May 05: Changes (Part 2)

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New Home

Isa couldn’t wait to see what her parents had made of the house and ran ahead as soon as the house came into view.


She was obviously happy to see her dad too, but she was mostly looking forward to seeing her new bedroom.


She soon got to see it, together with Ethan, because the kids would obviously have to share a room.
new roomI’m not sure what she thinks of it really, but I’m just going to assume she liked it.

Liam was also happy to see his dad again.


And Liam too got to check out his bedroom.


While Grace had picked Ethan up from Julliet‘s toyshop, Naomi had made other arrangements. Since Donna was curious to see the house too, she had told Naomi and Colin she would bring Isla and Prince by later that afternoon.

However, as Donna was getting ready to leave, she suddenly saw Prince had FLEAS! Thinking he must’ve gotten them from Pebbles, she couldn’t bring him back to her son and daughter-in-law’s new home all covered in fleas! So, she gave Prince a bath first. Thankfully he didn’t put up a fight.


And so, an hour later than planned, Donna arrived with Isla and Prince.


Colin was happy to see his daughter again.


As was Naomi.


And Liam was just pleased to have Prince back, even though he had seen him that morning…


Colin asked his mother if she wanted to stay for dinner, and Donna happily agreed.
Naomi chatted with her mother-in-law, while Colin made salad.


First dinner in the new house!


After dinner, Liam had to start getting ready for bed. (Isla was already sleeping)


Meanwhile, Colin and Naomi told Donna all about their busy moving day. They were happy tomorrow would be a saturday!


After Donna had left, Naomi read her son a bedtime story. Hopefully he would sleep well in his new bed.Screenshot-267

When both kids were asleep, Colin and Naomi finally had a moment to themselves.


Across the field, Isa was drifting off to dreamland as well. Finally, all the residents of The Greenery were home.bedtime story

First Morning

The next morning, the Anderson family had their first breakfast together in their new home. Isa had slept well, and Ethan was still asleep! It must be the peace and quiet there…


The Mason family also had their first breakfast and Liam was already thinking of playing on the field with Isa later.


Morgan was up too. Very alert of every little out-of-the-ordinary feeling in her body, although she knew it was still too soon to tell. At least she too slept well in her new home.


As soon as he was dressed and ready, Liam did go over to Isa’s . Both kids were happy to find out their classmates, the Knight triplets, were visiting the eco supermarket with their parents this saturday morning and were obviously very curious to see where their friends were living.


Liam and Isa showed them around. They visited the cows and The Field.


And ended up playing here together for most of the day.tag

If you, like the Knight triplets, are also curious about The Greenery, you can now tour it here. From there on out you can also visit the houses where these families now live and see what they made of it, with lots of stuff and little room! The houses can also be visited through their personal pages.


A few weeks later, it was schoolpicture time at The Beehive! The pictures in the hallways needed to be changed again.
Gareth took his job very seriously as per usual.
The kids had their pictures taken in their own classrooms, the teens had their pictures taken in the cafeteria in front of the clock wall.

Screenshot-296And here are the results.

the kids

(Rachel was OVER THE MOON about this picture! Finn put his arm around her! He put. his. arm. around. HER. I don’t think it meant anything to be honest, but Rachel disagrees with me… *sigh*)


Have you met my dog?

There was a big change for Riley too! Although, this change actually already happened in February, but hey.
In February, Riley’s aunt Abigail went to Sandy Valley for “Le Bal Masqué“. She didn’t pick up any gorgeous bachelors, but while she was in Sandy Valley, she did find out the Desfranges family had puppies up for adoption. Knowing how much her nephew had been wanting a pet, she decided to bring him a puppy. Her sister was less pleased, but couldn’t say no when she saw how happy Riley was.
And so, little, hyperactive Trognon was added to the Chapman family. But since Riley couldn’t pronounce his name, he changed it to PomPom.
These two are having a blast together!

have you met my dog

Riley isn’t the only one in the family in love with Pom though. The little one already knows how to use his cuteness to his advantage with the big boss too.

Put on your saddest puppy face…

successful begging

….aaaand SUCCESS!


And then there’s a fun squeaky chew bone for you too!


It’s a good life…

Wildlife Education

Earlier this spring, some changes had been made to Honeycomb Valley’s Central Park as part of mayor Newman‘s project “Greenify Honeycomb Valley”. One of the things that had been added was a Wildlife Education Center where teachers or other educational professionals could come and bring children to teach them all about wildlife in and around parks.
Naomi, being all about nature, was the first one to bring her class to the park for a lesson during the last week of May.


First, the kids sat down on the benches under the tree where Naomi explained what they would be doing today.


The kids were told to go look for a creature in pairs. It could be a bug, it could be a rodent. If possible, they were allowed to catch it (under supervision) and take it inside where they would study it. At the end of the afternoon, all creatures would be released back into the park.

