Narai Walker

Narai Walker

Walker, Narai - ya border

Narai was born and raised in Bridgeport. When the time came to start university, Narai didn’t hesitate for a moment and left the big city to continue his education in Honeycomb Valley. The big city was never the place for an outdoor man like Narai. At university, he became roommates with Harry Newman and the two of them soon became best friends.


Age: Young Adult
Born: July 1982
Traits: Loves the outdoors, family oriented, excitable, friendly, lucky
Job: None, science student at HU


Father: Mr. Walker
Mother: Mrs. Walker
Siblings: –
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: –
Best friend(s): Harry
Romance history: Narai had quite a serious relationship with a girl called Brenda in his teens. Narai and Brenda were together for about two years, but split up when Brenda moved away and they found out a long distance relationship wasn’t working.


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