August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 1)

During the lazy summer month of August not a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley. Well, actually, no, that’s not true, quite a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley actually. But nothing too exciting. I guess it was just your typical summer month. You know those, with long, warm and busy days while you’re actually not doing a whole lot? In a nutshell it was all just coffee and ice cream.

Home Alone

bye mum and dadAs you may remember, Hannah had not been feeling well. She had been home with burn out symptoms for quite a while and now that her husband Elliot had free time too, they had decided to go on holiday. Just the two of them. Because Seth was in Sandy Valley performing at the Rock Festival with The Hot Wings, this meant Rachel and Ruby were to be home alone while their parents were away.


The girls first had some breakfast while deciding what they would do. Their father trusted them to not break the house down and he was right to, because the Murray sisters were quite responsible girls. Therefore Elliot had even allowed them to have friends stay over. Just as long as they put everything back the way it was afterwards.

A trip to the pool was first on the agenda though!


Unfortunately for Rachel, her best friend Sadie was in Sandy Valley as well, being the female voice of The Hot Wings. So she was left to hang out with Ruby’s friends as well. They were all very nice though, so it wasn’t a problem. Ruby had invited Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan to join them at the pool. Her best friend Sophie couldn’t come because she, yup, you guessed it, was also in Sandy Valley.


Ruby and Trisha had been spending a lot of time together since their first date and were very much enjoying each other’s company still.

We’ll check back with Rachel and Ruby and her friends later!


Surfing Lesson

Elsewhere in Honeycomb Valley, namely at newly established Surf Shack, Joel, Ryan and Joshua met up.


Joel and Ryan were quite excited, as today they would get their first surfing lesson! Joshua wasn’t going surfing. This type of activity was not allowed, his father had told him. But he did come to see how his friends would do!

Brody, owner of The Surf Shack and surf instructor, explained to the boys what would happen.

They had their lesson on the surfing station, which simulates waves.surfing lesson

Brody thought they both did well, but did tell them to make sure they wore suits next lesson.

After the lesson, the boys sat down for a drink.


“I was thinking”, Joel said, “remember how I had my birthday at the beach last year? That was fun, right? So, since I’m turning 13 next week, how about we do it again. But this time, here, at the shack. And without my parents and all that. Just us. And the class.”


“Which class?” Ryan asked. “Last year’s class of next year’s class?”
“Umm, both?”

Slumber Party

Meanwhile, back at the Murray household, Ruby and Rachel had decided to throw a little slumber party. After the swimming pool, Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan had gone home to get some stuff, including two sets of pyjamas, because there had been talk of a pyjama waterballoon fight, so they’d need a change of clothing.

Ruby and Rachel had made room in the living room and ordered food.


There was some dancing…do a little dance

…and a ghost story…ghost story

And after the pyjama water balloon fight* and a change of clothing, Ruby and Trisha had a few moments to themselves…Screenshot-95

And Ruby had a question to ask Trisha:


“I really like spending time with you Trish. We’re having a great time, right? So um… do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Yup, she did. 🙂


***Note: there actually was no pyjama waterballoonfight. What really happened was my game crashed halfway through the slumberparty and when I started back up, I had to replay it and they were all wearing different pyjamas, so I made up the waterballoon fight to have an explanation. Shhh, our little secret! ***

A few hours later, everyone was asleep.


The next morning, the Murray sisters had breakfast together, while the others were still sleeping. Although… breakfast? Ruby had a leftover hotdog and Rachel just drank some fruit juice, but oh well…


After the guests had left, the girls found out they had an email from their parents


“Oh no, not kissing pictures!”

Elliot mail

Hello girls!

How are things back home? Are you having fun having the house all to yourselves? We’d better find it back in the same condition! Have you heard from Seth?
Your mother and I are having a great time here in Monte Vista. She’s feeling a lot better already and she wanted me to ask you what you think of her new look. She went and saw an Italian stylist here.
I included a few pictures so you can get an impression of how we’re doing here.
We miss you! Give Seth our love when he calls.

See you soon!


Seems they’re having a good time!

