September 05: A Little Bit of Everything (Pt.2)

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Joseph and Martha

While the children were at school and John read a book in the autumn sun, Amy was busy making pumpkin pie. After all, it was a special day in the Edwards’ household…


Little Joseph had turned 1! Happy birthday Joseph! toddler-joseph

When the kids got home, everyone enjoyed a slice of mum’s pie.


But after they had finished, John had a bone to pick with his daughter Martha.


“Did you go to school in that outfit, Martha!? That’s unacceptable, young lady! You’re out of control and it’s high time you cleaned up your act!”

Frustrated, Martha called her best friend Esme and asked her to meet at the park.


Martha wasted no time uttering her frustration.


“I’m so sick and tired of it all, Es, seriously! I can’t stand living in that house anymore!”

The girls continued their chat on the swings.


“You know Marth, it’s only two more years until your 18th birthday, then you can leave.”
“Oh, believe me, I will!”
“And in the meantime, you can sleep over at mine any time you like!”

“Oh and Marth, did you see Finn today at school? That Jada girl never leaves his side. It’s like she’s obsessed with him. I mean, geez…”

Sophie’s news

Also at the park, was Sophie. It had been a while (probably weeks, but it felt like 2,5 years), since Sophie had sent that email to Jérémy. The one in which she had asked him what was going on and why he hadn’t met her during her visit to Sandy Valley, while he had said he would. She still hadn’t received a reply, but while she was walking through the park on her way home from school, suddenly her phone beeped. You’ve got mail…


Uh oh… shock-mail

“Hey Soph! Yep, sorry for the festival. I was busy with… stuff. You know, I’ve been thinking about us, and I think that… I don’t know. I need to move on. Nothing against you, Soph, but I don’t want to be stuck in a relationship, I need air. Sorry. You’re awesome, and I did enjoy every single minute we spent together, but I need new experiences. Kisses.”

Oh Soph…sophie-upset

*** Note: Anyone also reading Sandy’s stories will know that Jérémy has since become a young adult and moved on quite a bit. It’s one of the consequences of my hiatus, while life went on for my simfriends. Despite this, I felt Soph still deserved the know the answer we received from teen Jérémy after she had sent her email***

It was a busy month for the best friends in Honeycomb Valley, because Sophie now also needed hers to help her through this crisis.


Of course, Ruby was happy to help and met Sophie at the quiet little beach.


The girls first sat in silence…


Then Sophie started talking…in-need-of-advice

“I just don’t understand. I thought he loved me… I thought we’d get married one day…” good-advice

“I know Soph… And maybe he did love you… But long distance is hard… Not many people can do it… And look how long you’ve lasted! I mean, wow! You’ll find someone else, Soph, I’m sure you will. Someone who doesn’t stand you up in a foreign country…”

But Sophie didn’t want anyone else…


Ruby had another suggestion.


“You know what you need, Soph, some pancakes! My treat!”

And so the girls went for pancakes. But pancakes can’t mend a broken heart either…


Henry’s interview

Henry had decided the best way to present his latest plans to the public, would be through the media and so he had invited Honeycomb Gazette journalist Abigail to talk about it all.


They first had some coffee and some chitchat.


But soon, Abigail started her interview. Henry told her all about Stonehill and how he planned to renovate en rejuvenate the town to make it a suitable place for students and young professionals. He also told her the town would need a new name and asked her to mention a contest held for the residents of Honeycomb Valley. All residents were invited to drop their idea for a new name for Stonehill in an ideabox placed outside City Hall. The name should reflect the purpose of the town and its connection to Honeycomb Valley. In the third week of October a comity would pick the best idea. Aside from having their name be the new name of the town, the winner would also be rewarded with a goody bag full of goods from The Greenery.


After the interview, Abigail sat down at Foster’s to write her piece.article-writing

And the next day, this was the front page of the Honeycomb Gazette.newspapers-greenify


Mayor Newman’s initiative to “Greenify Honeycomb Valley” is already well known around town.
With projects like The Greenery and the renovation of the park in Honeybee Quarter already proving successful, the question on everyone’s mind is “what’s next”?
After all, despite most residents supporting the initiative, talk about how and where has been buzzing around town ever since The Greenery was opened and mayor Newman declared he was far from finished. Would this mean businesses would have to leave Honeycomb Valley? And if so, where would they go? And what’s more, how would that effect our economy?
Now, we’re getting our answers. Mayor Newman announced in an interview with this newspaper he has been granted permission to annex the nearby town of Stonehill and thus adding it to Honeycomb Valley.
Stonehill was once a happy, lively mountain town, but when the economy crashed about 20 odd years ago, more and more businesses were forced to close their doors and more and more people became unemployed. Poverty washed over the little mountain town and the crime rate went up. Little by little, people started to leave the town until soon it was almost completely abandoned. The only people occupying the town at the moment are those of unsavory behaviour.
Mayor Newman plans to renovate the town and bring business back to it. This means businesses now located in Honeycomb Valley might get a place in the new town.
The new town is meant to be young and youthful and will be geared towards students and young professionals. A direct underground link to Honeycomb Valley will be one of the first things to be put in place.
Stonehill will be renamed and  the renovation of the town will start over the next few weeks.
***Note:  The contest is mentioned in the column to the right***

A special visitor

On the very last day of September, John and Amy were expecting a special visitor.


Mother Marie-Thérèse had come from Sandy Valley upon John’s request. He wanted to discuss the possibility of a place in the convent of Saint Bibine for Martha, to set her straight again. From the look on Amy’s face it seems she had her doubts.
Mother Marie-Thérèse was convinced her convent was the right place for girls like Martha who had lost their way.


