August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 2)

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Guess Who’s Back?

It was very early one late August morning when she returned…


Anna was home! After a year abroad, she had returned to Honeycomb Valley! Her parents were so privileged to have her back again! (Or so she felt, anyway)


But after talking to her father for ten minutes, Anna was already annoyed again. She had been home for ten whole minutes now and no one had yet offered to draw her a bath or anything. And what was all that crying in the background?


Oh. Right. You.
Awww, the love between a mother and her son is so touching, isn’t it?


After a bath and breakfast, Anna quickly rushed to the park to meet with the one person she knew would be happy she was back: Suzan.


The first thing Anna did when she saw her BFF again, was utter her annoyance.


“Has my father gone completely mad when I was away?! What’s this nonsense about ‘greenify Honeycomb Valley’? What do we need more trees for? We’re not freaking rabbits, are we? We don’t need to live in a forest! There’s not even one proper club in this town, and now he’s talking about taking down shops as well?! The man is crazy I tell you! And all for his ‘image’!”

Suzan let her friend rant and of course agreed wholeheartedly with everything she said. After Anna was done ranting about her father, the girls sat down for some coffee and Anna told Suzan all about her travels. Since mum and dad had paid for it all, Anna’s year had consisted of fine hotels, hot guys, lots of shopping, going out late and lying on beaches. Very much your typical gap year, right? Umm no.
Either way, it was done now, and in October, Anna too would have to start University… That had always been the condition…park catch up


After a few days in Sandy Valley at The Rock Festival, Sophie returned home again. Feeling sad and confused. She had phoned Ruby from the bus asking her to meet her at the busstation.


Thankfully, Ruby arrived soon.


“So, how was it, Soph? You sounded a bit off on the phone? Did something happen?”
“Let’s go to my house, I’ll tell you all about it…”


Once in her room, Sophie immediately told Ruby about the things that happened in Sandy Valley. About how she had not seen Jérémy at all and when she had asked him to meet her at the festival, he’d said he’d come, but he never did. chat about jeremy

“I’m worried Rub, what if he doesn’t like me anymore? I love him, you know, I really do, and I just don’t want to lose him!”
“There’s only one way to find out, Soph, you have to ask him. Call him up and ask him.”
“CALL him?! No, I couldn’t possibly! What if he says I’m right? What if he really doesn’t like me anymore, I’ll burst into tears on the phone! I don’t want that!”
“Then email him.”

“Yeah, I guess I will…”

And so it happened, Ruby gave her friend some privacy and Sophie wrote Jérémy an email…
the mail

Mail from Sophie

My dearest Jérémy,

What’s going on? I’m quite worried about you… 

I’m back home again and sad and worried because I didn’t see you at all during the days I was in Sandy Valley… I still don’t quite know why you said you’d meet me at the Rock Festival, but never came. You also didn’t respond to any texts. Does it have something to do with your family?

I hope it’s not anything I did… 

I miss you. I love you. Please write me back, I’m so worried…

Yours always,

Soph. ❤

And then it was gone… Now all that’s left is waiting for the reply. I know it’s hard Soph, I know…


New Kids on the Block

August was drawing to an end but the weather was still warm. On one of the last days of August, Esme headed out to meet Martha, when she spotted the big orange truck and the girl with the big hair across the street: new neighbours! She also noticed her ex boyfriend, walking up to girl with the big hair…


Yep, indeed, Finn had also noticed the new neighbours and decided to go and lend a neighbour

“Hi, I’m Finn Richardson, I live two doors down the street. Are you moving in? Need a hand?”
“Oh, that’d be great actually, thanks! I’m Jada Quinn, I’m moving in here with my parents and my brother and sister.”


“Sure! Just tell me what goes where!” And maybe later I can show you around town a bit? We have a great beach!”
“Yeah, that sounds nice!”

Esme, who had moved closer so she could eavesdrop on the conversation, decided to give Martha a call.

we have a situation

“Marth? Change of plans. Let’s meet at the beach instead. We have a problem.”

