Anna Newman

Anna Newman

Newman, Anna - jv border

Anna is the spitting image of her mother, though mostly in looks. She shares none of her disciplined attitude towards hard work and spends most of her days in a spiteful mood. Even though she smiles politely at the guests at her parent’s dinnerparties, the town is buzzing with talk of Anna’s behaviour behind the scenes… The biggest disgrace to her family’s good name was the birth of her son Matthew. Fathered by “trailertrash” (her mother’s words, not mine) Wesley Abbott, who has no intention of “doing the right thing” and marrying Anna. Thank heavens for that, as far as Anna is concerned. Being stuck with this kid is one thing, but marriage? Please! Not in a million years! Anna’s partner in crime has always been her best friend Suzan, with whom she shared everything, from clothes to guys. After graduating High School in 04, Anna decided to take a gap year to visit foreign countries. In 05 she came back and started university.


Age: Young adult
Born: January 1984
Traits: Charismatic, grumpy, rebellious, party animal, diva
Job: None, business student at HU


Father: Henry
Mother: Jacqueline
Siblings: Harry
Children: Matthew
Other family:
Best friend(s): Suzan
Romance history: Anna doesn’t really have relationships. Not that she wouldn’t want one, but the guys of HV are so not up to her standards! But you know, a girl has needs, so one night stands it is. Didn’t turn out so well, did it Anna?


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