Nathan and Riley immediately started crawling under bushes…


…while Ruth and Nick discussed a strategy first.


In the end, only Nathan and Riley had found a ladybird, but fortunately a chipmunk and an iguana were already available for study in the wildlife center.


After studying the animals for a while and taking notes, miss Naomi called her class together to tell them about ants.
The kids were fascinated to see the work the ants did underground.


After they had learnt about ants, they were left to their own devices for a while.
Apparently a sleeping chipmunk was very funny to Ruth and Nick…


The Moment of Truth

Morgan had been good. She had waited the full two weeks before taking a pregnancy test, but today the moment of truth was finally upon her…


POSITIVE! She was actually pregnant! After only one try! Wow! She could hardly believe it!
Of course she immediately called David and Bradley and then her brother.


Congratulations Morgan! I’m sure you’ll be a great mum!
And with Morgan’s happy news, May had come to an end. The busy month of June was around the corner. Why June was so busy? That’s a story for another time.

***Note: I have quite a strict policy about using poses for my sims. I don’t mind posing them for things for which I personally would pose too. And by that I mean, having their picture taken. When you have your picture taken, you strike a pose. Most of the time anyway. So, I have no problem putting my sims in poses for schoolpictures, weddingpictures, portraits etc. However, when I play, I play. I don’t play to write a story, I write a story about what I played. Therefore I don’t like posing my sims for storytelling purposes. I once posed a childbirth that way and ended up not using the pictures, because I felt it “didn’t actually happen that way”. I was moving “statues”. It felt wrong. And so, my no-poses-unless-they’re-having-their-picture-taken policy was born.
But as you can see, this time I’ve made an exception. The pregnancy test poses were so PERFECT for Morgan, as there is no action or animation in game which quite shows the tension and excitement that come with taking a pregnancy test when you really want to be pregnant. These poses did show that and therefore I’ve made an exception to my rule. Just this once. For Morgan.***

11 thoughts on “May 05: Changes (Part 2)

  1. All these pictures are so adorable and I especially love the school photos! I totally understand about not liking to pose sims – it takes the fun out of playing to a certain extent, but I do love what you did with the school photos and even Morgan’s discovery of her pregnancy pose seemed appropriate because as you mentioned, there’s no picture to convey finding out this information in The Sims 3 other than the baby bump!
    It’s so lovely to see everyone enjoying the Greenery and PomPom is too cute! I can’t wait to read more.


    • Thank you Kris! Wouldn’t it be awesome if Sims could actually take a pregnancy test? I’d love that!
      PomPom cuteness is all thanks to his parents: Sandy’s gorgeous Belle and Sara’s awesome Bruce Wayne. They sure make some cute puppies, don’t they?
      Thanks again for visiting and your lovely comments!


      • A pregnancy test would be cute, especially if the female sim had to come out of the bathroom and tell the husband. Either she would be really excited or really sad and shaking her head. Lol :p it actually seems like they could do this in the game and it would make for some hilarious photos, especially if one of the sims had the “Dislikes Children” trait, perhaps they would be excited if they weren’t pregnant and unhappy if they were pregnant!
        Bruce Wayne – I can’t help but chuckle at this. What a cute name for a dog! Belle of course seems so regal.


      • Oh yes, that would be great! They can already announce pregnancy to their spouses though, but without a test.
        Morgan has no husband to tell anything to anyway haha, but her responding to the test would truly have been awesome. At least I got to mimic it this time. 🙂


  2. I’m trying hard to not scream a huge “squeeeeeeeeeeeee” with a melting “awwwwwwwwww” at the top of it for Isa *running* to see her new bedroom! But I’m failing… so…
    Awww, her little face!!! I love her expression! It looks like she’s a bit disappointed. Probably by the lack of pink! But still, I’m sure she likes it, for sure! Ethan looks happy too! ❤
    That's a caring grand-ma that we have here, at giving a bath to Prince so he wouldn't bring fleas in the new house! ❤ (I hate those silly fleas… Sometimes, I just clicked on the "fleas" moodlet to get rid of them, because they look too much like silly bouncing balls. :p)
    Awww, Naomi seems to have missed her baby so much!!! That's cute! ❤
    Colin and Naomi had such a lovely day! I was about to say "quiet", but no, as they just moved in, but still, the dinner with Grand-ma, the bed time story… Everything breathes happiness and serenity. ❤ (once the kids sleep! ;))
    HA!!!!! "the peace and quiet there…" EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Awww, the kids playing over there are just too precious. That's so adorable!!!! ❤ ❤

    ❤ @ your school pictures!

