Daniel Lloyd

Daniel Lloyd

Lloyd, Daniel - ya border

Daniel is a young man like many others. His parents went through a lot to have him and therefore consider him quite the miracle. But even though he might be a miracle to his parents, most days, he doesn’t feel very miraculous, and rather quite ordinary.
Daniel started The Hot Wings with Seth and James, and his parents sacrificed their garage to be the boys’ rehearsal space. Daniel inherited his mum’s love for stories and his dad’s taste for adventure. Those two combined makes him a great history enthusiast. Imagine his joy when his parents told him they were going to take a trip to Al Simhara! He even got to bring his cousin (and friend) James along for the trip. The Egypt trip brought Daniel a little more than just history: it turns out the girls in Egypt are rather nice too.
In 04, Sadie joined The Hot Wings as a singer and Daniel and Sadie immediately clicked in more ways than one.
In 05, Dan started University. Studying history, of course.


Age: Young Adult
Born: October 1985
Traits: Adventurous, bookworm, excitable, schmoozer,
Job: None, history student at HU


Father: Oliver
Mother: Claire
Partner: Sadie
Children: –
Other family: Patty (aunt), EvaJamesSarah (cousins)
Best friend(s): SethJames (and Sarah and Jill)
Romance history: Daniel had a little summer romance with a girl from Egypt, but never anything serious. Until the New Years Eve party in 04 when he got very close to Sadie. Since January of 05 they’re officially a couple.


In bold where this Sim plays a main part
June 03: James & Jill/The Prom
July 03: Travels to Distant Lands Pt. 2: Egypt
* October 03: Dan & Jill’s 18th Birthday
* May 04: Making May Memories
* December 04: Merry Christmas…
December 04: …and a Happy New Year!
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby
* February 05: Together and Apart
June 05: Growing Up
* September 05: A Little Bit of Everything
* October 05: Moving On
* November 05: To the Hills!
* December 05: Come Together

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