June 05: Growing Up (Part 3)

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Just us

While Ryan, Joshua, Zoe and Chantal were just starting their teenage years, for another group of friends those years were nearly over.  Just the prom and graduation left, and then they would officially be young adults. But this prom tonight was something Seth, James, Daniel, Sarah and Jill were not looking forward to. Sure, Dan could dance with Sadie, but did you know The Hot Wings weren’t even allowed to play this year? Elliot had decided to hire a deejay and the boys were not amused. And then there was obviously the part where they would be a bunch of 19/20 year olds amidst lots of 12, 13 and 14 year olds. No, the prom wasn’t very appealing.


“So, why don’t we just, not go?” Sarah suggested. “I mean, it’s technically our last night as teens as we’ll graduate the next day. I for one would love to spend it with just us instead of at the lame prom. I was thinking, how about we just get together and camp out for the night?”

The others agreed with her and liked her idea of going camping together, although Daniel had to think of Sadie for a second. She wouldn’t be pleased having to spend her prom without him. But then again, she would probably understand, wouldn’t she?


“Ooooh!” Jill exclaimed, “You know what we should do then? We should go firewalking! I saw this documentary the other day about how in other cultures people go firewalking kind of like a ‘coming of age’ thing, like a rite of passage into adulthood. We should totally try that!”

The boys thought this whole “coming of age, rite of passage” mambo jambo was a bit out there, but walking on a bunch of hot coals did seem quite cool, so they agreed it would be kind of awesome.

Sarah and Jill told the boys they would take care of food for the night and went straight to Jill’s house to start cooking.
These two both love cooking and especially love cooking together. Their dream is to open a restaurant, or a bistro, or a pastry shop or any other food establishment together one day after university.cook

On his way to the woods where they would camp out, Daniel did stop by City Hall to see his girlfriend and wish her a great prom night. When he saw how beautiful she looked, he almost changed his mind.
Daniel had already called Sadie previously to explain the situation and while Sadie was of course understanding of him wanting to spent his last night as a teenager with his best friends, she also felt a bit sad since this would be her first prom with a boyfriend and now said boyfriend was not going…sorry I can't stay

While Sadie and Dan took their time for their goodbye, Rachel was getting agitated. Didn’t Sadie notice Finn was already going in?! She needed to be where Finn was so he could finally go ahead and start falling in love with her.


But Sadie and Dan were too caught up in each other to notice Finn.finn going in

Jill and Sarah had not only provided food for the night, they also brought along flowers and a bunch of christmas lights to hang between the trees and set the mood.
When Seth and James had made a fire and Daniel finally arrived too, it was time for some hamburgers and hotdogs!


The fire needed to be big, so James added a bit more wood.


After a couple of hours of laughter and chats, they decided the time had come for this whole “rite of passage” firewalking thing Jill had been talking about.

She explained to them how it worked. In foreign exotic cultures, the boy or girl on the verge of adulthood would take a walk across the burning coals whilst being encouraged by loved ones. If he or she would make it through to the end, the others would cheer and congratulate them and then they would be considered to be an adult.
Afterwards a change of clothes would be necessary, because the soot from the coals would really make your clothes quite dirty.
James was the first one brave enough to take a firewalk.James firewalk

Yay for James!
His sister went next! Sarah felt a bit scared at first, but pushed through and made it to the end.Sarah firewalk

Yay Sarah!
Then Daniel had a go. He too seemed a bit fearful…


But made it to the end very proudly!Dan firewalk

Yay Daniel!
Jill went next. She had no fear and had been looking forward to this.Jill firewalk

Yay Jill!
Then last but not least, Seth had his turn. The coals were very hot…Screenshot-247

…but he made it!Seth firewalk

Yay Seth!

After this event and a change of clothes, even the boys had to admit, this firewalking thing did indeed have an effect and they really felt they had now left their teenage years behind them.
Time for pie!


After which Daniel told a ghost story. Only Jill and James listened though, because Sarah and Seth had a private moment.


He loves her. 🙂


Soon, the two lovebirds joined their friends to listen to the story Dan was telling. It was pretty scary!Screenshot-261

After the story was over, Jill thought it would be funny to scare James a bit more.scare

It worked! And Seth thought that was pretty hilarious.


Sarah tossed a tube of something sparkly on the fire (no idea where she got that from, but okay…)


Then she tried to take a selfie with her boyfriend, but failed.


The next one, of all of them together, did turn out okay though.Screenshot-270

And this is the result!selfie

The had their private party for hours more, but around 4 they felt it was finally time to sleep, seeing how they did have a graduation to go to tomorrow. Jill went into a tent, but James and Daniel were tough and slept outside.


