Jeffrey Abbott

Jeffrey Abbott

Abbott, Jeffrey - t bordered

Jeffrey is the black sheep of the family. No one in his household understand his passion for nature and his friendliness towards other people. Jeffreys big dream is to work hard so he can get away from the trailerpark and the family.  He does get along with his little sister though.


Age: Teen
Born: May 1989
Traits: Good, loves the outdoors, angler, ambitious
Job: Burial assistent (part-time)


Father: Lorenzo
Mother: Cheryl
Siblings: Wesley, Chantal
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: Carmen (grandma), Matthew (nephew)
Best friend(s): Logan
Romance history: Martha kissed Jeffrey on a dare, but it was nothing serious. He was interested in Ruby, but that didn’t go to plan. Eventually he had a summer fling with Appaloosa Plains Benni Hennesey while on summercamp in 03. Two years later he shared a kiss with Molly Hayes. This, again, happened at summercamp.


In bold where this sim has a main part.
* July 03: Camp Windiwell (part I & II)
August 03: Those Summer Days
December 03: Christmas Time
June 04: School’s Out!
July 04: Summercamp!
July 05: Windiwell Revisited

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