July 05: Windiwell Revisited (Pt. 1)


If you’re thinking, ‘hmm… This does not look like Honeycomb Valley…’, you’re right! It’s not! We have arrived in Appaloosa Plains for the third annual addition of Camp Windiwell. The summercamp proved to be more popular each year and teens from many places other than just Honeycomb Valley were signing up.

After a long busride camp counselors Don and Kylie had arrived with 10 teens. This year the group consists of the following teens:

From Enekjaer:
* Khalid Farsi (16)
* Elliott McGovern (16)

From Bimlico:
* Silas Day (15)
* Molly Hayes (14)

From Sandy Valley:
* Lison Desfranges (13)
* Benjamin Evard (14)

From Honeycomb Valley:
* Jeffrey Abbott (16)
* Holly Clark (14)
* Kyra Cook (14)
* Logan Harvey (15)

Some teens in this group have some history together.
Lison and Elliott are a couple, well, kind of, because how serious can a long distance relationship with a 13 year old get, really? They met when Lison went on an exchange to Enekjaer and really liked each other. They also met again, when Elliott visited Sandy Valley a while later and that stay was again wonderful for both parties. However, Lison also had a crush on Silas last summer when he visited Sandy Valley.

Molly met Holly and Kyra in Honeycomb Valley when she was there for the Athletic Festival in March. She particularly made a connection with Holly as both girls love horses, gossiping and talking about boys! Molly has a huge crush on Seth Day, Silas’ twin, but unfortunately, he’s not here.

Logan and Benjamin became good friends when they met at Windiwell last year. They both love fishing and dogs so they have lots to talk about.

Kyra has had a crush on her friend Logan for YEARS, but he doesn’t seem to notice her. Not as anything other than a friend that is. They watched the stars together last summer, but that’s it. Nothing more happened, through out the entire year…

Now, that’s a little background, now, let’s see what they got up to, shall we?


After the kids brought their stuff to their cabins, they assembled at the stage to hear what Don and Kylie had to say.

IntroductionDon and Kylie explained the rules and told the kids when they were up for kitchen duty. Then Kylie said that, instead of doing the grouppicture at the beginning of camp, they would do it at the end, but she did want to snap a polaroid picture of each of them accompanied by an assignment. Each teen would receive their picture with the camp name and their own name printed on it and was asked to write on the picture what they expected from Camp Windiwell, what they hoped and wished for this summer or why they came here. They were told to hang on to these pictures so that by the end of camp they could look back and see if what they wrote actually happened. Just for fun! The pictures were private and wouldn’t be shared with the group. (But will be shared here, Simlish translated to English for easy reading. 😉 )

polaroids 1

Polaroids 2Polaroids 3

We’ll see how much of that will actually happen…

After all this, the teens had the rest of the day to themselves to explore the camp and get (re-)acquainted.  Logan and Khalid weren’t off to a great start…

Good start

Lison and Elliott did better and immediately went for a game of gnubb together.


Kyra and Silas discovered a turtle which they watched together for a long time. Fascinating!


Molly and Holly were already back to gossiping!


Ben found a banister to slide down.


Lison also had a chat with Silas. Now that she was with Elliott, she suddenly had no trouble talking to Silas anymore. She still thought he was cute though!


***Note: I guess this is a good point in the story to make a little gameplay note. When I play Windiwell, I play by different rules than when my sims are home. Because I have a big town and my sims go about their business when I’m not there, I use Nraas Story Progression to make sure they don’t autonomously make babies, break up, cheat and the works. I don’t like going back to a family I haven’t played in a while and find the parents divorced and mum pregnant by another man. But at Windiwell, I turn the flirt and romance options of SP on again, so the teens can decide for themselves who they’ll flirt (and fight) with and all that. Makes for a much more interesting summer and since they’re in Appaloosa Plains. the settings won’t affect my sims in Honeycomb Valley. I don’t control flirts at Windiwell at all. Not even if I think two sims would be good together. At the first edition of camp, Finn and Esme got together that way even though I would never have thought of them as a couple before that summer. Once two sims BOTH have the wish to kiss one another, I do help them out. In my experience, autonomous kisses between teens who are not yet romantically involved are quite rare, so I will help them there, but only if BOTH parties have the wish to do so. Other than that, they’re on their own…  So when Lison went up to Silas I just watched. They ended up just chatting though.***

