June 05: Growing up (Part 1)

June in Honeycomb Valley was all about growing up. For some it even felt like the end of an era. And maybe it was…


The first one to grow up this month was Ethan. Ben and Grace were happy they managed to complete everything regarding the move before Ethan’s birthday. They were also happy to have that big field outside their house where they could celebrate their son’s fifth birthday party.


They had invited all the neighbours and of course their friends and family.


Benjamin had to get out his guitar to set the mood. Morgan seemed to really love it!


Cake time!
Ethan five

Just like his sister last year, Ethan was allowed to put on his new birthday clothes after blowing out the candles. And they all had cake.


One of Ethan’s first actions as a five year old was hitting Chloe with a water balloon. Way to make friends Ethan! (She laughed about it 😉 )Screenshot-185

Isa had a present for  her brother. A wildflower she picked herself earlier that day. He was very happy with it.prezzie

Isa wanted to play catch with cousin Esme.Screenshot-192But Esme threw the ball so fast, it hit Isa in the face each time.


She then decided it would be better to play with her brother.


The party on the field lasted all day. It was a lovely birthday.


The end of the school year was fast approaching and with it came final exams for all students whom were leaving this year. Last year, only two students in class 6 had been old enough to leave high school, but this year, the entire class 6 would graduate

And final exams meant a LOT of studying!

Friends James, Sarah, Daniel, Jill and Seth had a study day in the park.

Screenshot-16They did get interrupted by a certain little girl though…


Ellie! You can walk ANYWHERE! Why choose this place exactly?! *Sigh*…

After some time though, they did take a study break.

take a break

They threw water balloons (it was really hot!) and tossed a ball around


Hopefully, after this day they were fully prepared, because only a few days later, exam time was upon them…

It was long and hard…

examsAnd this is what they scored*:

Daniel: 1417
James: 1685
Jill: 1521
Sarah: 1630
Seth: 2010
Suzan: 1358

* Read more about what their scores mean in my Education post here.

Seth did amazingly well! Suzan didn’t do too great… Although she technically scored enough to both graduate and go to University, being the granddaughter of ex-principal Alice, more was expected of her. But then again, Suzan never really took school very seriously and her goal was to just score enough points to get out of there. She missed her partner in crime, Anna, who would be -thank heavens- coming back to Honeycomb Valley this summer. Suzan had been part of her only little clique consisting of Wesley, Anna, Emmett and herself, but the others were all older and had left school in previous years. She totally did not fit in with this bunch…

***Note: a funny thing to mention is that all three “Hot Wings” boys scored full marks on the “arts” part of the test. Jill, who cooks a lot, also got full marks here and Sarah, who also cooks, scored 345 out of 400***

Last Day

While temperatures rose, the last day of the school year arrived. Last year, the kids of The Beehive had a party on the beach. This year they would have their celebration in the park again.


Ah! Look what we have here! Ellie’s favourite: apple bobbing!


Ellie was determined to win this year!

She was up against Nathan, Ruth and Riley.



Keep trying EllieBellie!

It was a fun morning of playing.

Screenshot-75Nathan demonstrated his seesaw trick which he learnt in Sandy Valley last summer.


While his brother played on the bee riders with little Isa.


Megan and Liam had a water balloon fight!fight

The last day wasn’t just fun for the kids though, the teachers enjoyed themselves too! That’s it girls, never grow up!Screenshot-79Meanwhile, classmates Zoe and Chantal were talking. It was almost time for them to get changed into their costumes and they were both getting a bit nervous…


Oh, you’re wondering what they are so nervous for and why they had to change? Well, this is such a story, it required its own part of this story. And so, let’s read all about it in…

part 2

11 thoughts on “June 05: Growing up (Part 1)


    It’s here!! Happy birthday to Ethan! He will be such a happy kid living in the Greenery *sigh* (*is secretly jealous*). Hahaha, already a character, I see *giggle* Aaaw, what a sweet present from his sis! What a lovely birthday indeed!

    Oh wow, they are really all growing up now, aren’t they? *tearyeyes*
    Bwaahahahah @ Ellie!! She did it on purpose, of course 😛
    Ooooh, I LOVE that you set up the gym as an exam room for them *clap* You are amazing, Kim!! Whoooaaaa, Seth!!

    *yahoo* The Beehive’s party! YAY for apple bobbing!! Oh no… Ellie lost… I’ll watch out for the tantrum *giggle*
    Aaaw, they’re all having so much fun! Even the teachers ❤ ❤

    *Squeeeeeeee* I can't wait for part 2!!!!


    • Awww darling, your whole town is one big Greenery! 😉

      Ellie is SUCH a character! She has been ever since she was a toddler. She really has a mind of her own. Gotta love it!

      The gym as an exam room is how I remember it vividly from my own exam days, so I had to do that, haha.


  2. What a cute birthday party! I love the cake and cupcakes! And Isa giving her brother that present… too cute!
    Poor simmies having to take exams! Poor James looks especially stressed, at least they all made it into University.


  3. *squeeeeeeeee* a birthday party!!!!!! At the Greenery!! It looks as fabulous as I would have imagined!!! ❤ It's such, such a cozy place!
    Aaaha, Ethan seems to be a funny one! 😀
    Awww, that kiss with Isa is so sweet, as short as they both are!!! ❤
    Oh,dear, sometimes your game is creepily realistic, Kim!!! *lol* The exams in the gymnasium gave me cold sweats! 😀
    Congratulations to everyone!
    Aww, Anna is coming back this summer?! That will be interesting!! *popcorn*
    The park with the kids! Awesome! Ahaha, Ellie will never fail at cracking me up!!! 😀
    Nathan will never change!! This little guy is too adorable! (I already played with him again, and I had a blast! He's got such a real personality! ❤ ❤ ❤ )
    Aww, your kiddies are always my favorite! You always make them coming to life so "truly"!! *happy sigh*
    Let's see why they're all getting so nervous!
    *jump to part 2*


    • Isa and Ethan are both 5 years old now, since Isa won’t be 6 until August, so they are equally short which helped with that hug. 😉

      Hahaha, my teens had cold sweats too, for those exams, they really weren’t sure of how they’d do.

      Yup, Anna is coming back, now that Suzan is also a young adult, although I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with her exactly. I need to give this some more thought.

      Yay for Nathan! I bet he’s glad to be back at your camp (even though he hasn’t even left in mine yet, haha)


  4. Happy sort of birthday Ethan, Ben and Grace! They grew up beautifully and it looks like they had a great time at their party 🙂

    Oh Ellie lol! Wrong place 😛 The study day does look almost enjoyable with the lovely weather though. I hope that they all do well! How much studying was done before they started playing though? I’m curious 😀

    Better luck next year Ellie lol!


  5. Happy Birthday Ethan! ❤ It looks like he had a lovely party in The Field!!
    Ack! Seeing all the students studying gives me a headache!! Fingers crossed for them all with their exams! Hope they're all studying hard.
    Trust Ellie to go stomping through. Out of your entire town, it HAD to be Ellie *LOL*
    Congratulations for the school leavers' exams! 😀
    The party in the park looks like a great success! ❤
    On to Part 2!


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