Babybellies on the beach

Since their meeting at the hospital, Susie and Morgan had kept in touch and actually became rather good friends. It turned out they had a lot in common. They were both in their thirties and had both been dealing with an unfulfilled wish to be a mum for quite a while. Luckily, another thing they had in common, was the fact that they were both pregnant now. Even if Susie was just a tad further along than Morgan was.

Today, they planned to spend a day together. they started out with coffee in the park.


After which they went to the beach to catch some sun and enjoy the water.babybellies beach 1

Hey, look who also turned up at the beach! Susie was happy to see her niece again.Screenshot-112

Kyra often confided in her aunt when she had something on her mind, and therefore Susie knew how Kyra had been looking forward to Camp Windiwell and how she had been hoping Logan would finally really see her. So, naturally, Susie wanted to know how it had been.
small chat

“So, how are you? How was Camp Windiwell? Did a certain boy finally pay attention to you?”
Kyra giggled “A certain boy did, yeah, but it wasn’t at all like I expected…”
“Ohh!! Y
ou know what? Come to the ranch tomorrow morning and we’ll have breakfast and you can tell me all about it, okay?”
“Sure! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

After this meeting with Kyra, Susie and Morgan spent a few more hours at the beach.

babybellies beach 2

Being pregnant, the girls both had a bit of a backache, so they decided to end their day together at the spa, where they received a relaxing massage.massage

And then dazed off in the hot tub. spa bubbles

The spa had some great salads.salad

And then the day had come to an end. Both girls were tired, but had had a great day together.


Breakfast at Susies

Like they had planned, Kyra showed up at her aunts house the following morning. Luke was out on a long walk with Boy, so the girls would have time to chat.

While Susie made pancakes, Kyra went to cuddle with and feed Cinnamon.


Then the pancakes were ready, so Kyra and Susie sat down at the table.
breakfast at susies

“So honey, tell me, how was camp? What happened with Logan?”
“Well, not a lot… He didn’t actually show any interest in me. Not until Silas, that is…”

And so Kyra told her aunt everything about Silas. How much fun they had had together, about the kiss, about how she really likes him and about how Logan suddenly started flirting with her after she and Silas had kissed.

“But now I’m just so confused aunt Susie… I really like Silas. I do. He’s so cute and sweet and he really likes me. But he lives very far away. And Logan… I’ve liked Logan for years, that doesn’t just completely disappear, you know, and he’s finally paying attention to me! What should I do…?”
“Hmmm, darling, I don’t think you should stop living your life waiting for one boy… I did that, remember? And therefore I know it’s not a good idea. If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll let you know. You’re not married yet! Who knows, you might still end up with him, but for now, you’ve had a good summer with Silas, right? And if this still works for you over distance, that’s good! Planning ahead is great, Kyra, but life can throw you some interesting curveballs, I’ve learned that the hard way. And before you know it, you find yourself nearly 40 and alone. Don’t wait for life. Take it as it comes. But hey, I’m just your old auntie, right? Maybe you’re better off taking advice from someone your own age. What does Holly have to say about all this?”
“Pffft, don’t even get me started on Holly…”
“Uh oh, I guess this calls for some tea…”

And so they headed outside to have some tea. And Kyra told Susie all about how Holly had ignored her most of the summer because she’d been hanging out with Molly instead.
But Susie reassured her and told her not to worry. This new girl might have been interesting for the summer, but it takes a lot to break up a friendship that’s been going strong for ten years. It was probably just a phase.


Kyra felt really relieved after this talk with her aunt. 🙂


Joel’s Party

Halfway through August, Joel turned 13. Like he told Ryan and Joshua earlier, he organised his birthday party at the beach. At first it was just supposed to be balloons and a stereo, but Chantal had told him her brother Wesley had started deejay-ing and would be willing to play at Joels party. For a fee of course. Theo and Samantha (Joel’s grandparents who pretty much raised him for the first 10 years of his life and now miss him dearly) agreed to pay for it and even rented equipment and lights so Joel could have a great party.


The first thing Ryan did was ask Zoe to dance.