I don’t know if Elliott was jealous because Lison had talked to Silas, or if something else was going on, but suddenly this happened:

trouble in paradiseHe was “berating her ignorance”. She didn’t like it.

Logan looked up Kyra to do the cool kids greet. It’s not exactly romance, but at least he was paying attention to her…


And Lison and Elliott continued their discussion inside…


Rain fell that night, so the teens spent the night indoors and then were told to go to their cabins for the night. First brush your teeth though! Kyra and Silas were again having a chat. It looks like these two will be very good friends.


While her best friend Holly stayed behind in the bathroom to gossip with Molly, Kyra made a new friend of her own.

new friend

And of course summercamp isn’t summercamp without a good PILLOWFIGHT!



The next morning Kylie woke up early to make breakfast.


Benjamin was up early too. The fish tend to bite more in the mornings, you know!


After breakfast Logan and Kyra had kitchen duty. Privacy for these two! Guess what they did!Screenshot-68

They just cleaned. Exciting stuff!

Luckily the rain had disappeared and it was in fact a very warm day. Since most kids (and Don) wanted to go to the Summerfestival, that’s where they went!


Once there, Khalid and Logan had a good chat (in a barn?). It seems that, despite their rocky start, these two are actually starting to get along.


Benjamin and Molly tried out the rollerskating rink. Not entirely successfully…

Lison and Kyra had some ice.


Soon it got busier on the rollerskating rink.


Some skaters clearly were more talented than others…


And then there was Don, who actually is the biggest kid of all, because he, autonomously, went to get his face painted.


Molly and Holly decided to have a waterballoon fight. These two were really starting to become inseparable!


But Molly did take a break to “enthuse about dogs” to Logan. Score! There’s nothing Logan loves more than dogs, so he obviously thought Molly was pretty cool after this.


In the midst of all this, were Kyra and her new friend Silas. Slowdancing. Kyra was really starting to like this new boy who was being so charming towards her. Was Logan getting some competition?


Holly decided if she wanted to “kiss a cute boy” like she wrote on her picture, action needed to be taken. And she already picked out who the boy had to be. He was charming, sexy and 16! So she decided to try a little flirting on Khalid.

Holly was no Edyta, that much was sure, but Khalid had come for distraction and distraction she was. Blonde distraction. So he didn’t hesitate to flirt back.


When the day drew to an end the kids decided to have a big waterballoon fight together. Well, with the exception of Molly and Ben who were entering in an eating contest (blergh) and Elliott who was still making twirls on the rollerskating rink.


It had been a good and eventful first day and a lot was still to come! Read about that in…

part 2

5 thoughts on “July 05: Windiwell Revisited (Pt. 1)

  1. IT’S HERE!!!!

    Oooh, I love this group of teens. There’s definitely some potential for drama here *heybaby*

    Gosh, let me start out by saying how much I love the Windiwell campground. It’s so awesome!! I love every little part of it!

    Aaaaw, I love the idea of the individual pictures with expectations/wishes for the camp. Have I told you before that you are genius? I think I have, but I want to let you know again *lol*
    Hahaha, your words for my sims are perfect *hi5*

    Uh-oh, already the drama begins! I hope Logan and Khalid’s clash was just an awkward beginning 🙂
    Oooh, yes, fascinating turtle! Haha, and Molly&Holly have some gossiping to catch up on 😀 Wooow, Ben is SO cool!!
    Hehe, how cute that Lison isn’t so shy with Silas any more 😀 Oh no, but Elliott totally misunderstood the situation!! Oh my, Lison and Elliott aren’t having the greatest reunion!! Go back to playing gnubb!!!

