Malik Quinn

Malik Quinn

Quinn, Malik -t bordered

For as long as he can remember, Malik has loved comic books! And gaming! He also loves gaming! Oh, and movies! Especially superhero movies! Malik has a blog on which he reviews movies and games and comic books. All his passions combined.


Age: Teen
Born: January 1991
Traits: Computer whiz, bookworm, friendly, loves the heat
Job: –


Siblings: Jada, Aliyah
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: –
Best friend(s): Back in Bridgeport, this was a guy called Tom.
Romance history: Malik has never had a girlfriend. He had a crush on a girl back in Bridgeport, but she never showed any interest in him.


In bold where this sim has a main part.
* August 05: Coffee and Ice cream
* September 05: A Little Bit of Everything

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