Jada Quinn

Jada Quinn

Quinn, Jada - t bordered

Jada is a cool chick. She’s very social and likes to be challenged. Jada doesn’t shy away from a little adventure and knows what she wants. She also loves shoes, but it’s hard to say which type of shoes she likes best; heels! Or trainers! Or maybe boots! Or, no wait, maybe heels! No, boots! No…


Age: Teen
Born: October 1987
Traits: Brave, irresistible, loves the heat, social butterfly
Job: –


SiblingsMalik, Aliyah
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: –
Best friend(s): Back in Bridgeport, this was a girl called Hailey.
Romance history: In Bridgeport Jada had an on again-off again relationship with a guy called Fraz.


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