And Seth and Sarah… Well…


The next morning, Seth, Sarah, Jill and Daniel were all dressed and ready when James was still sleeping. He eventually woke up with a tan though!



The graduation of this class 6 (yes, Suzan aged up too, after all she too is part of this class even if she’s not part of the group of friends), was the first graduating class under headmaster Elliot. And so, he got to hold his first graduation speech too. For the class of his own son. He felt pretty good about that.


Elliot, being a bit more modern than Alice had been, had also decided the cap and gown thing was no longer necessary and the ex-students could come in their own clothes.

He gave a good speech, although I’m not sure everyone is paying attention.
Oh, and do you see Patty there, front row? James and Sarah are graduating, which means that after 22 years (when Eva first started school), Patty will leave the parenting committee. Don’t tell her, but everyone at The Beehive, including her eldest daughter, is secretly glad to see her go. She was walking around school like she owned the place…Graduation speech

Final picture of the graduates!


We wish you the best of luck in your adult lives, darlings!

9 thoughts on “June 05: Growing Up (Part 3)

  1. Yeah!! Ditch the prom and do your own thing!! What a cool idea, Sarah *hi5*
    And Jill – even cooler with the firewalking!
    Aaaw, Jill and Sarah would have the BEST café together!
    So cool that we get a glimpse of the other teens as they’re about to go to prom. And the girls look gorgeous in their dresses. Sad for Sadie that Daniel won’t be there to dance with her, but she’s so cool to be understanding like that!
    Aaaw, Rachel is so hung up on Finn! Go get him!

    I am in LOVE with the camping scene!!! Where on the map did they go? *popcorn*

    I really love this firewalking idea, Kim, you are such a genius! James is a pro, wow!! They all did amazing!! And look, now they’re all grown up! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Hahaha, never too old for ghost stories *giggle*
    Aaaw, their selfies are adorable!
    Ooh-la-la, private tent for Sarah and Seth!

    Graduation!!! *throws confetti*
    Oh no, poor Patty!! What will she immerse herself in now that she doesn't have the parenting committee any longer?? *lol*
    LOVE the picture of the graduates!!! Suzan is smokin'! Heck, they ALL are!!

    What a wonderful three part story!!! Loved every bit of it!


    • People named Sara(h) always have cool ideas. 😉
      The idea to have Jill and Sarah run some kind of cafe/restaurant/etc thing together has played on my mind ever since I created these girls as a couple of 15 year olds. But with my playing speed, I’m not sure when it will ever truly come to be…

      Rachel is way too shy to actually go up to Finn… She wrote him an anonymous love letter in spring, but it never even arrived. I don’t get the love letter system in this game at all.

      I love how you always want to know where on the map things are! I desperately need to update my map, but for now I’ll try to explain. When at that Stonehenge-y kinds place, and moving more towards the town, there’s lots of nothingness. Somewhere around here I placed Mina’s Wedding Park for Christopher and Lexie’s winterwedding and later created this campground behind it when Esme and Martha had the plan to camp out with their classmates about a year or so ago. I just put up lights and placed a few other small things to make it suitable for this event.

      Yay for firewalking! I always wanted to try this ever since it came with IP, but needed a reason. Because I don’t much like using birthday cakes for these age transitions (none of them actually have a birthday in June), I wanted something else to mark the transition into adulthood.

      Patty will need something else to focus her attention on. 🙂

      Suzan turned out very pretty yes, she looks a lot like her mum, but has her dad’s eyes.

      Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, Sara-love! I adored reading them!


  2. Ditching prom? Such rebels! Of course Sadie and Rachel looked beautiful. I’m sure they had a great time on their own.

    As far as the fire walk goes… I love how Jill was so confident. You go girl!

    I love the group selfie! They’re all squeezed in there trying to strike a pose for the camera, looking adorable. I wander what University has in store for them?


    • Jill seemed really into this firewalking, didn’t she? Haha! She rocks!
      On the one hand I’m really looking forward to University with this bunch,on the other hand it sorta scares me as I’m not really good at playing my students or creating fun scenarios for them. Kids and teens are my expertise lol! 😉 Maybe it’ll be different with these ones though, as they are so special to me.

