”
“Oh good, haha, I was worried he might be running late and I need to go to work soon”
– “No no, I’m really just early! I was too nervous to wait any longer…”
“Haha, I know, all this being pregnant business is quite nervewracking, isn’t it?”
– “Oh, I’m not pregnant yet, but I hope to be after today… How far along are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Just about 6 weeks, this is my first check up. My boyfriend should be here shortly, but he insisted on coming on his horse and now he obviously can’t find a place to leave him…* He’s quite young and naive… Is your umm… partner around too?”
– “No. Or actually, I don’t have a partner. I’m going to be a single mum. I did find two great men who are willing to help me with this and be part time dads though!  I found the love of my life when I was really young, but sadly, I lost him… Ever since then, things just haven’t been the same. And now I’m 35. Before you know it I’ll be 40! It was now or never, really…”
“Oh! I understand! BELIEVE me, I do.We’re not getting any younger, right! If I hadn’t met Luke, I would probably have done the same thing! I’m Susannah, by the way, but everyone calls me Susie.”
– “Nice to meet you Susie, I’m Morgan.”

Friendship established.

When Susie had left, it was Morgan’s turn, even though the boys weren’t there yet. Aaron discussed the procedure with her.


Thankfully, they soon arrived and Aaron also explained to the boys what David’s part in all this would be. (Although, that seems pretty straight forward if you ask me…)


Morgan and Bradley waited in the waiting room…


And then it was Morgan’s turn to go in…


After that, it was two weeks of waiting… Fingers crossed!

Back to The Greenery

So, that had been Morgan’s day. But now she too had arrived at her new house. By this time, her neighbours were already up too. Grace was already hanging the laundry out to dry.


That afternoon, both Naomi and Grace were happy they would get to see their kids again. Naomi arrived at school before the bell rang.


There he was! Hi Liam! Mummy missed you!mother-son reunion

Grace had picked up Ethan from Julliet’s shop first, so she was a bit late. Isa didn’t mind though, she played in the playhouse until her mum arrived.


But she too was happy to see her mum again!


Both Liam and Isa were very eager to see their new homes!

See what they think in…
part 2

*Luke actually DID go to the hospital on his horse. Because he was taking forever and I wanted him to get a move on, I decided to teleport him in. Little did I know that when you teleport a sim who’s on a horse, the horse is teleporting too… Result:


And this is on the second floor… Oops…

12 thoughts on “May 05: Changes (Part 1)

  1. I really liked that you decorated their house with their old furniture.
    Morgan’s story about loosing her love was really sad 😦
    Lol at the teleported horse 😀


  2. Oooooh, moving day! How exciting! I like how everyone is perfectly dressed for that! I’m always way too lazy with the way to dress my Sims! 😀
    That’s great that you kept exactly their old furniture! I guess it’s been a challenge indeed, considering the difference of house size!! I strangled a bit myself when I saw all the objects in front of the house like that, because I’m working on a second hand goods sale set (with broken objects, etc…), and I wondered if we had one of our Sa-Sa-Ki moments AGAIN! ;D Mine won’t happen before Sim-Autumn, though, as I kept being distracted at making my set! :D)
    Awww, how lovely that they had a picnic all together! The Greenery is for sure such a friendly district! ❤
    *lol* at the Ikea. 😀
    Aww, another dinner in common!!! Definitively, this district pushes you to socialize! That's lovely!! For sure, I can smell big neighbor BBQ other there during summers, with the kids playing around. Awwww, that's such a cozy place to live in! 🙂

    Awww, precious time with Grand-Ma!!! ❤ Yeah for bath!!! Awww, sweet Liam, indeed, you won't find bathtub in an eco-district so enjoy it! 😀
    Hello there, Sadie and Esme and adorable cousins!! Awww, Sadie, my lovely!!! She's too cute with Ethan! ❤
    Wow, Isa!!!!! Good girl!!!! *applausing* That was really nice to clean up the dishes!!
    Awwww, that dance with the girls, including little Isa is just too cute for words! I squeed out loud there!!! ❤ I was expecting Isa to be in bed, silly me, but no, she's a big girl! 🙂

    Hello Morgan!! *hugs*
    Wow, indeed, she had a busy day! Awww (I so overabuse of 'awwww' every times, I know!!!), that's great that she met Susie at the doctor! Sure, these two ones had to be friends!!! 🙂
    I'm so crossing my fingers here. Best luck, Morgan!

    Awwww, it's soooooo cute to see the kids running to their parents! They must be excited for sure to visit their new house!! So much fun there, with the cows, the hens!!!

