July 05: Windiwell Revisited (Pt. 2)

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Over the next few days, the warm weather persisted (yes, even with all these clouds) and on one of those hot days, the group headed to the pool.

And look, Lison and Elliott are being friendly again!


Or… maybe not…


Lison was really starting to get fed up with Elliott constantly insulting her and berating her ignorance. Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but it certainly didn’t make her happy. She felt they’d be better of just being friends, and told him so.

***Note: I’m sorry Alex, I’m sorry Sandy, I didn’t mean to break them up. And certainly not this way! I figured maybe this would happen if Lison flirted with Silas a lot, but she didn’t. I don’t know if it’s Elliott’s social awkward trait, but each time I saw him with Lison he was “berating (her) ignorance”. I had set them to romantic interests when they arrived, but with all his insults, they were soon down to acquintances. By this point Lison already had the wish to “just be friends”, but didn’t even get the chance to tell him this, since he had already insulted her to the point of them losing their romantic interest status.***

Poor Elliott, he had so been looking forward to this camp. He had fallen out with most of his classmates at school, so he needed a break. And he would be with Lison again! He hadn’t expected this… What did he do wrong?
Jeffrey, always being the good guy, sat down with him in case he needed to talk.


Things were better between Khalid and Holly, with her still flirting shamelessly and him admiring her bikini look.


The flirting back and forth between Holly and Khalid went on for most of the afternoon…




Holly and Jeffrey had washing up duty. He wasn’t pleased…


After dinner, the kids had some free time. Khalid had set himself a challenge. Keeping the ball up on a small ridge by the pond and not letting it fall in! (he actually chose this spot on his own…)Screenshot-125

Meanwhile, Silas and Kyra (and Ben…) had gone up to the little island where Silas felt the need to tell Kyra she looked really beautiful. Yeah… Silas wasn’t Logan, but Kyra did feel a little tickle in the pit of her stomach when he said that…


Back in the common room, Holly took Molly apart to tell her all about how she and Khalid had been flirting all afternoon.


Speak of the devil…


“Psst, Hols, your boyfriend is coming over!’

Molly was right, Khalid was coming over. Since it had now gotten dark, he wanted to ask Holly if she wanted to watch the stars with him. She happily agreed.


After what happened with Saskia on the last trip Khalid had gone on, he decided to take a more subtle approach this time.


First a gentle touch and then…


To be honest Khalid, I think you would have had success with Holly no matter how you kissed her!

The next morning, the first thing Holly did was inform Molly of the events of last night.

boy gossip

“He totally kissed me!’
“Really?! Was it good!? How did he do it!? Are you going out now?!”
Molly wanted to know everything!

They didn’t get a lot of time to chat though, since it was the warmest day yet, they were heading off to the beach!


Holly realised she hadn’t even told Kyra about her kiss yet, so she made sure she did.


They were interrupted by Molly though.


“Psst Hols, he’s soooo checking you out from over there! Maybe he wants some more kisses!”

Wait, what? Kyra thought. Molly already knew about Holly’s kiss? She didn’t say anything to Holly, but it sure hurt. They were supposed to be best friends! They had always shared everything! And now Holly had shared a big life changing experience with Molly first! Kyra tried not to let it get to her, but when Logan (of all people) asked her what was wrong, she couldn’t hold it in.

Screenshot-157“She’s my BEST friend! And now it’s all Molly this, Molly that!”
“Aww, cheer up! You and Holly have been friends for ages, this girl is not going to change this. Besides, after camp, she’s going back to Bimlico! You know what, come with me to the ocean, it’ll get your mind off of it!”

Even though Kyra had been hoping for at least a hug, she did join Logan in the ocean.


Meanwhile Jeffrey and Lison were having a casual chat in the sand.


When the day progressed, Kylie rented paddle boats for the group, so they could go down the river.


Some of them liked this, others not so much…swans 1 swans 2

They stopped at a field down the river to have a picnic.
(Look how tan these kids are getting!)


After the picnic, Holly pulled Khalid apart to a more secluded place for a repeat of last night. (You sure that’s a good idea in swimwear…?)

When Don played guitar, Silas again asked Kyra to dance with him. She in turn started to feel that tickly feeling in her stomach again.

slow dance

When the others were already starting to paddle back to the beach, Silas held Kyra back for a while.


“You know Kyra… I really, sorta, like you. You’re cool…”
“Yeah… I think… I kinda like you too…”


“So umm…. I was thinking… Can I maybe kiss you…?”
“Hehe… Yes… you can…”


***Note: When Kyra and Silas met on the first day and started chatting, he immediately got the wish to kiss her for the first time. I know Silas has a crush on Ofelia back home, but she kissed his brother at camp last year. Which he may or may not know about. He made a real and unexpected connection with Kyra though and even though I was thinking this would be the summer Kyra and Logan would hook up, she was constantly near Silas and flirting back. She didn’t get the wish to kiss him until they were out on this field though, but when she did, I decided this was inevitable. It wasn’t like Logan was showing any kind of interest in her…***

Back at the beach, Ben, Elliott and Khalid were being athletic.


Once Silas and Kyra arrived back at the beach as well, they remained inseparable.


Since it was such a lovely day, Kylie and Don decided they would have dinner at the beach as well.
Lison even sat with Elliott, although she doesn’t look very happy about it… The kids sitting outside clearly received more sun this day…beach food

It turned out it wasn’t the food nor the company which cause Lison to pull that face. Unfortunately, she was falling ill… Knowing her responsibility, Kylie took Lison to the doctors.


