Robert Wyler

Robert Wyler

Wyler, Robert - a bordered

Robert would really like to be mayor of Honeycomb Valley. But does he have what it takes? And is Henry Newman prepared to give up that position? It really does not seem that way… So, Robert has to settle for his position as alderman. In his spare time Robert likes to fish and he dreams of having a big aquarium one day.


Age: Adult
Born: March 1948
Traits: Ambitious, angler, mooch, neat, workaholic
Job: Alderman


Father: Mr. Wyler
Mother: Mrs. Wyler
Partner: Patty
Children: Eva, James, Sarah
Other family: Dylan Chaumet (grandson he doesn’t know about)
Best friend(s):
Romance history: Robert had some relationships when he was younger, but was captivated by Patty’s enthusiasm when he met her at a town event in the 70’s.


In bold where this sim plays a main part
 October 03: The Harvest Festival
* December 05: Come Together

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