Of course Joel also had a go at being the DJ himself for a while.


Holly was quite happy to be at the party. She felt it absolutely rocked.


When Zoe sat down in the sand for a moment, Ryan immediately joined her to have a chat.

***Ever since they turned teens in June, Ryan has been getting the wish to “kiss Zoe for the first time” the moment they start talking to one another. She has no such wishes towards him though, which to me is very in keeping with how I see them: Zoe is still very much a child at 12, while Ryan has already been hit with the effects of puberty. So, for now, Ryan has a crush on Zoe, while she is totally oblivious.***


It may have been a party, but Kyra rather had a nap on a towel.

When evening approached, Joel made some hotdogs on the barbecue by The Surf Shack.


Everyone really seemed to enjoy Wesley’s music. He might have a career in something after all.


Jessica, the girl who sells ice cream at the beach, also liked Wesley’s music. And Wesley liked Jessica’s…. ummm… “eyes”, so he took a little break to try and charm her. For some reason they were closely watched by flirt

But Wes had a job to to do, so before long it was back to the music!
***Note; if anyone knows how to make it so my Sims are more eager to dance to the DJ’s music than to just stand there and watch him, I’d love to hear…***


Around midnight, the party ended. The kids all felt it had been “epic” (even though I thought it had been quite dull and disappointing, but then again, I’m not 13 anymore)

Wes was now off duty, but still had some unfinished business.  (Go home, Emily!)


“Sooo, you liked my music? How about we make a little music together?”

Jessica’s silly grin was all the incentive Wesley needed to make his next move. Wes is never one to waste time…


Since Jessica didn’t object to the kiss, Wes had another idea he wanted to run by her…


“You know, I have my own jacuzzi, care to join me?”

Even though I think a hot tub behind the trailer where he lives with has parents and siblings can’t have been what Jessica had in mind when Wes said “my own jacuzzi”, she still got in…


Apparently Jessica doesn’t have very high standards…wanna see my jacuzzi

More August in…
part 2

7 thoughts on “August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 1)

  1. Weeee, August story! I LOVE the title, and your explanation – it is exactly how those lazy summer months should be spent 😀

    Aaww, how lovely for Hannah and Elliott to take some time off together ❤
    And I'm sure Rachel and Ruby will have a great time with the house to themselves. Looks like they were having a great time at the pool!

    *clap* I love that little turquoise surf shack!! Ohh yeahh, the surfer dudes!! 😉 (Hahaha, Brody is the perfect surfer dude name!!).
    Cool idea, Joel! The Shack is a great place for a birthday party!

    Slumber party!! Aaww, it looks like so much fun!
    Ruby and Trisha!! ❤

    Haha, I think that's exactly the kind of breakfast you have when your parents are away *lol*

    Oh, what a sweet email from Elliot!!

    *squeeee* Babybellies!!
    Gosh, I love your beach, Kim! The lifeguard tower, the swan paddling boats, the pier… I'm taking notes!!

    It's lovely that Kyra has such a great relationship with her aunt ❤

    What a wonderful day Susie and Morgan spent *sigh*

    Aaaaw, Kyra is such a cute teenager with all the confusion that entails *lol* Good thing she has Susie to rely on. And she gives good advice, too, both on the Boys Situation and the "Ollies" Situation *nods*

    Happy birthday, Joel! What a party! It looks awesome!
    How cute are Ryan and Zoe??? VERY cute!
    Ohhh, that ice cream stand is SO cute! … and so is Jessica *heybaby* Uh-ohh, Wesley!
    YEAH, I
    m sure the party was epic – it seemed that way to me.
    *rofl* @ Emily! Maybe she's dreaming of having a romance herself??
    Bwaaaahahahaha @ Wes' "jacuzzi"! What a smooth talker that one! Aahahahaha, I love the "YES!" hand sticking up from the water *rofl* Wes is hilarious!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • :hi5: for the perfect surfer dude name! I actually went looking for names that sounded like they’d fit a surfer dude!

      Aww thank you for your comments on the beach, Sara-love! I enjoyed building it all!

