Suzan Foster

Suzan Foster

Foster, Suzan - ya border

Suzan is your typical “spoilt little rich girl”. With mummy and daddy both working hard at their careers, Suzan was kept content by getting everything she wished for. Suzan doesn’t know, nor understand, what it’s like to not have money and to actually have to work for something. She looks down on kids not wearing designer clothes. Suzan and her best friend Anna used to be inseparable, but Anna left high school one year before Suzan did and then decided to go abroad for a year. The bitch.
Suzan doesn’t let anyone hold her back and does exactly what (and who) she wants without paying attention to the rules. When Anna got pregnant it was a wake up call to Suzan and for a while she toned it down a bit. But now that that’s old news, Suzan is acting high and mighty again. Although, no risky woohoos!
In 05, Suzan was reunited with her partner in crime, Anna and they both started university.


Age: Young Adult
Born: August 1985
Traits: Lucky, brave, flirty, can’t stand art, diva
Job: None, philosophy student at HU


Father: Alexander
Mother: Jenny
Other family: Alice (grandma), Charlotte (aunt), LoganEmily (cousins)
Best friend(s): Anna
Romance history: Had some fun with Emmett, had some fun with Wesley. But no serious relationships.


In bold where this sim plays a main part
December 03: Christmas Time
June 05: Growing Up
* August 05: Coffee and Ice Cream
November 05: To the Hills!

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