    Lovely picture of the teens brushing their teeth – so wonderfully “everyday-like” *sigh*
    Yeah! Kyra and Lison are made to be great friends!! PILLOWFIGHT!!!

    *sigh* Aaaw, Ben! Always enjoying nature ❤
    Oh, poor Kyra, I bet she was excited to share kitchen duty with Logan, but story of her life: Nothing happened 😦

    *claps* I knew Logan and Khalid would soon change their minds about each other! The teens all look so cute on the roller rink! Wow, Elliott and Holly are awesome!!

    Oh yeah, dogs – a favourite of Molly's! (along with all other animals *lol*)

    :-O Slowdancing in the middle of the Summer festival!! Well done Silas and Kyra!! Oooh, and flirting between Holy and Khalid *popcorn*


    • Aww, thank you lovely,I love the campgrounds too, which is the main reason I keep returning to it. 🙂

      Yeah, each time Logan so much as started a conversation with Kyra I sat hoping this would be it, but it never was.

      It was so funny when Molly went up to Logan to enthuse about dogs. She sure knows what to say to whom! She never enthused about dogs to Holly, just horses, but when it came to Logan, it was all about dogs immediately!


  2. Awwww, YEAH, Camp Windiwell!!!! I got so immediately caught, that I had already forgotten to take notes while reading to comment! 😀
    I love the polaroids! Awww, that’s so cute! Silas’s face is priceless, really a “I dunno” face! 😀
    Let’s go!

    Ahah, Khalid can be a bit wild before getting adopted, huh? 😀
    Oh, a turtle! I understand their excitement, I don’t have any in my town! Ben has missed something!
    Aaha, Molly & Holly gossiping! Typical! 😀
    Oh, Elliott, guy, why being so mean?! That’s because all these gossips about Lison being 13, huh?
    WOW, both genders bathroom!!!! How this didn’t strike me on previous years? *lol*
    Awww, I’m glad Lison made a friend of Kyra! I love that lovely girl! ❤
    Ben, Ben, Ben… This boy will just never change. I'll fell of my chair the day he will wish to kiss someone (else than his dog… :p)
    Awww, I'm sure Kyra was still very excited about cleaning the kitchen with Logan! ❤
    Ah, Kyra and Lison know how to appreciate holidays: ice-cream! You're so right, girls!
    Ahaha, I love how Khalid gets complaining without skaters!
    Wow, Elliott! Wow, Holly!!!
    Awwww, such a romantic dance, Kyra and Silas! Silas is quite irresistible, isn't he?
    Aha, I totally see Khalid not rejecting an opportunity of flirting, indeed! 😀

    *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* @ these first days! I can't wait to read more!!! *bouncing to part 2*


    • Oooh, Ben should’ve taken the turtle home! But he was too caught up in fishing for almost the entire camp stay to notice anything else haha!

      Lison and Kyra really became good friends. Like I said, there’s so many pictures I couldn’t use because the story would’ve been much too long, but Kyra and Lison really did click. I think they will surely keep in touch.


  3. Ooh, 10 teens together in one campground for the whole summer. I can almost feel the potential for drama from here!
    The polaroids are a great idea! Sounds very much like the camping trip I did with the school when I was 11. Lots of fun and didn’t achieve a thing (except the knowledge that, if it came down to it, I could so totally help win a canoe race. And I can fire a bow and arrow. Such life changing stuff 😛 )
    Ooh, Elliot getting a little jealous there? Hope this summer doesn’t spell out a breakup for these two!!
    Nice that Kyra and Lison are making friends though ❤
    Silas and Kyra? That could get interesting! 😀
    And Khalid and Holly could make quite a cute couple too ❤
    On to Part 2!


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