Esme wasn’t the only one who had noticed Finn talking to Jada. From across the street, Rachel was another silent witness to the scene…


The orange truck drew lots of attention. The house had been empty for a long time and Ellie often snuck into the garden to play there, and now someone had stolen her spot. She was not amused and quite determined to discover who was moving in right next to her.


And she was about to find out…


The girl walked straight up to Ellie.


“What are you looking at!?”


“What am looking at?! What are YOU doing here? This is my street! My dad is a policeman and he owns this whoooooooole street!”
“No, he doesn’t! We bought this house, so it’s my house, and I’m telling you you can’t look at it!”


“It’s a stupid house anyway, I don’t even want to look at it. Such a stupid house!”


“Yes, you’re right, it is stupid. I don’t even want to live here in this stupid house. My old house was waaaaaaay better and bigger and prettier and it looked just like a dollhouse and I didn’t have such a stupid neighbour!”


“I have a dollhouse, wanna come and play?”


“I’m Ellie.”
“I’m Aliyah”

Oh heavens help us, there’s two of them…

Ellie and Aliyah spent the rest of the day with Ellie’s dollhouse.dollhouse

After taking the boxes into the house, Finn and Jada went to the beach like they had agreed upon earlier.


And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t alone… It was clear to Esme; maybe she and Finn had broken up, but that didn’t give him permission to take other girls to the beach! But she had a plan!


Esme didn’t wait long to make her move.


“Finny! Darling! What a coincidence meeting you here!  And you’re getting all tan, I see. Yum.”

Martha found it very amusing…


Finn was still stunned by Esme’s demeanor and didn’t quite know how to respond. Esme on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing…


“Oh, forgive me, I’m being so rude! I didn’t even introduce myself to your friend. Hi, I’m Esme! So, you’re having a beach day with my Finny today? Isn’t he sexy in those trunks? Being the only one who knows what’s underneath them, I can tell you that… No, I shouldn’t tell you actually, I don’t want to embarrass him. *giggle* Well, we should go now. Bye Finny, call me!”

And then they were off.

“Was that your… girlfriend…? She’s quite… forward…” Jada asked Finn.
“Ex. Finn sighed. “It’s a long story. Come on, Iet’s go and have some ice cream”

And so they did.


Meanwhile, the last child of the Quinn family, 14 year old Malik, had discovered Honeycomb Valley had a comic book store and he couldn’t be happier.

And of course comic book stores are great places to meet fellow geeks. So, before long, Malik had found a new friend in Logan.


After a few hours at the comic book store, Logan and Malik walked home together. They had discovered they lived on the same street and agreed to hang out again soon.


The Quinn family ended their first day in Honeycomb Valley with pie in their back yard.evening pie

“So kids,” mother Tiana asked, “Do you think you’ll like living in Honeycomb Valley?”

***Note: The Quinn family is introduced here***

5 thoughts on “August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 2)

  1. She’s BACK!!!
    Haahaha, I love Anna, such a character!
    Look at Anna and Suzan – they even match! BFFs forever (… or until a boy comes between them *brow*)

    Awww, Sophie! *hugs* It’s good that she has Ruby to talk to :/ Now, al you have to do is wait for his reply…

    NEW RESIDENTS!!! *squeee*

    Ohh, Finn was the first to invite the new girl welcome, huh? Well, she looks absolutely gorgeous, I don’t blame him 😀
    Uh-oh, teen drama *popcorn*

    And Ellie drama *lol* How DARE someone move into HER personal playground?!
    D’aaaaaw, I love children’s logic *lol* Ellie had a new friend! *tearyeyes*

    Uh-oh, let’s see what Esme gets up to! (I love that Martha can’t stop giggling!!)
    Oh dear, Esme *facepalm* You’re only going to bring them closer!

    Malik looks so dorky-cute!!

    I love this new family! Can’t wait to learn more about them 😀

    What a fantastic August, Kim! *SMOOCH*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha, I laughed when I saw Suzan and Anna together, the matching outfits weren’t deliberate, but I guess the girls do have similar taste. 😉

      I know, poor Soph, she didn’t get a reply within August, so onto september it is… :/

      Yup, Finn was there in a heartbeat haha! His days of “not noticing girls” are far behind him now!

