Tiana Quinn

Tiana Quinn

Quinn, Tiana - a bordered

Tiana loves to sing. And she’s quite good at it too! Before the family moved from Bridgeport, Tiana was a background singer to several big sim singers and had a role in several musicals too. She wanted to get away from the big city though and live somewhere a tad more relaxed to spend more time with her husband and kids and doing something else she loves just as much as singing: cooking! So she and her family ended up in Honeycomb Valley.


Age: Adult
Born: December 1964
Traits: Artistic, good sense of humor, loves the heat, natural born performer, natural cook
Job: Singer


Father: Mr. Cole
Mother: Mrs. Cole
Siblings: –
PartnerShawn (husband)
Children: Jada, Malik, Aliyah
Other family: –
Best friend(s):
Romance history: Tiana and Shawn have known each other since University. They both lived in the same student dorm.


In bold where this sim has a main part.
* August 05: Coffee and Ice cream

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