Wesley Abbott

Wesley Abbott

Abbott, Wesley - ya bordered

Wesley is Lorenzo and Cheryl Abbott’s eldest son. When he was still in school, he neglected his schoolwork and often hung out with his friends at the forbidden abandoned factory. Wesley and Anna (daughter of the mayor!) had a veryyyyy good time there one night, which had less than good consequences… Wesley is now father to Matthew. You can imagine what this was like for our mayor of high standing… Quite the scandal… Wesley graduated in 04, but is not going to university. Will he get a job? Meh, too much work, really. Wesley does make some money selling fireworks around New Years and doing some DJ-ing.


Age: Young Adult
Born: April 1984
Traits: Clumsy, great kisser, party animal, flirty, couch potato
Job: Does some DJ-ing, sometimes


Father: Lorenzo
Mother: Cheryl
Siblings: Jeffrey, Chantal
Partner: None, Wes enjoys the bachelor life
Children: Matthew
Other family: Carmen (grandma)
Best friend(s): Emmett
Romance history: Wesley is constantly flirting with girls and takes it to the next level with every one who’s willing. Like Anna Newman was…


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