      Ellie has a friend… Or, an ally rather… Double trouble…

      Martha’s giggles were awesome. It was so fitting! I’m telling you, this game REALLY knows things.

      See, Esme’s take on it was that she now did two things:
      1. She embarrassed Finn
      2. She made sure this girl would remember her
      And hence, she’s ahead in the game.
      Her logic may be faulty though, but this is how she sees it. 🙂

      Malik is awesome!

      Thanks for your lovely comments dearest Sara! *SMOOCH BACK*

      (I wrote this whole reply hours ago and only now realized I forgot to send… *facepalm*)


  2. Aaaah, what a come back, Anna!!! 😀 😀
    I laughed at her being bored already, after such a star return! 😀
    Tsssssssst, her motherhood skill doesn’t seeem to have improved yet.
    “we’re not freaking rabbits”!!! I lost control on my tea cup there! 😀
    Oh dear, she’s going to University now… That will be for sure interesting! 😀

    AWWWWWW, Sophie, my darling! My heart stopped a little when I saw her, because I so know what she will have to go through…. :(((((((
    You’re an absolute darling, my lovely Sophie!! Awwwwww. I would kick Jérémy’s butt if I could, I swear! I still think this makes sense, but geez, I would so want comforting Sophie!!! My girl, Jérémy is like his father, don’t regret him!!!! :(((((

    Aahah, I love how Esme is spying the new neighbors with Finn welcoming them!!! And that she called Martha, OF COURSE! She’s just hilarious!
    Aww, how could we play without an open neighborhood? I love seeing the orange truck from the windows, and that you have Sims passing by! ❤
    Hello, Ellie! Ahahah, such a Ellie-typical's way to make new friends!
    I have to say I had a huge Sa-Sa-Ki shock when I met your new family! I made a kind of "inverse one" for Rocheplate (they were supposed to move in Sandy Valley too, if I hadn't promised myself to not add more Sims): 2 teens and 1 child, but 2 boys and 1 girl, with the girl being into comics. 😀 That's too funny. I used them for my latest set preview! Anyway, Jada is sublime! I understand Esme doesn't like that! *lol* @ Martha chuckling!!! 😀 😀

    Hello Malik!!!!! Awww, he's too adorable!!! For sure, he'll be great friend with Logan!

    Awww, the Quinn will love the place!! Who wouldn't?!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Wonderful story, my sweet!!!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna will never get a “World’s Best Mum” award, that’s for sure… I feel bad for Matthew though. 😦
      I hope Anna will ever make it to University, with the way I’ve being held back by my own plans at the moment, things aren’t looking promising…

      Sophie… 😥 When I posted this, I already knew the “verdict”, but I didn’t have a chance to play her response to it anymore. I’ll guess it was September before she received his reply. I know she’s better off without him, but I don’t think she’ll see it that way…

      Esme may have broken up with Finn, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can “have” him!
      Seeing the truck and Finn and Jada from the window may seem nice to us, but Rachel didn’t like what she was seeing anymore than Esme did.. She thought for sure she’d have her chance with Finn this time round… 😦
      Ellie = awesome!

      YAY for a Sa-Sa-Ki moment! I saw your family in your latest set preview and was already thinking “hmmm, they seem similar to the Quinn family” *giggle*, I love when these things happen!

      Malik is cool. Cool in a nerdy way, obviously! I do think he’ll be great friends with Logan and probably Jeffrey too. 🙂

      Wonderful comments, my sweet! You even managed to slightly enthuse me to go back to my game again! ❤


  3. Welcome back Anna! I see she hasn’t changed much *chuckle* Good that Suzan was genuinely pleased to see her back though!
    Poor Sophie! ❤ Glad she has Ruby there for her though!
    That didn't take Finn long, did it? Ellie and Aliyah seem like perfect partners in crime! *lol*
    Esme really cracks me up with her logic and her take on Finn and Jada! *lol*
    Great updates! ❤


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