James Wyler

James Wyler

Wyler, James - ya border

James loves music. He’s quite good at playing guitar and is sure his band The Hot Wings will make it big one day! James also loves a bit of adventure and was very happy he got to go on holiday to Egypt with his uncle, aunt and cousin/best friend Daniel. He had quite a good time there aside from exploring as well. James is quite attractive and knows it. He gets rather a lot of attention from the ladies. James is in no rush to settle down, for the time being he just enjoys short term female company. In 04 The Hot Wings played the music festival in Sandy Valley. It was awesome. In 05 James graduated high school and started University, studying music, obviously.


Age: Young Adult
Born: February 1985
Traits: Neat, irresistible, adventurous, friendly, natural born performer
Job: None, music student at HU


Father: Robert
Mother: Patty
Siblings: Eva, Sarah (twin)
Children: Dylan (although he doesn’t even know Dylan exists…)
Other family: Oliver (uncle), Daniel (cousin)
Best friend(s): SethDaniel (and Sarah and Jill)
Romance history: Sarah’s best friend Jill was James’ first girlfriend. But she made him realise he actually was quite a catch in the eyes of the ladies. Unfortunately for Jill, James now very much enjoys the bachelor life of going after the ones you like and just seeing where it will lead. In the summer of 04, this attitude landing James in a tent with Ingrid Chaumet. Just a fun night, as far as James was concerned. But I know something he doesn’t know…


In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
* June 03: James & Jill/The Prom
July 03: Travels to Distant Lands Pt. 2: Egypt
* October 03: Dan & Jill’s 18th Birthday
* December 03: Happy New Year!
* December 04: Merry Christmas…
December 04: …and a Happy New Year!
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby
June 05: Growing Up
* September 05: A Little Bit of Everything
* October 05: Moving On
* November 05: To the Hills!
* December 05: Come Together

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