    *split my tea over the keyboard* @ Luke!!!! Ahaha, that's too hilarious!!! Hey, he's not the kind of men at leaving his horse! 😉

    *running to part 2*


    • Oooh , a second hand goods sale!That’s a great idea! I wouldn’t exactly know how to do that yet, but it would be a GREAT plan! Especially if Sims could actually buy the stuff!

      It’s funny, because you’re mental picture of summer in The Greenery is exactly the kind of idea I had in mind when I created this area! 😀

      Hahaha, absolutely! No bathtubs in an eco district! What a waste of water!

      Isa should have been in bed, yeah, but her cousins allowed her to dance with them a bit. Uncle Dylan didn’t even pay any attention anyway and aunt Julliet was still at the shop (I really have to replace my sims who are behind registers by npcs…)

      Morgan and Susie HAD to be friends indeed, they’re a perfect match!

      We can always count on our Luke to make us laugh, I ensure you! 😀


      • I’m going to try to have at least a couple of objects ready for next friday, for the Garage Sale (shorter to write than “second hand etc…”! ;)), like a blanket cloned from the Savvy Seller rug or a jar with money, a board to announce it…. If you ever run a Garage Sale, I might cancel mine for this year, but that wouldn’t be a big deal, it makes more sense in your game than in yours anyway! I just started to work on this when I saw ads popping up in my village and that I’ve been wanting to do one in my game forever, but I have no real good reasons to run one! 🙂
        (also, if you ever needed these before Friday, shout in my mailbox. ;))
        (if you don’t feel like running one, I might keep mine for the sim-autumn then!)
        (oh dear, am I as confusing I feel I am? *lol*)


  3. Yaaaay, story time!!!!
    The Andersons are moving into their cute little blue Greenery home 😀 Hahahaha, yeah, Colin and Naomi have a lot of stuff *lol*
    I love the “premise” for your decorating here. When I decorate some of my sims’ homes, I look ofr old pictures of their homes in Sims 2, and try and recreate the colours and so on 😀 It’s so much fun!
    Aaaw, the neighbourhood friendship is strong already!
    Donna looks ecstatic about having the kids to herself ❤ and I guess Liam has to come to grandma's house for baths from now on *giggle*
    Aaaw, Sadie will be a good mom one day *sigh*

    Ohhh, Morgan had her procedure!
    OMG, YES! Morgan and Susie will be the best of friends!!!
    Aaaaw, it's so cute that the moms went to pick up the kids!

    *ROFL* @ Luke!!


    • Wow, Sara, you sure went on a commenting spree this afternoon! My lots and story, Sandy’s lots and story! And all that while you’re so busy with real life! You’re absolutely wonderful for being so attentive! ❤

      I love how you take inspiration from your old sims 2 pictures, that's such a great idea!

      Liam used to have a bath in his old house, and he knows he'll have to do without that now, so the fact that grandma has one, helps!


  4. Congrats to the Andersons on their new home 🙂 I like how you’ve actually used the removals van in the pictures! I like little things like that 🙂 Congrats to Colin and Naomi too! Moving is a big step ❤ I love the idea of using their old furniture. It makes it so much more like real life 🙂

    Aaw Liam's bath pictures are adorable!! He seems to get away with so much more at grandmas 😀

    The girls seem to be having fun together too 🙂 I love the dancing picture!

    Hello again Morgan!! Good luck with your treatment ❤ I love that Susie is understanding (aand that she ended up with Luke! I was rooting for them 🙂 ). Best of luck to both ladies. David and Bradley get to be dads too! This is perfect ❤ Such a lovely idea!

    Luke may possibly have won my heart by going to hospital on his horse 😀


      • Liam sure gets away with a lot at grandma’s! She adores her grandchildren. Donna would have loved to have a big family of her own, but it took her a while to have Colin and that was it. So now that she has two grandchildren, she couldn’t be happier!

        Isa is also happy with her cousins, makes her feel like a big kid!

        Morgan and Susie just had to be friends. They’re of the same age and both have had the wish to be mothers for a long time. And now they’re pregnant at the same time too! It couldn’t be more perfect. So they had to meet.


  5. Ooh, moving day! So exciting!! And your sims are dressed so perfectly for it! And they have lovely weather for such a big day! And they made such wonderful progress!! ❤
    Ooh, squeals for Morgan, David and Bradley!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!
    Love the friendship between Morgan and Susie though. It's just perfect ❤
    On to Part 2!!


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