Harry Newman

Harry Newman

Newman, Harry - ya border

Harry Newman is his parent’s pride and joy. In SimJune 03 he got engaged to his long time girlfriend and high school sweetheart Lily Porter. The wedding will still have to wait a bit though, since Harry first needs to get a university degree. After the wedding, his parents will buy them a cottage on the coast. A weddinggift.
Even though Henry and Jacqueline want to see Harry become a doctor, he has different plans. Being skilled in photography and film, Harry’s big dream has always been to become a cameraman.


Age: Young adult
Born: March 1982
Traits: Artistic, photographic eye, handy, great kisser and good sense of humor
Job: None, history student at HU


Father: Henry
Mother: Jacqueline
Siblings: Anna
Partner: Lily
Other family: Matthew (nephew)
Best friend(s): Narai
Romance history: Harry and Lily have been together forever.


In bold where this sim has a main part.
* September 03: Back to School
December 03: Happy New Year!
* March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival
* November 05: To the Hills!

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