The Greenery – House 1

1 The Greenery, The Greenery


Who lives here?

Harrison, Morgan - ya bordered

House Tour




Morgan just realised that wall above the sink needs a poster or a picture of some sort…
Behind that door is an empty room which Morgan will turn into a nursery.


Living room

There’s also a sofa here, but taking a picture of it at a good angle was impossible in this small house.


sleeping loft


Unfortunately, the bathroom wasn’t big enough to take pictures in, but it can be seen in the overview!




6 thoughts on “The Greenery – House 1

  1. The house looks amazing
    “but taking a picture of it at a good angle was impossible in this small house.” Cannot agree more. It’s such a pain sometimes but small houses are adorable 🙂


    • Thanks Ani! I love small houses, both in the game and in real life. But, both in the game and in real life, taking pictures in them can be hard!


  2. Awww, what a super adorable house!!!! I love when they’re so tiny!!!! You’ll have to securize the bedroom/loft because it can be super dangerous for a toddler. Awww, I can’t wait to see the nursery!
    Daaaw, I love the desk area! It has all the essential in a minimum of space, that’s so cute!!! So lovely that there’s a swing already! These houses are really made to welcome families. ❤


    • Good point! I do need to bring in some security stuff when the baby gets here! This house, being the smallest, was the biggest challenge. I’m already excited to do the nursery, but I didn’t want to build a nursery while Morgan wasn’t even pregnant yet.
      Morgan needed a desk area since being a writer, her laptop provides her income. I feel quite proud of getting it in AND without routing issues!
      Thanks for your comment! ❤


    • It really IS tiny haha! The smallest house I EVER decorated. Big challenge, but I loved doing it! Awww, Morgan would be lucky to get a Sara-child! 😀


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