The doctor informed Kylie it looked like it was just flu and ordered bedrest for Lison for a few days. While this wasn’t how Lison had pictured camp, she felt so lousy she did like the idea of just being in bed. She got to borrow a book from Logan who had brought loads anyway and then off to bed it was. Get well soon, Lison!


The others were sad having to miss Lison for a few days, but for them, camp obviously still went on… Read about that in…

part 3

5 thoughts on “July 05: Windiwell Revisited (Pt. 2)

  1. Yay, a day of pool fun *claps*

    What is up with Lison and Elliott?! Wow, they broke up!! Well, I guess it’s better that way, since they really didn’t seem that into each other any longer.
    Aaw, how nice of Jeffrey to be so helpful towards Elliott.
    *fans self* I don’t blame Khalid for admiring Holly’s bikini look!

    Haha, Jeffrey looks pissed off to have to do the dishes *lol*

    Aaaaaw, I knew Silas was a charmer!! How romantic (well, even with Ben in the background *chuckle*).

    *rofl* @ Khalid’s look in the middle of the two giggling and gossiping girls!!
    AAAAW!! Kahlid is also romantic ❤ ❤

    Hahaha, of course Moly wanted to know everything!
    Ohh, poor Kyra, I understand if she feels a little left out *hugs* I think Logan gave her some good advice, though. The friendship between Holly and Kyra has lasted forever, it's not about to break *nods*

    *squeeee* The paddle boats are so cute!!! And so many of them!!!! And what a lovely place for a picnic ❤ (Holly and Khalid agrees 😉 ). Silas suddenly isn't afraid of showing feelings, huh? It makes perfect sense: He finally figures that all that waiting around for the girl doesn't lead anywhere, so why waste the time? Good for you, Si! Aaaaaaaaw!!! A first kiss! *tearyeyes* (And by the way, Silas doesn't have a crush on Ofelia any more 😉 ). That is beautiful, Kim!

    Oh no, poor Lison! Get well soon, sweetheart!


    • Hahaha, it was funny with Jeffrey and the dishes. Because my mum pointed out there had already been a picture of a sour looking Jeffrey at kitchen duty before. She was right! It’s from last years camp and it’s here: https://kimmiessimmies.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/screenshot-1252.jpg
      I guess Jeff just really really hates doing dishes!

      LOL, the Ollies cracked me up, they were constantly giggling and gossiping,which is just how I picture them. I’m thinking they will stay friends for a while!

      Kyra and Silas just made sense. They were together all the time flirting and slow dancing and such, but I figured neither of them was the type to just jump in and plant a kiss on the other, so I wanted to make it a bit more subtle.


  2. Awww, my poor Lison! She’s meant to be unlucky in love! I would have been surprised if she was still with Elliott at the end of these holidays though.
    Well, Elliott, my boy, insulting your girlfriend about her ignorance, even if she’s actually young, might not be the best way to keep her! :p
    Khalid and bikinis… That’s the real love story of the summer! 😀
    Go, Khalid!! That’s a future football star we have here!
    Awww, Kyra and Silas!!!! There’s some romance there! (Ben… *facepalm* Seriously, guy, you know there’s other things in life than just fishing, right? Like… girls?)
    Wow, some flirting and now a kiss between Khalid and Molly! This must seriously improves Khalid’s holidays! 😀
    Of course, that will make a perfect gossip for the two gossip girls! 😀
    Awwww, Kyra!!! *hugs* You know, it’s what I’ve been thinking while Molly was having so much fun with Holly; I was thinking “aww, poor girl, that must be hard” (before thinking “HEY, girl, we’re talking about Sims here, so NO, she’s not sad. :p” But see!! SHE WAS! Sims have emotions! :p
    *giggle* Smart move to ask some comfort to Logan! 😉
    Awww, those swan paddles!!! That’s so cute!
    And what a gorgeous picnic!!! Everyone gets so tanned, indeed! I’ll have to remember to “tan” Ben and Lison!
    Yeah, Khalid, don’t lose your catch! 😀
    AWWWWWWWW, a first kiss between Silas and Kyra!!! That’s the sweetest thing ever!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    *lol* Aww, poor Lison, it can be indeed awkward to sit near your ex-boyfriend! Oh, and she caught the flu at the top of this! *lol* (don't worry, Kim sweet, it's greatly funny to read ❤ )

    *bouncing to part 3*


    • Hahahaha, I laughed at your comment about Khalid and bikinis being the real love story of the summer! I think you’re right!

      Ben just LOOOOOOOOOVES fishing! Logan was at it just as much though, but I happen to catch Ben on camera more.

      *hi5* for thinking the same thing about Kyra! I could so imagine her feeling left out by her best friend. That’s not how she imagined camp! She did get kissed though, which must have made things a bit better. But yeah, when Molly came to Honeycomb Valley, she immediately clicked more with Holly than with Kyra, so I figured this might cause problems at Windiwell.
      Kyra had Lison though!

      Poor Lison! When I got the notification that she had fallen ill, I felt so sorry for her and even contemplated just removing her “germy” moodlet, but I decided against that and instead chose to integrate her being ill in the story.


  3. Lison doesn’t seem to be having the summer of a lifetime ❤ She's had no luck at all! 😦
    Yeah for Khalid and Holly! 😀 That must be improving his summer!! 😀
    And Silas and Kyra! Goodness, there's so much going on at the camp already!! ❤
    Oh poor Lison! The flu on top of everything else! 😦
    On to Part 3!


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