And there she was…


Sometimes a look is enough…


“Martha, I’d like you to meet Mother Marie-Thérèse. She’s come all the way from Sandy Valley and we feel it would be the perfect place for you to spend a few months…”

Martha couldn’t help but burst out laughing.


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Me! In a convent! Like HELL! There’s no way dad!”

Mother Marie-Thérèse was appaled by Martha’s behaviour.


As was John.


“It’s things like this Martha! This is why you need to go there. You can’t say things like that! You’re going, a week from today and that’s final! Until you’re 18, you’ll do as I say and I say you’re going.

This was when Martha turned to her mother.
“Why don’t you say something mum? You can’t seriously agree with this?!”how-mum-feels

“Well Martha…” Amy sighed. “You have to understand we’re only doing this in your best interest… With the way things are going now, you’ll never find a suitable husband… Just a little while in the convent will help set you straight again….”


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing mum! You of all people should know what it’s like to be suppressed! I’m not going! I’m not! No matter what either one of you says!”

That went well…


Martha then ran up to her bedroom and lay on her bed thinking of how to get out of this situation. And eventually she knew there was only one solution…


And so, that night, when everyone in the Edwards house was fast asleep, she snuck out of her bed, careful not to wake her sisters…sneak-out

… put on her coat, grabbed her backpack and tiptoed downstairs…


… quietly crept out of the house, through the gate…out-the-door

… and in the very early hours of October, Martha disappeared out of sight…


6 thoughts on “September 05: A Little Bit of Everything (Pt.2)

  1. D’aaaaw, happy birthday, Joseph ❤ What a cutie! (That hair makes all toddlers look incredibly cute, right?)
    Poor Martha! John is such a strict dad.

    *ROFL* It really does feel like forever ago that Sophie sent her email *scratches head*
    (hehe, someone is working very hard cleaning up the park, huh? *giggle*)
    Aaaw, poor Sophie *hugs*

    Ruby is the best friend, ever! A big hug, comforting words, and the remedy to everything: pancakes!

    This new project with Stonehill is getting more and more exciting… And those current residents sound scary!! (I'm sure they're just fine, though :D).

    Haha, I love Amy's reaction to the whole scene with Martha – she just looks really confused and like she doesn't know what to do! Poor Martha.. Her parents don't realise what forcing their children to do stuff they don't like will make them do! … run away, of course! Maybe Martha will be the first new resident in Stonehill? 😛

    SO happy to be back reading a story from you, Kimmi! I had a blast!!


    • Joseph is the cutest Edwards child so far. I totally adore him (and yes, that hair is great!)
      Sophie is so heartbroken, I hope she picks herself up soon.
      I’m hoping Stonehill will turn out okay, it’s quite an undertaking.
      Poor Martha, right? Where will she go…?
      Thank you for your comments, Sara-love, I’ve so enjoyed reading them! ❤


  2. Poor Martha… totally understandable that she leaves. I hope she has a good plan.
    Stonehill sounds like a big undertaking, will you travel there by Traveler? I am uccrently setting up a shopping town, too which my Sims will go to with Nraas Traveler, but it will probably take forever until it is finished^^
    Poor Sophie too, but Ruby is a really good friend. Pancakes, what a good idea.
    The Edwards household looks .. interesting.. I just read the background on them too ( I can’t believe I missed you stories before, but now I have something to read for the next weeks =) ) So much drama 🙂


    • Oof, I’m not sure Martha really has a plan, she just wanted to get away from there…
      Stonehill is a big undertaking indeed, but very necessary. Honeycomb Valley is so big and full, I’m constantly dealing with crashes and errors. I need to cut back… I don’t think I’ll use traveler, because then it still won’t take any pressure of my original save. So I’m still comtemplating how I will do it all.
      Awww, my Soph… She was so smitten. but yeah, I guess you know (Sandy’s) Jérémy…He was never going to be a forever love… They lasted a long time though!
      The Edwards family is quite dysfunctional, although dad Jonhn thinks they’re the perfect example of how you should live your life,
      Awww, I’m glad you like my stories and welcome you to read them all.
      Thanks for your lovely comments!


      • Really? My game runs so much better since I use smaller neighbourhoods and I use Traveler a lot. The save game folder is of course still big, but the game has a lot less to load at the same time.
        Oh I will read them all you will probably find a lot more comments from me over time^^ I started to read this morning before work, but I was to tired to write full sentences…
        Have a great day =)


  3. Aw Ethan ❤ It’s adorable that he’s so excited about starting school! Ah I see Isa has become wise to the horrors though 😀
    Okay, I love how you’ve decorated the Quinn family home and all the bright colours. Do I detect teen drama 😀 ? Ah the fury of Rachel. Jada looks amused nonetheless.
    Girls with ugly skirts….oh boy! Poor Ellie isn’t having a good day at all.
    At least the highschool students seem to be having an easier time of it. That is always a difficult transition.
    Oh exciting, you’re expanding your town into a separate save. That’s a great idea for loading times, I hope that it works out.
    Your university area looks lovely. Oh hello Narae 😀
    Happy Birthday Joseph! I couldn’t see the problem with Martha’s outfit until I realised that what I thought were boots were in fact tights haha! Oh dear 😀 Could be worse though. Finn is causing drama without even being there!
    Oh poor Sophie! Still, it’s better than having her hanging on 😦 I’m sure that she’ll be okay though. Pancakes fix everything, but only in moderation….oh apparently not for Sophie 😦
    There’s a continued mention of unsavoury behaviour. Could this spark anger among residents of Honeycomb Valley? Or will there be new unpleasant characters 😀 ? Either way, I’m looking forward to what you bring!
    Oh wow, John went from strict to borderline evil in the space of an afternoon (then again I have a nun phobia)! Poor Martha. I hope that she’s safe and John doesn’t get his way!
    It’s lovely to read your stories again! Looking forward to more ❤


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