Mia Hunt

Mia Hunt

Hunt, Mia - ya border

Mia is a geek at heart. She loves reading, playing computer games and is quite a smart cookie. At the same time, she also feels since you only have one life to live, you should make it count. And so Mia is making the most of her student years. Studying hard, but partying hard as well! Mia grew up in Appaloosa Plains and started university in Honeycomb Valley in 03. She’s having a blast and doesn’t miss Appaloosa at all, except for Riff, the family dog, she does miss him, a lot.


Age: Young Adult
Born: April 1983
Traits: Genius, party animal, bookworm, dog person, computer whiz
Job: None, medicine student at HU


Father: Mr. Hunt
Mother: Mrs. Hunt
Siblings: –
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: –
Best friend(s): Chris
Romance history: Mia has never really had a serious relationship, but, to be honest, she isn’t really looking for one. Sure, someday she wants to settle down, but right now, she’s in her twenties and at university. In her opinion, this is the time to sow those wild oats.


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