    Hello PomPom!!!! Awww, it's lovely to see him in your game!!! ❤ Awww, what an irresistible puppy face!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    He will sure be happy among your Simmies! *smoooches*

    The Wildlife education is such a genius idea!! I love everything of it! And so do the kids, it seems!! awww, look at their fascinated faces!! (why I'm not surprised to see Nathan hiding in the bushes? ;D)
    Everything you do with kids is just too cute for words!!
    (what's wrong with my pumpkin seats so the kids float above? I haven't used it for a while, but didn't get that problem with my teens. I might need to fix something here!)

    POSITIVE!!!!! POSITIVE!!!!! *throw confettis and dance above the table* YEAH!!! Awww, I love that HAPPY smile on Morgan's face!!! *happy sigh*
    I totally get what you mean about poses, and indeed, sometimes, exceptions are cute, and that's definitively the case here! ❤ ❤ ❤

    *squeeeeee* Fabulous story, Kim!
    I'm ready for Sim-June now! 😉


    • Haha, Isa’s disappointed look was puzzling indeed. you’re right, it must’ve been because she wanted more pink. I think she has gotten used to it by now though, she seems happy enough in her room. 🙂

      *high five* for the peace and quiet! It actually calms me to play the families in The Greenery 😀

      I renamed Trognon PomPom because as I understand it “trognon” means something like “apple core”? And I know pomme is apple in French, so I figured it’s at least somewhat related. 😉

      Hahaha, Nathan going into the bushes cracked me up! I had instructed him and Riley to catch a bug and he immediately dove into the bushes! Typical! 😀

      Oh, sweetie, don’t worry! you’re pumpkin seats are PERFECT, I use them all the time! Nathan and Nick float because I’ve made them taller. The little kids sink into chairs and the older (and thus taller) kids float above them. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice how obvious it was until after I was editing the pictures for the story. I still wanted to use this picture though, seeing how it captured the moment perfectly, and I just hoped it wouldn’t be too noticeable. Guess I was wrong hahaha!

      I so hope to post SimJune this weekend! We’re both doing so well on speeding up our games! Although, I did have a lot of spare time these past weeks, I’m not sure how it will be when real life gets in the way again…

      Thank you so much for your sweet words my darling!


  3. *claps* Isa is excited!!! I understand! Oh, but she looks a little…. like she wasnt expecting to share a room that small with her brother *giggle*

    Aaaw,Naomi really looks like she missed her little sweetheart! So cute! Hehe, and Liam just wants Prince *lol*
    First dinner at the new house *tearyeyes*
    First breakfasts in the new houses! *tearyeyes*

    Look at all the kids running around enjoying the nature!

    Yaaaaaaaaaay, school pictures!!!!

    Aaaaw, and Riley looks so happy with his PomPom! Hahaha, clever dog!

    Oooh, greenified Central Park!
    I LOVE the idea of this Wildlife education centre! They kids agree, I think 😀

    Morgan is pregnant!!! *confetti*


    • Isa loves Ethan, but she does blame him for the fact that her room can’t be all pink. 😉

      Liam was not at all excited to see his sister again. His cat on the other hand! Hooray!

      The wildlife education is really fun to play! I hope I get to do so more often!

      Thank you for all your comments my dear!


  4. Welcome home again kids 🙂 Liam is kind of becoming my favourite just now. He’s so sweet 🙂 You’ve decorated the bedrooms so well! They look so nice and welcoming 🙂 I bet the children are pleased even if their faces don’t initially show it 😉

    I love your school pictures!! They’re so informal, natural and fun looking ❤ Oh Rachel lol! Don't get too excited!

    Trognon/PomPom!!! welcome to the family 🙂 How could you say no to that face??

    The wildlife education is such a good idea. It's a great way to take advantage of the minor pets that came with Pets 🙂 The children seem to be enjoying it too!I like that Ruth and Nick planned their work in advance 😀

    Congrats, Morgan!! Aw that is such good news as it was just what she wanted 🙂 I'm sure that she'll be a great mum! I wish her an easy and happy pregnancy ❤


    • I loved decorating these houses! I’ve never had more fun with any sims home decoration!

      LOL, Rachel is bound to get excited at anything that involves Finn! She’s 18 now, but when it comes to her crush on Finn, she’s still pretty much a lovestruck 14 year old.

      Thank you for your comments lovely, it was great to read them!


  5. Isa is so sweet. All excited about her new room and then she looks like she’s saying ‘Oh…’ when she learns she actually has to share with her brother. Bless her little heart ❤
    The families look like they had a fabulous first night in their new homes! ❤ Love all the family mealtime pictures ❤
    Your school pictures are lovely! The primary school ones remind me of my first primary school. My first year there was just like Naomi's class picture; me the only girl (only I had ten boys in my year *chuckle* ). Sooo nostalgic 😀
    PomPom is adorable! ❤
    Wildlife Education Centre! What a fabulous idea ❤ And it looks like it was fun to work with, too! ❤
    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Morgan!!! ❤


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