KimSim bordered

Who are you? I’m Kim, a geeky Dutch Sims 3 player who spends more time thinking about the gameplay then actually playing, but oh well.

What can I find here? On this blog you can read about my Sims, and my way of playing. There are no downloads here, but perhaps a bit of inspiration. 🙂

What is “Honeycomb Valley”? Honeycomb Valley is the name of my SimTown, a remodeled version of Sunset Valley.

On the homepage you list the “current date”, why? I think the “date” in my game is important to know when you read about my Sims. Everyone has a date of birth and if you want to know how old someone is, you need to know the current date as well. The current date is also of importance when reading my stories. Cause when I write about something that happened in ’02, how will you know if ’02 is long ago or quite recent? What can I say, it’s something felt this page needed. 🙂 I’ve written more about time in my game here.

You really are quite geeky, aren’t you? Yes. Yes, I am. 🙂

Have fun reading!

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