      Thank you for your comments Kris! 🙂


  3. Ooooooh, ditching the prom! *rofl* You know, for a long time, I thought proms were only for the last year students, then yours would have been a disaster! *chuckle* I can’t imagine everyone’s reaction at not having the STARS of the year with them for the party! 😀

    Jill and Sarah! *hugs* Awww, they’d like to have their own restaurant? That’d be so fantastic!! ❤ ❤
    Awww, it's cute from Daniel to come hugging Saddie! ❤ She's such a fantastic girl. She's really very understanding about her boyfriend skipping the prom. Poor girl who will have to go all by herself! Awwww!!! *big hugs to Sadie*
    Go Rachel, go!!! *cheersquad*

    Awww, the wood camp is luxuriously set!!!! It looks amazing!!! ❤ ❤ I can understand it's much more exciting than the official prom! *nod*
    Yeah for the rite of passage!!! That makes this age transition so very unique for you! ❤
    Awww, look at them, all young adults and still so very themselves and awesome! ❤ @ the selfies picture!
    Seth and Sarah seemed to have a lovely night! Awwww, I can't believe they're YOUNG ADULTS now!!!! *squeeeeeeee*

    Yeah!! Graduation!!!! Oh what, Patty leaving the committee? *chuckle* She'll have to find another club to manage! ;D (aaah, if she knew she could get her busy by taking care of her grand-son! ;D)

    Woooooot, that was fantastic, Kim, and I know how emotional it was to play this!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


    • I guess in America, and maybe in many other countries too, proms are mostly for the seniors, yes, but I’m not used to that here, since schoolparties were always for everyone. There was some kind of gala at the end of my high school years for just the graduating kids, but I mostly remember parties and dances being for everyone. I also mostly remember not going haha.
      Also, making a prom in Sims just for seniors would be a dead event, since I sometimes only have 3 teens graduating haha! Next year I have none!
      I think the other teens still had fun though, although they will have been missed. Holly has a crush on James. Totally not going to happen, obviously, since he doesn’t even know who she is and even if he did, she’s just a child to him, but I think it’s very Holly to have a crush on a hot senior who plays guitar in a band. So she will have been on the lookout for him. Sadie obviously missed Daniel too and I don’t think Elliot will have been too impressed with his son ditching prom the first year Elliot was in charge of it. But hey, they wanted their own thing, and since I never used prom for aging my sims up anyway, I decided they could have their own thing. 🙂

      Jill and Sarah’s restaurant! As I said to our Sara, I hope it’ll actually happen one day…

      Sadie is awesome! And Rachel, again, did not make a move on Finn.

      They hardly changed at all when I aged them up! I loved taking new pictures of them for their family pages. James in particular looked very James.

      Hahahahaha! Oh wow, imagine if Patty knew she had a grandson?! She’d move to Sandy Valley immediately to hoover over him 24/7. Hmm… Maybe I should get Patty a grandchild indeed… Evaaaaaaaa!!!

      Your comments were fantastic my darling, thank you so much!!! LOVE! ❤


  4. The Hot Wings aren’t allowed to play this year?? Whaaat? Their idea is better I think. They can have a night that means something instead of having to tolerate the dreaded prom. I hope that Sadie understands…although I’m not sure that she will and I could understand why. Firewalking…I’m not sure about that, Jill! It does seem very out there. Food on the other hand, that works!

    Aaaw poor Sadie! I’m glad that she understands although I can appreciate why she is upset. I hope that she has a nice time regardless.

    Oh Rachel! Good luck with that one, girl!

    WOw, I can’t believe they did the firewalk! Seth’s face pretty much sums it up ❤ Congrats to them all though! I love how you tied in their aging up to the change of clothes 🙂

    Sarah and Seth look so happy together ❤ Their private moment is lovely 🙂 Wow they're selfie is kind of amazing 😀 I love how you use poses for photos. It makes sense.

    I like the casual graduation! It seems more comfortable for the students. Elliot overseeing his own son's graduation must be a pretty big moment!

    Finally caught up! I enjoyed all of the stories so much ❤


    • Jill something is a bit out there herself 😉 She likes out of the ordinary things. 🙂
      I loved playing this bit with my teens going on young adults, this bunch is special to me! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too and thank you for your comments!


  5. High five to this group for not going to the prom! (I didn’t go to mine, either!) Love the idea of a camping trip for this group!
    Jill and Sarah would run such a wonderful establishment! That would be so exciting!!! ❤
    Sadie is such an understanding sweetheart ❤ Daniel's lucky to have her!
    Poor Rachel and her infatuation with Finn ❤ I hope for her sake he notices her one day!!!!
    I absolutely adore the way you decorated the little campground for the campers ❤ The lights are a lovely touch!
    Love how self-confident James looks as he marches across the firewalk pit. What a cool idea though as a rite of passage! 😀
    They all look lovely as Young Adults! Suzan's pose for the photo made me laugh. She likes to make it obvious she doesn't fit in with this crowd, doesn't she? 😛


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