Hannah Murray- Cohen

Hannah Murray – Cohen

Murray, Hannah - a bordered

Hannah comes from a Jewish family. As a child, Hannah always really liked helping people and as a doctor she could do this for a living. Being a doctor is hard work though, and although Hannah loves her job, she sometimes despises it because she’s away from home a lot. In 05 all her hard work finally took it’s toll and Hannah suffered a burn out. Some time off work and a holiday abroad helped a lot, but it was a sure sign to take a step back.


Age: Adult
Born: September 1958
Traits: Friendly, hopeless romantic, nurturing, perceptive, great kisser
Job: Trauma surgeon


Father: Mr. Cohen
Mother: Mrs. Cohen
Partner: Elliot
Children: Seth, Rachel, Ruby
Other family:
Best friend(s):
Romance history: Hannah had to take science classes when studying to become a doctor. That’s where she met Elliot and instantly fell for his quick wit.


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