      Susie is a wise aunt, isn’t she? She’s had her share of relationship problems and doesn’t want her niece to make the same mistakes she did.

      Hahaha, well, maybe Emily is dreaming of a romance, but I’ve got news for her; no example Wesley can ever give can be considered “romance”, so she should start looking somewhere else!


  2. such a great update!
    Sucks your game crashed. There is nothing worst specially if you were playing an event.
    I really liked the pregnant ladie’s day out. Such a relaxing day 🙂
    Oh Gosh Jessica!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. STORY TIME, finally!!!!

    Aww, Rachel and Ruby for sure will have a lot of fun at staying at home together! Sure, they’re not the kind of girls at putting the house in fire! 🙂
    Yeah for a day at the swimming-pool!
    ❤ for Ruby and Trisha!

    Oh, the surf shack looks adorable! So vivid colors!!! ❤
    That's indeed a great idea to set a birthday party there! *nod*

    My, oh my, the Murray girls have set up the best slumber party ever! Lookk at all these pizzas, donuts, pancakes!!!!! Oh my!!!!! I'd love taking part to it! ❤
    Awww, Ruby and Trisha! I love these two girls, their relationship makes me happy, I don't know why! ❤
    *chuckle* @ the day after breakfast. Typical post-party breakfast, if you ask me! 😀
    Awwww, that's so cute that the parents send a mail and post pictures!!! I laughed at their disgusted “Oh no, not kissing pictures!” comment! 😀
    I hope Hannah enjoyed her holidays there, and that she'll come back home all healty and rested!

    Susie and Morgan seem really made to be friends! What a perfect cosy day they spent! ❤
    Awwww, you bet Kyra has A LOT to say to auntie Susie about her holidays in Camp Windiwell! 😉

    Kyra and Cinnamon are too cute!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Oh, dear, I thought I had my cuteness overload with Kyra and Cinnamon, but it's nothing compared to Susie and Kyra's discussion. *teary eyes* Susie is the best aunt of the whole universe. That's all I have to say. ❤
    Kyra is for sure a very lucky niece! Awww, that smile on her face made my heart melting!!! ❤

    BEACH PARTY!!! Holly had a blast, obviously!
    Aaaaw, so cute that Ryan got the wish to kiss Zoe!!!! ❤ I love these teen crushes! Above all when it's not reciprocical (at least for now). 🙂
    Yeah for Wesley the DJ!!! Oh my, things are getting hot here!!!
    For the DJ dance/watch, I wonder if there's not some "fun factor" to tweak with the retuner here. But I'm not sure it would make the "dance" interaction more appealing than the "watch" one.
    Ohooooooh, hot burning, as we'd say in french! *lol* at Jessica's "standards"!
    Weeeeee, that first part was sure worth the wait!!!! I'm bouncing to part two!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SANDYYYY!!!!
      *Giggle* Ruby and Rachel surely arranged for a lot of food for their sleepover indeed! 🙂
      Hannah is very well rested and feels a lot better thank you. 🙂

      I’ve always imagined Susie and Kyra having a good bond. They have so much in common, after all. And they’re always very happy to see each other.

      Hehe, Ryan’s “crush” on Zoe might be to do with the fact he’s “flirty”, but I still think it’s very fitting of his character either way.

      I think you’re right about the Retuner. That might work. I’ll look into it!

      Glad you liked part one, sweet!


  4. Rachel and Ruby are such good girls, not wrecking the house while their parents are away ❤ Love the pool party though! (I adore your pool, it looks so much fun!)
    Ooh, surfing lessons! A great summer pass time! 😀
    Great slumber party! Not crazy, but not boring ❤ Those girls are so responsible! 😀
    Naww, the Mums-to-be day at the beach is lovely! 😀 Very relaxing and just what they both need ❤
    So glad Kyra got to talk things through with her aunt Susie. Hopefully puts things into perspective for her ❤
    Beach Birthday Party! That's so cool! And Wesley being the DJ!
    Got to love Wesley's end to the evening however. Jessica obviously doesn't have very high standards at all! *lol*
    On to Part 2!


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